(2008 - 2009) - Competitive Cheer

Head Varsity Cheer Coach - Beth Ward
MAVS Booster Team Rep  - Buist Lide
MAVS Website Reporter - Jeannie Klas
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West & Wallin named to Class of 2009 Spirit of the MAV!

A description of the award from the 2008 Mauldin Yearbook -The highly esteeemed title "Spirit of the Maverick" is awarded to students who exemplify characteristics that one associates with a true leader. This group of seniors chosen by Mauldin faculty members, proved to be, not only excellent students, but leaders in the community as well. These students dislplay what it means to be a maverick in and out of the classroom. Regarded as the epitome of an exceptional student, they display integrity, honesty, respect, academic excellence, leadership, service, and true Maverick pride. These are students that give back in the classroom and in the community. Giving of themselves to help others, these students were more than willing to go the distance to make a difference in the Mauldin community. As great American football coach, Vincent Lombardi once said, "Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow." These students have exemplified this quality by encouraging others to lead as well. In their four years at Mauldin, these students have made an impression on their teachers and fellow classmates. This award recognizes them for their various accomplishments through their high school careers. 
Congratulations to the Class of 2009 Spirit of the Mav Award Winners -
Carley West, Curren Smith, Carter Anne Dillard, Nichole Mele, Ashley Hunter, Megan Jones, Libby Wallin, Celeste Peay, Rachel Woodlee, Eeshwar Chandrasekar, Joshua Mckie, Eric Lawson, Chris Askew, Andrew Shaw, Matthew Wessinger, Kevin Liller, Michael Williams, & Anthony James




Congratulations to the following girls who made our 2009-2010 Varsity Cheer Squad

Varsity Football/Comp
Laura Allen, Sterlin Choice, Jessica Costlow, Ivy Cook, Dru Craft, Alexa Emerson, Courtney Finley, Haley Freeman, Brittany Fritz, Allison Malone, Meghan McDonough, Raven McKinney, Mariessa Murphy, Hannah Page, Brittany Richards, Cameron Slenski, Hayley Smith, McKenzie Smith, Kelsey Starr, Kaitlyn Styles, Kristyn Ternberg, Brya Twine, Michelle Winters

Scholarship Winner
Congratulations to Libby Wallin for being selected as a recipient of the Nikki Moose Memorial Scholarship from the South Carolina Cheerleading Coaches Association. Libby was one of four chosen for this scholarship throughout the state and the first Mauldin High School cheerleader to receive this scholarship. Congratulations Libby! 




Congratulations to MHS Cheerleader Kelsey Starr for making the Class of 2010 Junior Marshalls.  Kelsey placed in the top 12 of her junior class to be awarded this honor. She will be serving at the Class of 2009 graduation ceremony in June.   

 Summer Cheerleading Camp information






Cheerleading Football and Basketball Tryouts for 2009-2010

MANDATORY Parent Meeting on Monday February 23rd in the media center at 5:30
Tryout Dates (April 14 - 17)

Congratulations to MHS Cheerleaders on receiving their awards at the December banquet

Kira Koenig - Most Spirited
Carley West - Best All Around
Raven McKinney - Best All Around

Pictured Raven & Carley


Bonding Party, Friday night at the Klas' Plan to be here around 6:30.....

Competition Order for State Cheer Championships - Nov. 22, 2008 at BiLo Center


3:20 Parade of Teams

3:40 Hillcrest

3:47 Wren

3:54 White Knoll

4:01 Gaffney

4:08 Irmo

4:15 Boiling Springs

4:22 Stratford

4:29 Northwestern

4:36 Lexington

4:43 Mauldin

4:50 Dutch Fork

4:57 Dorman

5:04 Summerville

Mascots may lead our team in the Parade!!!

Congratulations to the Varsity girls for qualifying to go to State... Mauldin placed 2nd behind Dorman with a score of 259.... Go MAVS!!!!!!!!!!

Mauldin will be competing in the Cheerleading State Competition on Saturday, November 22 at the BiLo Center.

Varsity Cheerleaders will be performing at the pep rally this Friday, Nov. 7 their new routine. They are using 8 stunt groups which has not been done before. Come see them....

Stephanie, Caiti, Elaina, Kimberly at the Pep Rally

Kira and Libby at the Pep Rally


Hillcrest game - Nov. 7

McKenzie at the Hillcrest game

Cameron and Kelsey at the Hillcrest game

Genelle Williams at the Hillcrest game

Congratulations to the 2008 National Honor Society Inductees
2008 Inductees & Officers-
Cheer Squad                                                                   

Carley West, Kelsey Starr, Stephanie Zeady (Co-Service Chair)    

Congratulations to our All Region Team:

Kristen Ternburg, Libby Wallin, Kira Koenig, Stephanie Zeady, and Raven McKinney


Congratulations to Libby Wallin for being named an AP Scholar with Honors!

Dorman game - Friday, Oct. 10

Libby running with the flag

Cameron, Kira and Mariessa

Allison and Dru

Libby and Kimberly

Caiti and Steph

Raven, Ternberg and Carly



Stephanie, Caiti, Kimberly, Elaina

POB2 - Prisoners of Beth and Betty  - Kimber, Stephanie, Lauren


Easley game - Friday, October 3, 2008

Meghan, Allison, and Dru

Kelsey Starr

Genelle Williams

Libby Wallin

McKenzie Smith

Caiti and Kimberly

Meghan, Allison, and Dru

Elaina, Kimber and girls




Congratulations to Libby Wallin for being voted "Most School Spirited" by her Senior Class of 2009!!

