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Head Varsity Football Coach - Doug Shaw
MAVS Booster team rep- Paula Shaw
MAVS Website reporter - Jane Cook

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 Mckie, Shaw, Liller, and Williams named to Spirit of the MAV for Class of 2009!

A description of the award from the 2008 Mauldin Yearbook -The highly esteeemed title "Spirit of the Maverick" is awarded to students who exemplify characteristics that one associates with a true leader. This group of seniors chosen by Mauldin faculty members, proved to be, not only excellent students, but leaders in the community as well. These students dislplay what it means to be a maverick in and out of the classroom. Regarded as the epitome of an exceptional student, they display integrity, honesty, respect, academic excellence, leadership, service, and true Maverick pride. These are students that give back in the classroom and in the community. Giving of themselves to help others, these students were more than willing to go the distance to make a difference in the Mauldin community. As great American football coach, Vincent Lombardi once said, "Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow." These students have exemplified this quality by encouraging others to lead as well. In their four years at Mauldin, these students have made an impression on their teachers and fellow classmates. This award recognizes them for their various accomplishments through their high school careers. 
Congratulations to the Class of 2009 Spirit of the Mav Award Winners -
Carley West, Curren Smith, Carter Anne Dillard, Nichole Mele, Ashley Hunter, Megan Jones, Libby Wallin, Celeste Peay, Rachel Woodlee, Eeshwar Chandrasekar, Joshua Mckie, Eric Lawson, Chris Askew, Andrew Shaw, Matthew Wessinger, Kevin Liller, Michael Williams, & Anthony James


Mauldin Maverick Kids Football Camp

Camp Flyer

Camp Signup sheet

Camp Insurance form
SPONSORED BY Mauldin High School Football Team and Coaches
FOR: Children ages 6-12
WHEN: Monday June 15th -Thursday June 18th
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
WHERE: Mauldin's Freeman Football Field
COST:     $70.00      1 child        
                $100.00    2 siblings
                $160.00    3 siblings
Make checks payable to MHS Football
Mail in order form with check
Registration due by June 1st 2009

The above cost is if you pre-register. If your registration is late there will be a late fee of $15.00 per camper assessed.
The key to success is good fundamental skills.  Get the tools you need from coaches and players of the Mauldin Maverick football team. We will combine drills and games to smooth out the rough spots of your game. 

CONTACT INFORMATION:                                   
Coach Ben Lailson  (864) 349-8255 
701 E. Butler Rd
Mauldin, SC 29662



Congratulations to our Strong Football Players!



State Strength Meet

The following football players placed in the State Strength Meet this past weekend at White Knoll High School.

Junior Varsity Division
Tyriek Lomax - 2nd Place 220 lb. Weight Class

Varsity Division
Tiquention Coleman - 2nd Place 190 lb. Weight Class
Andre Clarke - 1st Place and State Champion 220 lb. Weight Class (Andre has won this back to back years)



Region Strength Meet

The football players competed in the region strength meet at Byrnes this past Saturday. These young men have qualified for the State Strength Meet that will be held in March at White Knoll High School.

Junior Varsity Division
Tre Peters – 1st Place 140lb. Wt. Class
Adguary Calwile – 1st Place 205lb. Wt. Class
Trequan Jones – 3rd Place 205lb. Wt. Class
Tyriek Lomax – 1st Place 220lb. Wt. Class
Tre Wallace – 3rd Place 220lb. Wt. Class
Chris Brockman – 2nd Place 235lb Wt. Class

Varsity Division
Justin Priest – 2nd Place 140lb Wt. Class
Wen Hao Tan – 2nd Place 150lb. Wt. Class
Tiquention Coleman – 1st Place 190lb. Wt. Class
Andre Clarke – 1st Place 220lb. Wt. Class
LJ Bowie – 3rd Place 235lb. Wt. Class
James Wright – 3rd Place 260lb. Wt. Class




Senior Josh Mckie will sign his NLI today to play football for the UNC-Chapel Hill Tar Heels next year.  Senior Sarah Schaidle has signed her NLI to play soccer at the College of Charleston next year.  Congratulations, MAVS!

Josh's video interview with the Greenville News

High School Playbook.com interview with Josh

Picture album of Josh's signing day







Information for SCVarsity Football Combine and Showcase



They did not make it easy for Clover!  Conditions were terrible in the pouring rain and lightening delay.  The MAVS football team had a great season!!

