(2007 - 2008) - Lacrosse Girls

2007-08 MAVS Booster Team Rep Girls Lacrosse - James Norman
2007-08 MAVS Website Reporter - Pam Kenny

2008 Team Awards

All State
Katie Norman, Abby Koba, Libby Wallin

Most Improved - Molly Walsh
MVP - Abby Koba
Coaches Award - Becca Brown


All State in swimming
All Region in Basketball
All Star and All State in Lacrosse her Junior year 
2nd in her graduating class.
Junior Marshall and many more accolades!!!

Multi-talented Becca Brown

Mauldin Senior standout athlete Becca Brown signed her National Letter of Intent.  Becca will be competing for the Clemson Rowing team next year.  Becca  competes for the Mauldin swim team, Mauldin Basketball team, and Mauldin Lacrosse team!  In addition to all that,  Becca is one of the top students in her class!  Congratulations, Becca!!

On Tuesday, April 22nd, the Lady Mav's, # 6 in the SC Lacrosse League, played in their first round of playoff games against # 11 Ridge View who traveled from the Columbia area.  The girls were able to pull out early and won the game with a score of 19-7. The next playoff game will be Friday, April 25th, against the winner of the JL Mann vs Hillcrest game played on Wednesday, April 23rd. Stats for the game are as follows:

Goals:                                  Assists:                              Goalie Saves:

Abby Koba      3               Abby Koba         2                 Chealsea Slessman - 6 saves

Molly Walsh    1              Molly Walsh        1

Rachel Ralph  1

Megan Warden    4

Megan Kenny     2

Megan Jones    1

HP Penick       1

Catie Norman    2

Kristina Brown   1

Ashley Spivey    2

Jordan Hudson  1


Friday, April 18th, the Lady Mav's hosted Clinton HS for their last regular season game. All senior players started, but missed Becca Brown who was not able to take the field due to a knee injury from the Riverside game.  Senior Amanda Kenny who has been side lined with a knee injury since game 4, was able to take the field for few minutes, long enough to score a goal with an assist from her sister, Megan Kenny. Quote "It was a good way to end my senior lacrosse career". The Mav's were up by 9 goals when senior Caroline Couch, who has played goalie for 4 years, was put in as "attack" and enjoyed playing a different position. Senior Leslie Moore stepped in as goalie. All the Mav's seniors will be missed, this includes Jordan Hudson, Hunter Paige Penick, Rachel Ralph, Erin Solesbee, and Catie Norman who will be continuing her Lacrosse career at St. Andrews. At half time Coach Koba presented the seniors and their parents to the cheering home crowd! Congratulations to freshman Abby Koba who finished with 70 goals for the season! Final score for the night was Mauldin 19, Clinton 6. Stats are as follows:

Goals:                                  Assists:                              Goalie Saves:

Abby Koba      7               Abby Koba     4                     Caroline Couch - 8 saves

Megan Kenny     2           Megan Kenny   1                    Lesle Moore - 4 saves

Megan Warden   1          Molly Walsh     1

Amanda Kenny    1

Libby Wallin       1

Catie Norman      1        Catie Norman       1

Rachel Ralph      5 

Kristina Brown    1

Thursday, April 16th, the Lady Mav's traveled to Riverside. With injuries dogging the girls all through this season, they struggled to keep up with Riverside. Again, after being down early on they were able to pull within 2 goals. But as the clock ran down, Senior Becca Brown was injured and taken out of the game with a knee injury. The Lady Mav's played hard but fell to Riverside, 8-15. Their record in now 11-5. The Lady Mav's play again Friday night @ home against Clinton for their last regular season game @ 5:30p.m. Friday is also Senior night for the Mauldin Girls and Boys Lacrosse teams. Stats for tonights girls game are as follows:

Goals:                                  Assists:                             Goalie Saves:

Abby Koba      2                    Abby Koba      1                   Caroline Couch - 19 saves

Megan Warden 1

Megan Kenny   1

Becca Brown    4

The Mauldin Lady Mav's played against Greenville High Tuesday, April 15th. Greenville scored 3 quick goals before Mauldin could answer back. Greenville controlled the game through the first half. Mauldin rallied but could not overcome the deficit and lost with a score of 6-11, their record is now11-4. The Lady Mav's play rival Riverside @ Riverside Wednesday, April 16th, with the game starting at 5:30. Stats are as follows:

Goals:                                      Goalie Saves:

A Koba       3                          Caroline Couch    5

L Wallin      1

B Brown     1

K Brown     1


Mauldin Lady Mav's played rival JL Mann in a heated contest on Thursday, April 10th. The Lady Mav's overcame a deficit of 4-0 to take the lead 7-5 mid-way thru the 2nd half. Unfortunately in the last 5 minutes of the game, Mann surged ahead scoring 3 quick goals to take the win over Mauldin with a score of 10-8. Goalie Caroline Couch was awesome with 23 saves! The Lady Mav's have battled numerous injuries this season, including loosing senior and co-captain Amanda Kenny who is out for the season with a knee injury. Tonight the Lady Mav's showed they were winners despite the setbacks of the season. They played as a team and with all their hearts! Their record is now 11-3. Stats are as follows:

Goals:                         Assists:                           Goalie Saves:

Abby Koba     2                A Koba     3                  Caroline Couch - 23 saves!

