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2007-08 MAVS Booster Girls Track Rep - Rodney Neely

110% Award - Shakoka Jemison
110% Award - Joi Pierce
Coaches Award - Lexi Neiling
MVP - Ashley Hunter
MVP - Alyssa Kulik

All Region - Alyssa Kulik, Lexi Neiling, Kathleen Jacob, Hannah Morgan, Caroline McDonough
All State -  Alyssa Kulik, Lexi Neiling, Kathleen Jacob, Hannah Morgan, Caroline McDonough
Photo album of the awards night


2008 Track Schedule

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Coach Howell's season photo album

Individual competitors -Day 2 State Track Meet

Congratulations to Senior Alyssa Kulik, Senior Sean Wright, and Junior Eric Lawson for making it to the State finals!  Alyssa placed 5th in the 1600 and 2nd in the 3200!  Sean Wright placed 4th in the 400 hurdles.  Eric Lawson placed 8th in the 1600!  WAY TO GO, MAVS!!
Photo album
Day 2 results


Day 1 at State Track Meet

The girls 4x800 relay team of Alyssa Kulik, Hannah Morgan, Alexa Neiling,  Kathleen Jacob, and Caroline McDonough (alternate) placed third in the AAAA South Carolina State Track meet.  The girls ran a season best of 9:41 seconds!  Congratulations, girls!!
Day one results
Coach Howell's photo album

They are going to STATE!!!

Congratulations to the following Mauldin Track athletes that will be competing at the South Carolina AAAA State Track & Field Meet next Saturday, May 10th. 
They placed in the top 8 of their event at the AAAA Qualifier
Senior Sean Wright - 400 hurdles
Junior Eric Lawson - 1600 meter run
Senior Alyssa Kulik - 1600 meter run, 3200 meter run, 4x800 relay team
Senior Hannah Morgan - 4x800 relay team
Sophomore Alexa Neiling - 4x800 relay team
Sophomore Kathleen Jacob - 4x800 relay team 
Picture album of State Qualifier
Coach Howell's Photo album of Regions & State Qualifier

Boys Results
Girls Results

Sean Wright                                                                    Eric Lawson  & Alyssa Kulik

Alyssa Kulik, Alexa Neiling, Hannah Morgan, and Kathleen Jacob (4x800 relay)

Results of other Mauldin runners that competed at the State Qualifier -

Ryan Bennett placed 10th in the 110 hurdles with a time of 15.40.  Ryan's time actually beat out a heat winner that ran a 15.44

Asia Johnson was 17th in the 110 hurdles with a 17:10

The pole vault beginning height was set at 11'.  Andy Wallin was not able to make the height to go on.

Savannah Hiller set a new personal record in the pole vault with a jump of 7'6!

Tyler Tesch placed 11th in the 1600 with a 4:43

Lexi Neiling placed 9th in the 1600 with a 5:24; Hannah Morgan placed 13th with a 5:29

Joi Pierce, Sierra Graves, Ashley Hunter and Stephanie Konruff competed in the 4x100.  The automatic timing system did not work for their heat.

They were given the option of rerunning the race.  They were the only team that chose to do this.  The girls ran a faster time by themselves with a 50.84 in 15th place.

Joi Pierce ran a 1:03 in 24th place in the 400 meter.  Sean Wright did not run the 400 meter dash because the 400 hurdles were the next race scheduled.

Ashley Hunter placed 20th in the 400 hurdles after recovering from a fall during her race.   Natalie Terlitsky placed 27th with a 1:17.32

Joseph Hill set a new personal record in the 400 hurdles with a 1:02.18 in 25th place.

Kathleen Jacob placed 18th in the 800 meter with a 2:31; Lexi Neiling placed 24th with a 2:34

Caroline McDonough placed 9th with a 12:05 in the 3200, just missing qualifying by .20.

Tyler Tesch, Graham Harris, Daniel Weekes and Eric Lawson ran the 4x800 in 8:46 in 15th place.