Congratulations to Genelle Williams and Libby Wallin for being selected to the 2009 Homecoming Court!!

Ram Invitational at Hillcrest High School - Sept. 27, 2008

Bio on our coaches:

Beth Ward- Beth is a lifelong resident of Mauldin and a 1985 graduate of Mauldin High School.  She is also a product of the Mauldin High School Cheerleading program. She was a member of the first Mauldin team to win the Cheerwine Championship in 1984.

She is a graduate of Clemson University with a BA in Secondary Education History and has her Masters degree in education from Southern Wesleyan.  She is married to Brian Ward and they have a daughter, Brantley, 8 years old.  Brantley is in the second grade at Greenbriar Elementary. She has been a member of the cheerleading team since her birth; from her days in a stroller to attending cheer practices and participating in Kiddie Camp.

Beth began coaching both JV and Varsity in 1991.  After a two year search for a JV coach, Beth got to concentrate on Varsity only.  She was joined in 1995 by Betty Mitchell and they have been coaching together ever since.  Together (with the girls) they have won three State Championships and State runner- up twice.

Mauldin Competitive cheer holds the proud honor of qualifying for State every year since cheerleading was sanctioned as a state sport in 1996.

Betty Mitchell-  Betty has been coaching MHS Varsity cheerleading for 19 years. She began as an assistant coach on the Varsity team in 1985. The following year, 1986, became head coach. The Varsity squad won the Cheerwine Competition two times and then went on to win the NCA Cheer Camp in Columbia and was able to compete at the 1988 NCA National Championship in Dallas, Texas. She gave up coaching in 1990 but decided to come back and start helping Beth Ward in 1995. During this time period they won three State Championships. The first one in 2002, and then again in 2004 and 2005. They finished as State Runner-Up in 2001 and 2006.

Betty has been married to John Mitchell for 41 years. They have two sons, Johnny and Kyle, both graduated from Mauldin High School. Johnny graduated in 1986 and Kyle graduated in 1991. Johnny and his wife, Sandy, have 4 children, JC (a football player and wrestler at Wren High School); Kadie, a cheerleader at Eastside High School); Emily ( a sixth grader at Northwood Middle) and Zane ( a fifth grader at Brushy Creek Elementary). They reside in Greenville.

Kyle and his wife, Sheila, live in Duncan with their two children, Isabella ( 6 years old) and is a veteran of our Kiddie Camp since the age of 3. Their youngest child, Mitch, is 4 years old. They both attend Spartanburg Christian Day School.

Collegiate Cheerleaders:

Larissa Rogers 1989  USC

Sandra Reid       1991 Clemson

Adriane Leake 1994 Winthrop

Emily Cox 1995 USC

Stephanie Atkins 1997 USC, Hawaii Pacific

Melanie Reid 1996 Clemson

Kyia Sullivan 1997 WInthrop

Becky Bartlett 1998 College of Charleston

Kristy Gray 1998 College of Charleston

Hillary Dann 1999 Clemson-JV

Sarina Shahroozi 1999 Clemson-JV

Courtney Cranford 2000 Clemson

Kellie Patterson 2002 USC

Lauren Ekman 2002 USC

Michelle McDonough 2003 Clemson

Chelsea Baltz 2004 Clemson

Kara Fischer 2004 Clemson

Matt Jacobs 2006 USC

Ashley Jamison 2006 Winthrop

Janell Choice 2007 Newberry

Lexi Heidelberger 2007 USC

Amanda Miller 2008 Clemson

Jeff Smith 2006 Clemson




                                  Mauldin High Varsity Cheerleaders 2008

T L Hanna game - Friday, Sept. 12

Dru cheering at the TL Hanna game

Elaina cheering at the TL Hanna game

Genelle cheering at the TL Hanna game

Kelsey Starr cheering at the TL Hanna game

Kimberly and Caiti cheering at the TL Hanna game

Kira cheering in the stands at the TL Hanna game

Leah cheering at the TL Hanna game

Meghan, Allison and Dru cheering at the TL Hanna game

JL Mann game - Thursday, Sept. 4

photo credit - Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)


All the girls cheering at the JL Mann game

 Cameron, Carly and Raven cheering at the JL Mann game

 All the girls cheering at the JL Mann game

  Elaina cheering at the JL Mann game

   Genelle cheering at the JL Mann game

   Katherine at the JL Mann game

               McKenzie, Carly and Kelsey cheering at JL Mann game

Kimberly and Caiti cheering in the stands at the JL Mann game


 Natasha Davis, Elaina Granger, Jessica Keene, Kimberly Klas, Kira Koenig, Lauren Lide, Caiti Rodriquez, Libby Wallin, Carley West, Genelle Williams, Stephanie Zeady

Hillcrest game- August 29, 2008

Katie, Katherine, Cameron and Kimber at the game

Cheerleaders at the Hillcrest game.....


Kimberly cheering at the game


Mareissa and Elaina at the game

Kira cheering at the Hillcrest game

Blitz - Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Job. We raised $28,500


Cameron Slenski, Mariessa Murphy, Libby Wallin, Kimberly Klas, Raven McKinney

Rachel Neiling, Buist Lide, Emily Lide, Lauren Lide, Coach Malinda Gray and Jessica Keene