Megan Warden  1           M Warden  1

Rachel Ralph     1

Megan Kenny     1

Becca Brown      1

Kristina Brown    2 

What a game!! The Lady Mav's started out slow and were down 0-5 early in the first half. After a time out and regrouping Senior Becca Brown took control and set the tempo of the game scoring 4 goals to put the Mav's down by 1 at half time. During the second half both offense and defense shut down the Eastside Eagles as goalie Caroline Couch was outstanding with 15 saves for the night. Game score was 8-7 and extended the Lady Mav's LAX record to 11-2.   They play at home again Thursday evening, April 10th, at 5:30 in the MHS stadium against rival JL Mann. Check out this link to see the Greenville News Video of the MHS girls and boys lacrosse teams - http://www.greenvilleonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?Category=VIDEONETWORK  Stats from tonights game are as follows:

Goals:                       Assists:                                Goalie Saves:

Becca Brown  5                                                 Caroline Couch - 15 SAVES

Abby Koba      1        Abby Koba    2

Megan Warden 1      Megan Jones   1

Megan Kenny    1

The Lady Mav's Lacrosse team continued their winning streak beating Hillcrest with a score of 19-8. They won with good passing, shooting, and teamwork! Their record is now 10-2! The Lady Mav's take on Eastside tomorrow, April 9th, in the MAV's stadium. Game time is 5:30 p.m.  Stats are as follows:

Goals:                         Assists:                            Goalie Saves:

Abby Koba     7              Abby Koba        3           Caroline Couch     16

Libby Wallin   1             Libby Wallin       1           Chelsea Slessman  2

Becca Brown  5            Becca Brown      1

Megan Warden  2

Kristina Brown    1        

Friday, April 4th, 2008, the Lady Mav's were able to get in their game just before the storms moved in! They played against Woodmont and came away with a 17-6 victory. This makes their record now 9-2, great job ladies! Their next game is Tuesday, April 8th against Hillcrest at the MAV's stadium. Game time is 5:30 p.m. Stats for the Woodmont game are as follows:

Goals:                          Assists:                             Goalie Saves:

Abby Koba    8            Abby Koba       2              Caroline Couch    13

Rachel Ralph   5        Alliyah Anjarwalla  2          Chelsea Slessman  3

Megan Warden  1

Megan Kenny     1

Libby Wallin        1

Alex Stone          1

This evening, April 3rd, 2008, the Lady Mav's beat Hillcrest with a score of 19-9. After a slow start on a cold rainy evening, the Lady Mav's really picked up the pace and now have a record of 8-2. They will play again tomorrow evening, April 4th, against Woodmont @ Woodmont with a game time of 6 pm. Stats for tonights game are as follows:

Goals:                         Assists:                               Goalie:

Abby Koba   8          Abby Koba 3                          Caroline Couch - 10 saves

Becca Brown  5       Becca Brown 1

Megan Kenny 4 

Rachel Ralph   1

Megan Warden  1

Mauldin Lady Mav's lacrosse team took on Greenville High school this evening, April 1, 2008 in the MHS stadium. Both teams were playing to move into the number 3 spot behind JL Mann and Riverside. The Lady Mav's jumped out early to a 3-1 lead, but the Greenville girls battled back to take the lead by 1. After half time the Mauldin Mav's out scored Greenville and took the win 12-9! They play again Thursday, April 3rd against Hillcrest @ Hillcrest. The Lady Mav's record is now 7-2. Stats for tonights game are as follows:

Goals:                          Assists:                                  Goalie:

Abby Koba        5                                                        Caroline Couch - 16 saves!