Marlon Campbell placed 21 in the long jump with a 20-9.5

Joseph Hill, Sean Wright, Josh Mckie, Rodney Davis placed 10th in the 4x400 relay with a 3:29.

Josh Mckie split a personal best 400 time in the relay of 50.81!

Ashley Hunter, Shakoka Jemison, Natalie Terlitsky, and Joi Pierce placed 19th in the 4x400 relay with a 4:16

Sean Wright just missed qualifying in the Triple jump due to the effort (49 second quarter) he had given to his team in the 4x400 relay.  The triple jump was going on at the same time as the 4x400 relay.

May 1, 2008 Junior/Senior Awards Day
Several Track athletes were honored with special awards at the Senior Awards night at Mauldin.  Congratulations, Girls!!

Amanda Miller
Quill and Scroll Honor Society award, SCHSL Scholar Athlete Award and White Honor Chord for a 4.0 or higher
Jazmine Wilson - White Honor Cord for 4.0 or higher
Shakoka Jemison -
he Woodruff Road Exchange Club Student of the Year $1000.00 Scholarship,Student Council Gold Cord (Student Body Spirit Leader)
Hannah Morgan - South Carolina High School League Scholar Athlete, Furman University Athletic/Academic Scholarship
Alyssa Kulik -
SC Palmetto Fellows award, ACT award, SAT award, National Honor Society, Woodruff Road Exchange Club Student of the Month award, National Spanish Honor Society Award , Math department award for highest math GPA, and Top 4 in class Honor graduate award. Full Academic/Athletic Scholarship to Clemson University
In addition several of our junior girls were recognized with Junior Scholar awards from colleges!  Congratulations, Cammy Smythe, Kira Koenig, Casey McCullough, and Nichole Mele.

April 25, 2008

Alyssa Kulik Triple Region Champion

Senior Alyssa Kulik brought home three gold medals at the Region II AAAA Championships held at Dorman High.  Alyssa won the 1600 meter in 5:14, the 3200 meter in 11:31, and was the anchor leg of the record setting 4x800 team!! 

Junior Ashley Hunter and Senior Sean Wright were the only two Mauldin athletes to qualify in all four of their events.  Ashley placed 3rd in the 400 hurdles 26.67, 4th in the 200 meter 26.67, and was the anchor leg of both the 4x100 relay 4th, and the 4x400 relay 3rd.  Sean won the triple jump, was 2nd in the 400 hurdles 58.91, 3rd in the 400 meter 51.14, and was the anchor leg of the 3rd place 4x400 relay team. 

Silver medalist honors go to sophomores Kathleen Jacob 800 meter 2:24.6, Caroline McDonough  3200 meter 11:53.9, and Tyler Tesch 1600 meter 4:37.3.  The following athletes also qualified on Day 2 to go on to the State Qualifier in Columbia next Saturday:
Junior Eric Lawson - 1600 meter 4:37.6 3rd place, 3200 meter 10:30.2 4th place, 4x800 relay 3rd place
Junior Ryan Bennett - 110 hurdles 4th place 15.91, 4x100 relay 5th place
Sophomore Joseph Hill - 400 hurdles 4th place 1:02.3; 4x400 relay 3rd place
Junior Josh Mckie - 4x100 relay 5th place, 4x400 relay 3rd place
Senior Marlon Campbell - 4x100 relay 5th place
Sophomore Andre Clarke - 4x100 relay 5th place
Junior Rodney Davis - 4x400 relay 3rd place
Boys  Results