Mauldin 32 - Clover 49 Final score
MAVS Season 6-6

Celebrating our Senior Football Players!!

photo credit Gwinn Davis

Story on Playoffs
Read more


Artwork by Senior Ted Hyman



Pictures courtesy of Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)


Andre Clark                                                    Zach Mauldin


Michael Borkey, Kirby Broom                         Coach Taylor's mohawk


Fans brave the weather                                   Josh Mckie


Anthony Stephens, Kevin Liller                     MAV's wild and crazy fans!


Taylor Hudson, Josh Mckie            The Mckie brothers and Mom

Coach Shaw celebrates his victory over the Rams! 



 Congratulations to the 2008 National Honor Society Inductees from the Football team

Kirby Broome, Andrew Shaw, Anthony Stephens, Tyler Rae



Josh Mckie - Mauldin High's 2008 Homecoming King!! Congratulations, Josh!

Congratulations to the following Senior Boys who have been nominated for the Mauldin High 2008 Homecoming King!!
Kevin Liller, Larvette Gaines, Eeshwar Chandrasekar, Matthew Wessinger, Anthony James, Joshua Mckie, Dallas Beal, Evan Wofford, Jon Baddley, Andrew Shaw, Eric Lawson, Robert Foster, Eric Reid



Congratulations to Andrew Shaw for being named an AP Scholar!

Congratulations to Kevin Liller for being voted by his Senior Class of 2009 as "Best Looking" and to Josh Mckie for being voted "Most Athletic" and to Chris Jones for being voted "Most Likely to be a Celebrity"!!



2008 Varsity Football Schedule




8/29 Hillcrest 7:30
9/4 JL Mann 7:00
9/12 **TL Hanna 7:30
9/19 Westside 7:30
9/26 **Laurens 7:30
10/3 **Easley 7:30
10/10 Dorman 7:30
10/17 Spartanburg 7:30
10/24 **Boiling Springs 7:30
10/31 **Byrnes 7:30
11/7 **Hillcrest 7:30
**indicates Home Games



Oct. 31 Mauldin vs. Byrnes                                                                                     

Pictures courtesy of Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)


Adguary Calwile                                      Zach Mauldin


Tiquention Coleman                              Coach Shaw


Taylor Hudson, Alston Shaw, Zach Theus         Alston Shaw


Carson Smith, Tyler Rae                         Kent Byce


Michael Borkey                                         Jeremiah Mckie


Mav Fans                           LJ Bowie, Matt Gill, Tyler Rae, Garrison Pritchett, Carson Smith


Kirby Broome, Chris Jones                       Josh Mckie


Tyler Rae                                                     Coach Terry


Ryan Bennett                                             Taylor Hudson                  


Coach Taylor                   Michael Borkey, Michael Williams, Kirby Broome, Bobby Mason  



  Oct. 10  Mauldin vs. Dorman                                                                                 

Pictures courtesy of Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)


Tiquention Coleman                                         Anthony Stephens


Alston Shaw, Matt Trojan, Ryan Norton             Cameron Jones


Kevin Liller                                                       Josh Mckie, Tyler Rae


Adam Bradshaw, Justin Priest                         Carson Smith, Andrew Shaw


MMMMMMM fans!!                                           Jeremiah Mckie


Mav coaches are in the game.                                    Zach Theus 


Bobby Mason                                                 Coaches and players



    Oct. 3  Mauldin vs. Easley                                                                                 

Highest score in school history 62-0!!


H-I-S-T-O-R-Y!!!  The highest scoring game in school history!  62-0!!! Mauldin beats Easley !!
Read more about the game
WYFF 4 Play of the night - SOPHOMORE Jeremiah Mckie's pass to Kevin Liller in the end zone!!

