(2007 - 2008) - Lacrosse Boys

2008 Team Awards

All State
Bo Minor

MVP Offense - Jon Baddley
MVP Defense - Bo Minor
Most Ground Balls - Austin McVay

Junior Varsity
MVP Offense - Alec Borgelt
MVP Defense - Robert Fuson
Sportmanship - HT Warren

The following sports teams made the top five list for highest overall GPA average of their athletes.  Congratulations!! The Girls Basketball team and the Boys Tennis team had the highest GPA average at Mauldin!

Girls Teams -
#1 Basketball
#2 Cross Country
#3 Swimming
#4 Tennis
#5 Soccer

Boys Teams -
#1 Tennis
#2 Cross Country
#3 Swimming
#4 Soccer
#5 Lacrosse

2007-08 MAVS Booster Rep Boys Varsity Lacrosse - Gary Reece
2007-08 MAVS Booster Rep Boys JV - Mike Achee
2007-08 MAVS Website reporter - Janice Baddley


Baddley, Minor and Newton All Star LAX Players

Three members of the Mavs Boys Lacrosse Team recently received All Star honors.  Junior Jon Baddley and Seniors Bo Minor and Alex Newton represented Mauldin this weekend as a part of the West Region team when the state All Stars played in Lexington.  Congratulations, Jon, Bo and Alex! 



The MAVS Lacrosse Team will play four games this week.  Come out and support the team and see some exciting lacrosse!

Monday, 4/14 @ Woodmont - 6 p.m. 

Tuesday, 4/15 @ Greenville/Sirrine - 8 p.m.

Wednesday, 4/16 @ Riverside - 7:30 p.m.

Friday, 4/18, vs. White Knoll @ MHS - 7:30 p.m.

Mauldin 7, Mann 6
Goals: Baddley (M) 3, Maalouf (M) 2, Wiles (M), Barefoot (M)
Assists: Bloomquist (M), Maalouf (M), Baddley (M), McVay (M), Reece (M).

Austin McVay handles the faceoff for the Mavs.  Eric Allred snaps up a groundball. (photo credits: Lin Bloomquist) 


Mauldin 9, Eastside 3
Goals: Baddley (M) 4, Maalouf (M) 3, Bloomquist (M), Borgelt (M),

Assists: Bloomquist (M), Maalouf (M), Baddley (M), McVay (M), Reece (M).


 Hillcrest 9, Mauldin 3
Goals: Baddley (M) 2, Barefoot (M)

Greenville 11, Mauldin 3
Goals: Baddley (M) 2, Maalouf (M).
Mauldin 13, Wade Hampton 1
Goals: Bloomquist (M) 3, Maalouf (M) 3, Baddley (M) 2, Allred (M) 2, Newton (M), Lew (M), Barefoot (M), Solesbee (WH). Assists: Baddley (M) 2, Maalouf (M), Bloomquist (M), Wiles (M). Record: Mauldin 3-3.

Riverside 11, Mauldin 7
Goals: Evans (R) 2, Hicks (R) 2, Collins (R), Collier (R), Bendewald (R), Catanzano (R), West (R), Franke (R), Hassler (R), Baddley (M) 2, Bloomquist (M), Maalouf (M), McVay (M), Newton (M), Rae (M). Assists: Zano, Collins 2, Evans, Wiant, Smeaton. Records: Riverside 6-0, Mauldin 2-3.

Read more about the Mauldin/Riverside game on 3/12 here

Jon Baddley (photo credit: Gwinn Davis)    Joey Fuson (photo credit:  Gwinn Davis)

Ridgeview 10, Mauldin 9
Goals -- M: Baddley 3, Newton 3, Maalouf 1, Rae, Bloomquist. Assists -- M: Baddley 2, Bloomquist. Record: Mauldin 2-2.

Mauldin 9, Mann 1
Goals: Baddley (Maul) 5, Maalouf (Maul) 2, Bloomquist (Maul), Newton (Maul), Day (Mann). Assists: Bloomquist 2, Maalouf , Knight (Maul.). Records. Mann 0-3, Mauldin 1-1.

Freshman Jake Norman mans the goal (photo credit: Lin Bloomquist)