Sophomore Lexi Neiling - 1600 meter 3rd place 5:30, 800 meter 5th place 2:29.6; 4x800 relay 1st place
Junior Joi Pierce - 400 meter 4th place 1:02.43, 4x100 relay 4th place, 4x400 relay 3rd place
Senior Hannah Morgan - 1600 meter 4th place 5:32.5, 4x800 relay 1st place
Sophomore Natalie Terlitsky - 400 hurdles 4th place 1:14.5; 4x400 relay 3rd place
Sophomore Asia Johnson - 100 hurdles 4th place 18.08
Freshman Sierra Graves - 4x100 relay 4th place
Sophomore Stephanie Konruff - 4x100 relay 4th place
Senior Shakoka Jemison - 4x100 relay 4th place
Sophomore Savannah Hiller - Pole Vault 5th place 6-6'
Girls Results

More photos of Day 2 at Regions

Alyssa Kulik                                                     Sean Wright                                                  Ashley Hunter

April 24, 2008

Track Team brings home two Region Titles in Day 1

Sean Wright is the Region II-AAAA Champion in the triple jump with a mark of 45-11'!! Congratulations, Sean! 
The girls 4x800 Relay team of Alexa Neiling, Alyssa Kulik, Hannah Morgan, and Kathleen Jacob also won the Region II - AAAA title with a season best performance of 9:44!!

Additional medalist honors go to Andy Wallin, 2nd place in Pole Vault with a mark of 11'. The boys 4x800 team of Daniel Weekes, Eric Lawson, Tyler Tesch and Graham Harris with a season best performance of 8:41!  Marlon Campbell received a 5th place award for the Long Jump and Kira Koenig received a 5th place award in the High Jump! Congratulations to all those placing in the top 5 today.  They will go on to compete at the State Qualifier next weekend in Columbia. 

Ryan Bennett qualified for the 110 hurdle finals.  Asia Johnson and Barbara Bennett qualified for the 100 hurdle finals.  Ashley Hunter and Sierra Graves qualified for the 200 finals.
Photo album of meet

Sean Wright in Triple Jump                                                    Lexi Neiling, Alyssa Kulik, Hannah Morgan, Kathleen Jacob
Andy Wallin and Pole Vault Coach Berry                                   Daniel Weekes, Eric Lawson, Tyler Tesch, and Graham Harris

Greenville County Varsity Championships
The girls team came in 2nd place again this year against JL Mann.  The girls were able to maintain their standings without an individual event win.  The depth on the girls team was their advantage.  Top scorer for the team was sophomore Alexa Neiling, placing 3rd in the 1600 meter, 4th in the 3200 meter, 5th in the 800 meter, and the anchor leg of the 2nd pl. 4x800.  The distance group of Alexa, Kathleen Jacob, Hannah Morgan, and Caroline McDonough and the depth of the sprint/jump group of Ashley Hunter, Sierra Graves, Joi Pierce, Rachael Nelson, Shakoka Jemison and Stephanie Konruff helped the team to their runner up position. The team was also helped by having great depth in the hurdles with Ashley Hunter, Mia Braxton, Asia Johnson, and Natalie Terlitsky.  Molly Cashman was able to place in both the Shot put and Discus.   Junior Ashley Hunter was a major point contributor to the team with 2nd place in the 400 hurdles, 4th place in the 200 meter dash, and the anchor leg of the 4x100 relay and 4x400 relay.  Also scoring points for the girls team were:

Sierra Graves – 9th pl. 100 meter, 11th pl. 200 meter, 3rd pl. 4x100 relay
Asia Johnson – 7th pl. 100 hurdles
Mia Braxton – 9th pl. 100 hurdles, 11th pl. 400 hurdles
Nickira Anderson – 11th pl. 100 hurdles
Ashley Hunter – 4th pl. 200 meter, 2nd pl. 400 hurdles, 3rd pl. 4x100 relay, 3rd pl. 4x400
Natalie Terlitsky – 9th pl. 400 hurdles
Joi Pierce – 7th pl. 400 meter, 3rd pl. 4x100 relay , 3rd place 4x400 relay
Rachael Nelson – 11th pl. 400 meter, 3rd place 4x400 relay, 3rd pl. High Jump
Kathleen Jacob – 3rd pl. 800 meter, 2nd pl. 4x800 relay
Alexa Neiling – 5th pl. 800 meter, 3rd pl. 1600 meter, 4th pl. 3200 meter, 2nd pl. 4x800
Hannah Morgan – 9th pl. 800 meter, 7th pl. 1600 meter, 2nd pl. 4x800 relay
Caroline McDonough – 9th pl. 1600 meter, 6th pl. 3200 meter, 2nd pl. 4x800 relay
Stephanie Konruff – 3rd pl. 4x100 relay, 5th pl. Long jump, 7th pl. Triple Jump
Shakoka Jemison – 3rd pl. 4x400 relay
Kira Koenig – 12th pl. High Jump
Savannah Hiller – 11th pl. Triple Jump
Molly Cashman – 9th pl. Discus, 10th pl. Shot Put