 Picture album of the night

Pictures courtesy of Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)


Alston Shaw                                                 Andrew Shaw


Andrew Stephens                                         Carson Smith


Chris Russell                                                Gerald Young


Jarrod Phillips, Matt Gill                                Jeremiah Mckie


Josh Mckie, Cameron Jones                         Josh Mckie


Kent Byce                                                     Kevin Liller


Kevin Liller, Nick Lattimore, Justin Priest        Patrick Havrid


Ryan Bennett                                                Michael Borkey, Chris Russell


Michael Williams, Kevin Liller                         Mav Players and Fans


Chorus members and The Maverick                Taylor Hudson


Tiquention Coleman, Kirby Broom                  Zach Theus

Wes Batson, Tyler Rae



 Sept. 26   Mauldin vs. Laurens                                                                                 

Mauldin 33  Laurens 34    FINAL SCORE
Tiquentin Coleman makes the 1st touchdown of the game with an 85 yard run!!  Josh McKie throws a 10 yard touchdown pass to Kevin Liller . Josh throws a 16 yard touchdown pass to Jeremiah Mckie.  Anthony Stephens runs in a 90 yard touchdown!  Larvette Gaines picks off a pass and takes it into the endzone for another touchdown!
Greenville News story on game
Photo album of game on Greenville Online

Josh Mckie names Friday Night Blitz player of the week.  Video Interview with Josh Mckie and Coach Doug Shaw on Fox Carolina .

Regardless of the score, this is the best team Mauldin has seen in a long time!! It is a new era and a new DYNASTY!!! Each and everyone of those boys, whether they are on the field or on the bench, should be very proud of their success!!!

Mrs. Rivers - Mauldin's Fan of the Week!!!

Pictures courtesy of Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)

The Mavericks take the field


Kent Byce                                                             Anthony Stephens


The coaches get in the game!                                              Cameron Jones


Cameron Jones                       Fans withstand the rain to cheer on the Mavs!


Josh Mckie                                                              Larvette Gaines


Zach Theus                                    Tiquentin Coleman, Josh Mckie, Kevin Liller



 Mavs defense sets new standard - Article from Tribune Times - 9/26/08.

Mavs Continue to Roll - Article from Tribune Times - 9/24/08.


  Sept. 19   Mauldin vs. Westside                                                                                 

In an overtime nail-biter, Mauldin comes back from a 10-0 third quarter score to beat Westside 25-24.  Patrick Havird kicked a 37 yard field goal to send the game into overtime and Josh Mckie, back from a recent injury, threw the winning pass from inside the 2 yard line. At 3-1, the Maverick varsity team is off to it's best start since 1985!!!

 Read more about the game here 

Game Stats


Mauldin top players out with injury.  Read more about Andre Clark and Josh Mckie here



Mauldin delivers with new look!  Read more here



Sept. 12, 2008   Mauldin vs. TL Hannah                                                                  

Pictures courtesy of Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)


Andre Clarke                                       Gerald Young, Taylor Hudson, Bobby Manson


Larvette Gaines                                                             Wen Hao Tan


                Logan Stroud                                                  Patrick Havird


Tiquentin Coleman, Andrew Shaw                           Gerald Young


Coach Lee Taylor                                                    Jarrod Phillips


Wes Batson, Zach Theus, Alston Shaw, Ryan Bennett                         Jeremiah Mckie

Radio is still cheering the jackets on

But the Mauldin fans cheer the Mavericks on to victory.  


  Sept. 4, 2008    Mauldin vs. JL Mann                                                                             

Pictures courtesy of Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)

Here come the Mavericks!!


Kent Byce                                                Zack Marshall, Tiquentin Coleman, Taylor Hudson


Michael Williams, Kevin Liller                                                    Cameren Jones


Jeremiah McKie, Joshua McKie                                               Bobby Manson


Patrick Havird, Andrew Shaw                                               Kirby Broom, Andrew Shaw


Kirby Broom, Carson Smith, Tiquentin Coleman             The Mavs coaches make the call.


Enthusiastic Maverick fans cheer on their team!



