(2008 - 2009) - Competitive Cheer JV

Co-coaches JV Cheer - Malinda Gray & Kristy Savage
MAVS Team Rep - Beth Emerson
MAVS Website Reporter - Jane Cook

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Summer Cheerleading Camp information

Congratulations to the following girls who made the 2009-2010 MHS JV Football/Competition Cheer Squad:  Maria Allen, Emily Bohlander, Jenna Burdette, Alex Corn, Saige Dunlop, Meredith Elm, Alex Finley, Jessica Harwood, Carylanne Henry, Ellie Hopkins, Ann Jacob, Jordyn Lyles, Meredith Monroe, Anna Reeps, Sydney Stansell, Allison Stone, Hannah Wampler, Madison Willingham and Kristen Wood.

Cheerleading Football and Basketball Tryouts for 2009-2010

MANDATORY Parent Meeting on Monday February 23rd in the media center at 5:30
Tryout Dates (April 14 - 17)

Congratulations to the following JV Cheerleaders on receiving their awards at the December 9th banquet.

Ivy Cook - Leadership Award                                        Maria Allen - Most Improved



  Congratulations to our 2008 - 2009 JV Cheerleaders


Laura Allen                    Kelly Mayberry
Maria Allen                    Meghan McDonough
Jalen Anders                  Meredith Monroe
Emily Bohlander             Michaela Myers
Sterlin Choice                Hannah Page
Ivy Cook                        Brittany Richards
Alex Corn                       Kelsey Scott
Alexa Emerson               Alex Shanks
Taylor Fisher                  Katie Shanks
Brittany Fritz                  Kaitlyn Styles
Ann Jacob                      Brya Twine
Jordyn Lyles                   Madison Willingham
                                    Michelle Winters

2008 JV Football Competition Cheerleaders
Pictured left to right: Front row - Brya Twine, Brittany Fritz, Emily Bohlander, Hannah Page,
Maria Allen, Michaela Myers, Madison Willingham, Michele Winters.
Middle row - Alex Corn, Kelly Mayberry, Ann Jacob, Meredith Monroe, Alexa Emerson,
Laura Allen, Ivy Cook.
Back row - Kelsey Scott, Alex Shanks, Katie Shanks, Sterlin Choice, Taylor Fisher,
Brittany Richards, Kaitlyn Styles, Jordyn Lyles.

Our JV Cheer Coaches
Malinda Gray has been coaching cheerleaders at Mauldin High for twelve years.  Malinda and her husband, Buddy, reside in Maudlin and have two children and one precious grandson. Her daughter Kristy, is married to Brad Savage and they have one child, Brady. Her son, Chad, is a student at North Greenville University majoring in Youth Ministry. The Grays are all Mauldin High Alumni. Malinda was a cheerleader at MHS and coaching cheerleading has kept her involved in the school and the sport she loves.
Kristy Gray Savage is in her sixth year as a cheer coach at Mauldin.  She and her husband, Brad, reside in Mauldin with their 15 month old son, Brady.  Kristy is a graduate of the College of Charleston and Mauldin High School. Kristy cheered in both high school and college and worked summer cheer camps. After a cheerleading injury ended her cheerleading, she competed and performed on the Cougar Dance Team.  Coaching has kept Kristy active in a sport she has participated in all of her life.

November 1, 2008 - Debbie Rogers Coaches Classic
Congratulations to the JV Cheerleaders who finished their competition season by taking 3rd place in Columbia Saturday at the Debbie Rogers Coaches Classic at the Colonial Center Coliseum. Our squad did an awesome job!

October 25, 2008 - Dorman Cavalier Cheer Classic
Congratulation to the JV Cheerleading squad for placing 3rd in the Division 4A JV competition at Dorman High School. The competition was tough, but the girls looked great!

October 18, 2008 - Silver Fox Cheerleading Invitational
Congratulations to the JV Cheerleaders who took 2nd place in the Division 4A JV competition at the Silver Fox Cheerleading Invitational at Dutch Fork High School in Columbia, SC.

October 11, 2008 - Legends of the South Competition 
Congratulations to the JV Cheerleading squad for winning the Division 4A JV competition at the Legends of the South Competition in Clemson!


September 18, 2008 - Mauldin vs. Westside
C-team Game
Sterlin Choice, Brittany Fritz, Alex Styles, Michaela Myers, Ann Jacobs

Alex Corn, Kelly Mayberry, Alexa Emerson, Hannah Page, Meredith Monroe, Katie Shanks


Taylor Fisher, Kaitlyn Styles, Sterlin Choice


Sterlin Choice, Brittany Fritz, Alex Shanks

Alex Corn, Hannah Page, Kelly Mayberry, Meredith Monroe
Michaela Myers

JV Game
Laura Allen, Ivy Cook, Brya Twine
Kelsey Scott
Ivy Cook
Brittany Richards, Emily Bohlander
Laura Allen, Jordyn Lyles
Brya Twine
Emily Bohlander
Madison Willingham
Maria Allen, Madison Willingham, Michele Winters
Laura Allen, Jordyn Lyles
Maria Allen
Maria Allen, Madison Willingham
Michele Winters, Laura Allen
Brittany Richards
Maria Allen, Madison Willingham
Ivy Cook
Laura Allen, Jordyn Lyles, Ivy Cook
Michele Winters
Kelsey Scott
Laura Allen, Jordyn Lyles, Ivy Cook, Brya Twine
Emily Bohlander
Ivy Cook, Brya Twine
JV Cheerleaders cheered the team to victory!!

Practice begins on August 11 and another season is underway!



                       Laura Allen                                               Alex Corn

     Kaitlyn Stlyles & Alexa Emerson       Kelsey Scott, Maria Allen & Jordan Lyles

Hannah Page, Kelly Mayberry & Sterlin Choice              Ivy Cook & Brya Twine

Practice at Rockstar

First Pep Rally of 2008-2009 - Generating Excitement for the Hillcrest Game!!!
Kelsey Scott & Michelle Winters          Jordyn Lyles, Emily Bohlander,  Kelsey Scott & Michelle Winters 
          Ivy Cook & Brittany Richards                                    Laura Allen
      Laura Allen, Brittany Richards, Ivy Cook, Brya Twine                              Ivy Cook & Brya Twine



Come out and support the JV Cheerleaders as they participate in their first competition of the season on Saturday, Oct. 11 at Littlejohn Coliseum on the Clemson University campus. The Mavs will compete in Session 2 which begins at 2:00 p.m. - GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!!!!