Greenville News story
Varsity boys results
Varsity girls results
Photo album of the meet


Congratulations to the following MAVS Track athletes for being named Greenville County JV Champions in their events -

Olivia Butler - 400 meter dash
Carly Wilson - 800 meter run and 1600 meter run
Alex Dawson - 3200 meter run
Barbara Bennett - 100 hurdles
4x400 Girls Relay (Kellie Sinkele, Olivia Butler, Kiera Johnson, and Kaitlynn Stafford)
4x800 Girls Relay


Girls results

Also receiving awards at JV County for placing in the top 6 in their event -

Aryele Carter - 4th place 100 meter dash
Allie Latimore - 6th place 100 meter, 2nd place Triple Jump
Kaitlynn Stafford - 3rd place 200 meter
Kierra Johnson - 5th place 200 meter, 2nd place 400 meter
Deana Tourigny - 3rd place 400 meter, 3rd place 800 meter
Brittany Williams - 4th place 800 meter, 6th place 1600 meter
Emily Lide - 5th place 800 meter, 4th place 1600 meter
Rachel Neiling - 5th place 1600 meter
Alex Dawson - 3rd place 1600 meter
Lauren Bennett - 2nd place 1600 meter
Kellie Sinkele - 3rd place 100 hurdles, 4th place 400 hurdles
Barbara Bennett - 2nd place 400 hurdles
Kristi Yamashita - 6th place Discus
Lea Ameris - 3rd place Shot Put

Relay teams will be listed soon

The girls 4x800 relay team of Kathleen Jacob, Caroline McDonough, Hannah Morgan, and Alexa Neiling placed 8th in a very competitive Taco Bell Invitational meet this weekend.  The girls team was caught up in a chaotic relay exchange with several other teams causing their time to be off by a couple of seconds.  They were still able to hang onto their position and make it to the awards stand! 

Kathleen Jacob was also able to pull off a personal best in the open 800 running a 2:26.53!! Congratulations!! 

Girls results
Boys results
Photo album of meet

Coach Howell's picture album
The MAVS JV Track team competed at the Kevin Logan Memorial Track Meet at Eastside High school. The team ran on a wet concrete track in the pouring rain.  Congratulations to the following athletes that placed in the top 3 in their division:

7th-8th grade girls: (Results)
Catherine Phillips 3rd 200, 3rd 400;  Hannah Ford 2nd 400; Lauren Bennett 1st 800, 3rd 1600; Carly Wilson 2nd 800, 2nd 1600;
Rachel Neiling 3rd 800; Brittany Williams 1st 1600, 2nd 3200; Alex Dawson 1st 3200; Megan McCullough 3rd 3200

9th-10th grade girls: (Results)
Stephanie Konruff 2nd Long Jump; Candace Mayfield 3rd Shot put; Sierra Graves 2nd 100, 3rd 200; Brya Twine 3rd 100; Natalie Terlitsky 2nd 400; Deana Tourigny 1st 800; Catriona Ewing 2nd 800; Renee Kulik 1st 3200, 2nd 1600; 4x100 A team 1st place; B team 3rd place; 4x400 A, B, C top 3 places; 4x800 A team 1st place, B team 3rd place

Photo Album of the meet

Congratulations to MHS Track member Nichole Mele for being voted in as Mauldin Student body Co-President for 2008-09!!

