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Summer Wrestling Conditioning Begins June 4th 9 a.m.-11 a.m. in MHS old gym.
Continues every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday. 
Physical form from Doctor and Parent permission
form will be required before you will be allowed to participate. The forms are available on the MHS website http://www.greenville.k12.sc.us/mauldinh/athletics/index.asp

The following wrestlers received varsity letters:
Matt Courter - first
Ryan Hurst - first
Travis Heidelberger - first
Dylan Kern - second
Adam Kern - third
Chadd Norton - first
Lucas Watson - first
Ryan Cohen - first
Alex Slessman - fourth
Sean Fagan - first
Chris Campbell - first
Tyler Peden - first
Josh Godino - first
Zane Sneed - first

JV Award winners were:
James Jones - MVP
Caleb Barber - Most Improved
Christopher Bradshaw - Coaches Award

Varsity Award Winners were:
Matt Courter - MVP
Adam Kern - Most Improved
Alex Slessman - Coaches Award
Alex Slessman - 100 Career Wins

Congratulations Coach Scott on being named the new Varsity Wrestling Coach.

The Maverick wrestling program has produced 10 state individual champions, 47 state placers, 8 region and conference team championships, 9 Greenville County team championships and 55 individual county champions.

South Carolina AAU Wrestling Website

SC Varsity

SC Mat  

 Primer For Parents & Fans New To Wrestling 

THE FIRST PERIOD always starts off with both wrestlers in the NEUTRAL (standing) position. Both wrestlers come forward from their corners of the mat, get directions and shake hands. Next, the referee blows the whistle and signals "wrestle". Now, each wrestler tries to gain control by setting behind of or on top of the other opponent (the first points that are generally awarded are usually for a TAKEDOWN. When one wrestler gets a TAKEDOWN, the referee signals "two points". The offensive wrestler (usually on top) is trying to apply a hold which will keep his opponent's shoulders on the mat for two seconds for a FALL (PIN) and the defensive wrestler (usually on bottom) tries to ESCAPE or REVERSE positions to gain control.

THE SECOND PERIOD the referee will determine which wrestler will gets the choice of deciding how he would like to begin this period. He may choose TOP, BOTTOM, NEUTRAL or he may DEFER the decision to the other wrestler; which makes his opponent chose and gives him the choice in the third period.

IN THE THIRD PERIOD the wrestler who did not choose in the second period now has the choice of TOP, BOTTOM, NEUTRAL.

OVERTIME occurs when the score at the end of the third period is tie. The wrestlers will start this 1 minute period in the NEUTRAL position and will attempt to score. The first points earned by any of the wrestlers will determine the winner. A TAKEDOWN in overtime usually determines the winner of the match. If the wrestlers go from the NEUTRAL position to a NEARFALL situation , the wrestler on top can attempt to PIN his opponent to end the match from this position.

DOUBLE OVERTIME occurs if a winner has not been determined in OVERTIME, the referee will determine which wrestler has the choice of choosing TOP, BOTTOM, or DEFER to start this 30 second period. The BOTTOM wrestler must ESCAPE or REVERSE his position to win the match. The TOP wrestler must maintain control of the BOTTOM wrestler, score back points or pin him to win the match.

AT THE END OF THE MATCH the wrestlers will shake hands and the referee will raise the hand of the winner.


Individual Match Scoring - Individual points earned during an individual match

2 points - when a wrestler gets behind or on top of his opponent and establishes control from the NEUTRAL position.

1 point - when the bottom wrestler gets out from underneath his opponent to a NEUTRAL (standing) position and then facing him.

2 points - when the bottom wrestler gets out from underneath his opponent and behind or on TOP of his opponent.

2 or 3 points - when the offensive wrestler hold his opponents shoulders to or near the mat (breaking 45 degree angle), but not long enough for a pin. 4 points may be awarded if the referee stops the match due to the bottom wrestler choking or a similar situation.

1 point to opponent - when the offensive wrestler does not attempt to pin his opponent and/or the defensive wrestler does not attempt to escape or work for a reversal.

1 or 2 points or DISQUALIFICATION - awarded to the offended wrestler.


Team Points - Team points earned for each individual match win in a dual meet

6 team points - when the offensive wrestler holds his opponent's shoulder's to the mat for two seconds; this ends the match.

5 team points - when a wrestler out scores his opponent by 15 points; this ends the match unless the wrestlers are in a NEARFALL position at which time the offensive wrestler can attempt to pin his opponent.

4 team points - at the conclusion of the match , when a wrestler out scores by 8 to 14 points.

3 team points - at the conclusion of the match when a wrestler out scores his opponent by 1 to 7 points.

6 team points - A wrestler is unable to continue wrestling, does not show or penalized.

Referee Hand Signals


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