(2012 - 2013) - Volleyball - Varsity

Head Varsity Volleyball Coach - Val Thoms

Asst Coach - Meredith Hamrick

MAVS Booster Rep - Teresa Bone

MAVS Website Reporters - Jennifer Hauser/Sammy Hauser

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Season Stats 

Player Aces Kills Assists Digs Blocks
Bruchon, Amy 27 33 525 238 32
Sullivan, Carolyn 35 159 19 305 62
Renwick, Lindsay 25 215 11 280 19
Scott, Tayler 14 26 9 150 12
Gonzalez, Jessica 18 1 5 167 0
Turner, Sarah 0 116 7 57 85
Bone, Lauren 0 23 1 24 79
Hernandez, Nadine 23 14 5 272 4
Hauser, Emma 9 2 32 18 1
Moreno, Jenifer 0 0 0 6 0
Blackwell, Bailey 1 0 0 12 0
Hammond, Bailey 4 106 10 153 14



Team News

Volleyball Camp


The Mauldin High Volleyball team will be holding their Mauldin Mavs Volleyball Camp June 11-13 from 9am to 12pm in the gym.  This camp is for Rising 1st-8th grade girls who want to learn the sport or enhance their skills.  Register by May 31st to receive a FREE t-shirt.  Contact Andrea Turner @ turners52001@yahoo.com with questions.  

Camp Flyer

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Season Comes to an End

The Lady Mavs finished off their season tonight against Boiling Springs.  The scores were 25-22, 11-25, 22-25, 25-17, and 10-15.  Senior Amy Bruchon led the team in assists with 41, contributed 23 digs, and had 5 blocks.  Amy worked hard this season and has been a great part of this program.  She will be missed next year.

Freshman Bailey Hammond came out strong tonight and led the team in kills with 14.  She also contributed 25 digs, coming second to Nadine Hernandez who led the team with 35 digs.  Hernandez also led in aces with 2.  Lindsay Renwick and Jessica Gonzalez each contributed 1 ace as well.  Lauren Bone, Sarah Turner, and Carolyn Sullivan were all strong at the net.  Bone led the team in blocks with 11 while Sullivan contributed 8 and Turner contributed 7.  In the back row, the girls worked hard and contributed many digs.  Renwick had 21, Tayler Scott had 18, Turner, Gonzalez, and Sullivan each had 11, and Emma Hauser had 4.  

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Mavs Win In Four!!!

  Mauldin defeated Spartanburg tonight, winning 25-16, 25-27, 25-15 and 25-21.  Jessica Gonzalez had a lot of great serves and led the team in aces with 6.  Amy Bruchon hustled everywhere and led the team in assists with 32.  Lindsay Renwick led the team with 17 strong, well placed kills.  Carolyn Sullivan contributed 8 good kills as well.  Tayler Scott led the way with 20 solid digs, while Nadine Hernandez contributed 17, Renwick contributed 16, Gonzalez contributed 14, Sullivan and Bruchon contributed 12, and Bailey Hammond and Bailey Blackwell both contributed 4.  Sarah Turner led the team with 3 great blocks.


The Lady Mavs played well tonight and have improved greatly over the season.  

Come join us Thursday at Boiling Springs to watch the team play in their last game of the season.   


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Senior Night

Tonight was senior night for the Lady Mavs.  Mauldin honored their only senior on the team, Amy Bruchon.  Amy, who has played volleyball all four years in her high school career, was escorted by her parents on to the gym floor.  She wrote a speech that was presented and read by Doug Renwick.  She received balloons, gifts and flowers from her teammates and supporters.  She has been a very important part of this program and will be missed dearly next year.  


After the ceremony was over, the Lady Mavs took to the court and lost 19-25, 15-25, and 24-26 to Byrn's Lady Rebels.  Bruchon led in assists with 14.  Lindsay Renwick led in kills with 9 and in digs with 15.  Lauren Bone led in blocks with 5 and Tayler Scott led in aces with 2.  They would have had a better shot at winning, if Dr. Double Hands (the ref) wasn't so awful.  


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Mavs Lose in 5

Tonight Mauldin took a trip to Riverside, hoping to beat the Warriors.  After the first 2 games were over it looked as if Riverside would sweep the game in 3 (the scores were 18-25, and 20-25).  But the Lady Mavs fought back in the third game.  Emma Hauser turned things around when she scored 2 aces in a row that ended the third match at 25-23.  The Mavs then won the fourth game 25-22.  The fifth match was intense and Mauldin fought as hard as they could.  Unfortunately, they fell short losing 13-15.  Carolyn Sullivan led in kills tonight with 11, while Bailey Hammond came in second with 9.  Sarah Turner led the team in blocks with 9, and Sullivan followed with 5.  Amy Bruchon led in assists with 17, while Hauser, Sullivan, and Hammond all contributed 2 each.  Lindsay Renwick led the team in digs with 22 while Nadine Hernandez contributed 18, Bruchon contributed 17, Sullivan contributed 16 and Tayler Scott contributed with 15.  Scott also led the team in aces with 3, while Jessica Gonzalaz, Hauser, Renwick, and Bruchon contributed 2 each.  

Up next is senior night this Thursday at Mauldin!  The Lady Mavs will take on the Lady Rebels and honor the only senior on the team, Amy Bruchon.  Game time is at 7.  Come support your Lady Mavs and senior Amy Bruchon!  

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Southside Tournament

The Lady Mavs competed in the Southside Christian tournament.  They got 2nd in their pool but lost to a strong T.L. Hanna team in the semifinals.  

Special thanks to Bobby Sullivan who took all of the stats while the main stat keepers were away.  He did a great job and worked really hard.

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