Several Mauldin Varsity Track athletes continue to remain on the 12 County Upstate Top 10 list.  The varsity athletes will not compete until next weekend at the Taco Bell Classic and the Furman Invitational.  The JV team will compete this weekend at Eastside at the Kevin Logan Memorial Meet.  Congratulations to:

Ashley Hunter  - 400 hurdles, 200 dash, 400 dash, 4x400 relay
Kathleen Jacob -  4x800 relay, 800 run
Alexa Neiling -  4x800 relay, 800 run
Alyssa Kulik  - 4x800 relay, 1600, 3200
Hannah Morgan -  1600
Caroline McDonough -  4x800 relay, 3200
Rachael Nelson -  High jump

Laurens High Meet
Cancelled due to weather

Coaches Classic
MHS Track at Coaches Classic, Lower Richland High School
The kids left the school at 6:00 a.m. and returned at 2:00 a.m. on Easter morning.  That was a long day at the races!!

Congratulations to the following athletes for receiving individual medals at the meet -
Ashley Hunter  - 5th place 400m hurdles & 8th place  200m dash
Alyssa Kulik - 4th place in 1600m & 4th place in 3200m

Relay teams also receiving medals
Girls 4x800 3rd place (Kathleen Jacob, Caroline McDonough, Lexi Neiling, Alyssa Kulik)

Personal Records at the meet -
Joi Pierce 400m from 1:04.7 to 1:03.5
4x400  4:24 to 4:23.19
Stephanie Konruff LJ 14’ ¾ to 15’1.5”
Molly Cashman Discus 74’8 to 77’8

Girls results

Picture album of the meet
Mr. Morgan's photo album

Meet at Byrnes vs. Gaffney, Byrnes
MHS 95.5  Gaffney 40.5
MHS 87  Byrnes 46
I am working off of limited results on this meet.  I will update more stats as soon as the results become available. 
4x800 1st place 10:40 (Kathleen Jacob, Caroline McDonough, Lexi Neiling, Alyssa Kulik); 4x100 50.7 2nd place (Ashley Hunter, Sierra Graves, Joi Pierce, Kara Whitmore); 110 Hurdles 1st place 18.6 Nickira Anderson; 1600m 1st place Alyssa Kulik 5:30, 2nd place Hannah Morgan 5:34, 3rd place Lexi Neiling 5:43; Discus  1st place 74'8 Molly Cashman; Shot Put 1st place 30'6.5 Molly Cashman; 400m 1:04 2nd place Joi Pierce, 3rd place 1:09 Shakoka Jemison; Long Jump 1st place 14' 3 1/4 Stephanie Konruff; 800m Kathleen Jacob 1st place, Deanna Tourigny 2nd place, Rachael Neiling 3rd place; High Jump 1st place 4'10" Rachael Nelson, Kira Koenig 3rd place 4'4; 3200m 1st place Caroline McDonough 11:59, 2nd place Lauren Bennett 12:44, 3rd place Renee Kulik 12:46; 4x400 1st place 4:28 (Rachael Nelson, Joi Pierce, Ashley Hunter, Shakoka Jemison)

Congratulations to the following MHS Track athletes for making the Greenville News Track & Field Top 10 list for the week:
Girls - Kara Whitmore 100, 200, 4x100, 4x400;  Ashley Hunter 400, 4x100, 4x400; Lexi Neiling 800, 1600, 3200, 4x800; Kathleen Jacob 800, 4x800; Alyssa Kulik 1600, 3200, 4x800; Caroline McDonough 1600, 3200, 4x800; Hannah Morgan 1600; Renee Kulik 3200; Natalie Terlitsky 400 hurdles; Joi Pierce 4x100, 4x400; Sierra Graves 4x100; Rachael Nelson High Jump, 4x400

Top 10 list


The Trojan Relay race at Northwestern was called 3/4 of the way through the meet due to weather.  Mauldin was able to get some good races in for the day. 