August 29, 2008   Mauldin vs. Hillcrest                                                                         

Anthony Stephens, Jeremiah Mckie, Josh Mckie, and a tough defense make the difference!  Read more about it.
10:20 p.m. THE RAM HAS BEEN ROASTED!!! Final score Mauldin 28 - Hillcrest 7!! GO MAVS!!!
10:15 p.m. 1 minute left Mavs score again 28-7!! 
9:50 p.m. 4th quarter we are still in the lead!
9:20 p.m. Mauldin scores again!! Mauldin 21 - Hillcrest 7!! GO MAVS!!
8:45 p.m. HALFTIME - Mauldin 14 - Hillcrest 7 !!!
8:25 p.m. update - Mauldin scores 14-7!!!
7:45 p.m. update - First possession Mauldin scores 6-0; Hillcrest scores 7-6
Pictures courtesy of Gwinn Davis (Tribune-Times)

Anthony Stephens                                                                                                                                           Defense
Cameron Jones                                                                                     Josh Mckie to Andre Clarke
Logan Stroud and Steve Frady                                                                         Jeremiah Mckie

Mauldin senior standout athlete Josh Mckie(Football/Track) and his sophomore brother Jeremiah (Football/Baseball) continue their strong family tradition of hard work and success in athletics. Read more about it.

Mauldin High and Chick Fil A have teamed up to host the 2nd annual Chick Fil A Kick off Classic. Read more

Tribune Times story

  MAULDIN FOOTBALL 2008            
1 Tyler Rae   12   OLB            
2 Kent Byce 12   K/P
3 Jeremiah McKie 10   WR/DB  
4 Gerald Young 12   WR/DB  
5 Kevin Liller 12   WR  
6 Tiquentin Coleman 11   RB/DB  
7 Zack Mauldin 11   DB  
8 Chris Russell 11   OLB  
9 Chris Jones 12   DB  
10 Joshua McKie 12   QB  
11 Kyle Peterman 10   QB  
12 Andrew Shaw 12   ILB  
14 Nikhil Patel 12   WR  
15 Anthony Stephens 11   WR  
16 Daniel Carpenter 12   DB            
17 Logan Stroud 11   DB            
18 Wes Batson 11   WR        
19 Brad Bruton 12   DB            
20 Max McKinney 11   DB      
21 Kyle Skelton 12   DB        
22 Wen Hao Tan 11   DB      
23 CJ Battle   12   RB            
24 Ryan Bennett 12   WR      
25 Andre Clarke 11   RB            
30 Cameren Jones 10   RB/OLB        
31 Sherrod Brown 11   DB            
32 Justin Priest 11   RB   Varsity Head Coach:  Doug Shaw  
33 Bobby Manson 12   DE            
40 Andrew Cantrell 11   WR   Asst Coaches:      
41 Zack Johnson 11   ILB   Offensive Coordinator/OL - Lee Taylor       
42 Michael Borkey 11   ILB   Running Backs - George Holtzclaw  
43 Adam Bradshaw 11   DB   Receivers - Kevin Czar    
44 Carson Smith 10   ILB   Quarterbacks - Joseph Terry    
45 Nick Latimore 12   OLB   Defensive Coordinator/DB - Julius Prince
50 Reggie Mister 12   DB   Defensive Line - Ben Lailson    
51 Jake Norman 10   OL    Inside Linebackers - Steve Frady  
52 Brendan Ryan 11   DB   Outside Linebackers - Kelly Smith  
53 Matt Trojan 11   OL            
54 Trae Smith 11   DB   JV Head Coach - Ben Lailson    
55 Alston Shaw 11   OL            
60 Adguary Calwile 10   DE   C-Team Head Coach - Derek Wells  
61 Patrick Havird 11   K/P            
62 Garrison Pritchett 10   OL   Asst. C-Team Coaches:    
64 Zack Marshall 12   OL   Ryan Rhodes      
65 Zach Theus 11   OL   Chris Griffin      
70 Jarred Phillips 11   OL            
72 James Wright 10   DT   Athletic Trainers:  Marshall Crespin,  
74 Taylor Hudson 11   OL   Melissa Cramer      
75 LJ Bowie   11   DT            
76 Ryan Norton 10   OL   Camera: Bart Threat    
77 Matt Gill   11   DE            
78 Daniel Browning 11   DT   Student Assistants:  Bethany Greene,  
80 Roger Burton 11   WR   Cassie Younginer, Kim Minor    
81 Sam Taylor 11   WR            
82 Michael Williams 12   DE        
83 Kirby Broome 11   TE          
84 Justin Linder 11   WR          
85 Alston-Michael Wright 10   WR        
90 Robbie McDonald 12   DT      
91 Nick Locke 12   DT      
94 Kris West   12   DT        
99 Larvette Gaines 12   DT            





Mavs slip against Laurens - Article from Tribune Times - 9/27/08.