Becca Brown    3        Becca Brown 1

Megan Warden 2

Libby Wallin      1

Kristina Brown  1

The Lady Mav's girls lacrosse took on Wade Hampton Tuesday, March 18th, and won the game with a score of 13-9. This brings their record to 6-2! The Lady Mav's will play again on Tuesday, April 1st against Greenville High School in the MHS stadium. Game time is  5:30. Stats for the Wade Hampton game are as follows:

Goals:                            Assists:                                 Goalie:

Becca Brown   7           Liz Heaton         1              Caroline Couch - 15 saves

Abby Koba       5           Leslie Moore     1

Rachel Ralph   1

Saturday, March 15th, the Lady Mavs traveled to Charleston to play 3 games and won all 3 making their record 5-2. Their first game was against 'Bishop England' which they won 14-6. Next they played against 'Socastee' and won 12-7. The final game was against the 'Charleston Patriots' and the Mavs won 17-5.  The Lady Mavs play Tuesday, March 18th at Wade Hampton at 6:00p.m.Stats listed below are for all 3 games:

Goals:                              Assists:                                Goalie:

Becca Brown     14          Becca Brown     4               Caroline Couch - 28 saves

Abby Koba        9             Abby Koba        6                Chelsea Slessman - 9 saves

Kristina Brown  3             Kristina Brown   1

Megan Warden 5

Libby Wallin      3 

Megan Kenny   3

Rachel Ralph    2

Molly Walsh      2

Megan Jones    1

Ashley Spivey   1

On Wednesday March 12th, the MHS girls Lacrosse team played at home against Riverside HS. After being down 5-2 at half time, the lady mavs came out strong and surged ahead outscoring Riverside to take the lead during the second half. Riverside only scored 2 during that half but tied MHS with 7-7 at the end of the game!! The overtime is two 3 minute halves, and Riverside scored 2 quick goals. The Mavs were able to score 1, but not able to get another shot off. End score for the game was MHS 8, Riverside-9. It was a great game!  The Lady Mavs set off early Saturday, 3/15/08, heading to Charleston for a tournament.  Stats are as follows:

Goals:                            Assists:                           Goalie:

Becca Brown   4            Becca Brown  1              Caroline Couch- 17 saves

Amanda Kenny 2           Amanda Kenny 1

Abby Koba  2                 Abby Koba        1


Tuesday, March 11th, the MHS girls Lacrosse team traveled to Clinton and won the game 16-5, making their record 2-1. The girls play again at home on Wednesday, 3/12 against Riverside at 5:30p.m., come cheer them on! Stats from Clinton game are as follows:

Goals:                               Assists:

Abby Koba       3            Abby Koba         3

Rachel Ralph   3            Rachel Ralph     1

Becca Brown    2           Becca Brown      1

Kristiana Brown 2          Kristina Brown    4

Ashley Spivey   2           Ashley Spivey     2

Amanda Kenny  1          Amanda Kenny  11

Megan Kenny    1          Megan Kenny      2

Megan Jones    1           Megan Jones       3

Molly Walsh      1           Megan Warden    2

                                       Alliyah Anjarwalla 4

                                       Libby Wallin         2

                                       Hunter Paige Penick 1

                                       Liz Heaton            2

                                       Leslie Moore         1

                                       Sarah Vance         1

The Mauldin HS Women's Lacrosse played against the 2 time state champion JL Mann, Thursday, 3/6/08. After coming from behind with a 4 goal deficit, they surged ahead to 9-7. JL Mann came back and scored 2 goals making it 10-10 to send the game into overtime. Unfortuneatly, the Mann team was able to score 2 goals to take the win.  The girls play Riverside, at Riverside Friday, March 7th @ 5:30 p.m. MHS girls record is now 1-1. Stats are as follows:

Goals:                                 Assists:

Becca Brown     4             Abby Koba        1

Abby Koba         3            Amanda Kenny  1

Amanda Kenny   2

Megan Warden   1         

Mauldin HS Women's Lacrosse played their season opener against Woodmont HS Monday, 3/3/08 and won 11-4. The team played well and had a great start to their season.  Their record is 1-0. The MHS girls play JL Mann tomorrow evening, 3/4/08, at JL Mann - 5:30 p.m. Stats are:

Goals:                                  Assists:

Abby Koba        5                 Becca Brown        1

Becca Brown     3                Amanda Kenny      1

Amanda Kenny  2                Rachel Ralph        1

Rachel Ralph     1


 Jamboree @ Woodmont, Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Mauldin Women's Lacrosse team did a great job this weekend at the Woodmont Jamboree!!

The team played 6 games total throughout the day and won 5 games losing their only game by 1 goal! Come cheer on Lady Mavs at their first HOME game, Tuesday, February 26th at 5:30 against Woodmont.


Hunter Paige Pennick - 1

Megan Jones - 1

Megan Kenny - 2

Katie Norman - 3

Megan Warden - 4

Amanda Kenny - 5

Abby Koba - 5

Rachel Ralph - 6