Girls Highlights - Rachael Nelson places 2nd in High Jump with 5'2; Mile Medley Relay places 4th with a 4:35.2 (Kara Whitmore, Kaitlynn Stafford, Ashley Hunter, Alyssa Kulik); 4 x 1 mile relay places 1st (Caroline McDonough, Hannah Morgan, Lexi Neiling, Alyssa Kulik), Distane Medley Relay places 1st (Kathleen Jacob, Ashley Hunter, Lexi Neiling, Alyssa Kulik).  Girls results
(note - some of the athletes names were changed on actual relays)

Picture album of the event.

MAVS Shuttle Hurdle Relay - Nickira Anderson, Asia Johnson, Barbara Bennett, Mia Braxton

MAVS Lady Throwers Jazmine Wilson, Molly Cashman, Candace Mayfield, Melissa Fillion   

MHS 87; Hillcrest 42
MHS 100; Boiling Springs 27
Dorman 73; Mauldin 67
photo album of meet

4x800 1st  10:08 (Lexi Neiling, Kathleen Jacobs, Caroline McDonough, Alyssa Kulik); B team 3rd place 11:22 (Carly Wilson, Emily Lide, Renee Kulik, Rachel Neiling)
4x1  52.2 1st place (Ashley Hunter, Joi Pierce, Kara Whitmore, Sierra Graves)
Pole Vault 3rd  6'6 - Miriam Berry
Triple Jump 2nd 29'7 - Kira Koenig
100m Hurdles 1st 19.4 - Nickira Anderson
1600m 1st 5:23 Alyssa Kulik, Hannah Morgan 3rd 5:44, Caroline McDonough 4th 5:50
400m 3rd 62.4 - Ashley Hunter
400m hurdles 4th 80.3 - Natalie Terlitsky
Long Jump 2nd 14'1 - Stephanie Konruff
200m 1st 26.9 - Ashley Hunter
3200m 1st 12:23 Lexi Neiling, Alex Dawson 2nd 12:54, Carly Wilson 3rd 12:55
High Jump 1st 4'8 - Rachael Nelson
800m 1st 2:23 Alyssa Kulik, Lexi Neiling 2nd 2:30
4x400 2nd 4:28.6 (Kara Whitmore, Rachael Nelson, Joi Pierce, Ashley Hunter)

Additional results -
Girls 1600 Alyssa Kulik 5:23, Hannah Morgan 5:44, Caroline McDonough 5:50, Kathleen Jacob 5:56, Lauren Bennett 5:59, Renee Kulik 6:01, ? 6:04, Rachel Neiling 6:08, Alex Dawson 6:08, Emily Lide 6:11

3/8/08  Photo Gallery of GSP Relays on www.scrunners.com

The 4x1600 relays ran in the sleet and rain.  Mauldin Girls took 1st place (Caroline McDonough, Lexi Neiling, Hannah Morgan, Alyssa Kulik)!  The Girls sprint relay placed 2nd (Sierra Graves, Kathleen Jacob, Joi Pierce, Ashley Hunter) and then the meet was cancelled due to high winds.  Kira Koenig placed 2nd in the Triple Jump, Stephanie Konruff 3rd, Savannah Hiller 4th.  Girls results.  The Boys 4x1600 placed 5th (Daniel Weekes, Graham Harris, Tyler Tesch, Eric Lawson).  Rodney Davis placed 2nd in the Long Jump, Robbie Nelson 4th.  Boys results.The track team will be back at Dorman on Tuesday for a meet with Hillcrest, Dorman, and Boiling Springs.

3/6/08 Highlights
Picture album of meet

MHS 54.5 Spartanburg 90
Mauldin 4x100  A relay 2nd place, B relay 3rd place
MHS 4x800 A relay 1st place, B-G relays 3rd-8th place
MHS 4x400 A relay 1st place, B relay 2nd place, C-G relays (4-8th place)
Nikira Anderson - 18.68 in 100m hurdles (3rd place)
Kara Whitmore - 12.7 in 100m (2nd place), 27.58 in 200m (3rd place)
Alyssa Kulik - 5:37 in 1600m (1st place), 12:08 in 3200m (1st place)
Alexa Neiling - 5:40 in 1600m (2nd place), 2:32 in 800m (1st place)
Caroline McDonough - 5:46 in 1600m (3rd place), 12:35 in 3200m (2nd place)
Savannah Hiller - 30'3 3/4 in triple jump (3rd place), 6'6 in Pole Vault (4th place)
Ashley Hunter - 62.81 in 400m (1st place)
Natalie Terlitsky 75.56 in 400m hurdles (2nd place)
Mia Braxton 80.7 in 400m hurdles (3rd place), 19.91 in 100m hurdles (5th place)
Kathleen Jacob 2:33 in 800m (2nd place)
Renee Kulik 12:41 in 3200m (3rd place)

MHS Alumni '07 track standout LaSha Moss is competing for South Carolina State University.  Click here to follow LaSha in college. 

Track and Field Rules
2008 Track Roster Click here

2008 Track Schedule -  Click here to see schedule

All performance times will now be posted to www.scrunners.com.  It used to be just elite performances made your stat pages.  Now any performance you have will be posted to your stat page.  Read more about it here.

8th grader Carly Wilson placed 1st in her age group (14 & under) in this weekend's Reedy River Run.  Carly was also the 7th overall female runner. She ran the 5k race in 21:54.  Coming in close behind Carly was Emily Lide (3rd in age group), Brittany Williams, and Rachael Neiling.

Caroline McDonough placed 2nd in the 15-19 age group in the 10k race.  Caroline ran an impressive 44:06 with teammate Alexa Neiling placing 3rd in the 15-19's with a time of 44:34.   

Mauldin Cross Country & distance track runner Lexi Neiling ran the Green Valley 8k road race.  Lexi ran a 34:19 placing 16th overall and was the first female runner in the race!  Teammate Caroline McDonough was the 2nd overall female in the race with a time of 35:04.  7th grader Rachel Neiling placed first in the 0-14 age group with a time of 38:51.  SCRunners.com interview Lexi, Caroline & Rachel

Mauldin & Clemson alumni runner Casey Phillips ran the 10 mile race and placed 2nd overall in the race with a time of 1:08.
SCRunners.com interviews Casey Phillips

Congratulations, girls!!

Morgan and Kulik sign National Letters of Intent
Mauldin's Cross Country and Track runners Alyssa Kulik and Hannah Morgan have both been offered scholarships to compete at the collegiate level next year. 
Alyssa Kulik has chosen to compete for the Clemson team while Hannah Morgan will compete for the Furman team.  Congratulations, girls!!
Signing Photos on National High School Track & Field Website

Coach Howell's interview

Click here to listen to Alyssa's interview with John Olson of scrunners.com about her college decision. 
Click here to listen to Hannah's interview with John Olson of scrunners.com about her college decision. 

Picture album of practice

Attention all Junior and Seniors:
The National Letter of Intent early signing period (November) for Track/Field and Cross Country has been eliminated.  The date is now February 6 through August 1.
Read more here

Read about our prior year's success by hitting the almanac button at the top of the page

Attention all rising Junior and Senior Mauldin Athletes - Do you plan on competing in college?  Be sure to register with the NCAA clearinghouse.  Check out the NCAA Guide for College Bound Athletes here.   More information on the registration process is available at www.ncaaclearinghouse.net   A $50 fee applies.

Mauldin Alumni Lauren Klas '06 competes for Clemson University CC/Track teams.  Lauren specializes in the Steeplechase event.