(2010 - 2011) - Competitive Cheer JV

2010-2011 Season

Head JV Cheer Coach - Jennifer McKinney

JV Cheer Coach - Misty Kelly


MAVS Booster Team Rep  - Melanie Simpson
MAVS Website Reporter - Melanie Simpson

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Cheerleading parent’s meeting on Tuesday, February 22 at 5:30 in the Media Center. It is for all parents whose student is interested in trying out for both the varsity and JV football (competitive) teams and the basketball team. If they are not able to attend they MUST contact either Beth Ward (355-6632-email bward@greenville.k12.sc.us) or Betty Mitchell (355-6527-email bmitchel@greenville.k12.sc.us) before Tuesday.


Mauldin High JV Competition Cheerleading Team 2010

Back Row (Left to Right): Misty Kelly, Karina Young, Meredith Elm, Allison Stone, Joy Lowry, Emily Colson, Allie Nicholson, Anna Reeps, Meagan Whitmire, Jennifer McKinney

Middle Row (Left to Right): Taylor Dawsey, Hannah Almarode, Ann Jacob, Meredith Monroe, Jenna Burdette, Carylanne Henry, Sydney Stansell, Kayla Grubel

Front Row (Left to Right): Kaylin Defrancesch, Kate Salamone, Cammi Calloway, Kristen Wood, Hope Emerson, Hannah Willis, Saige Dunlop, Haley Cable


Meet Our Coaches!

Head Coach, Jennifer McKinney: Jennifer is a resident of Greenville and had been all her life. She attended all Greenville County schools, Blythe Academy, Hughes Academy and Southside High School where she participated in the cheer program for four years. She also participated in cheerleading during her college years as well. Jennifer holds a B.A. in Elementary Education and has been teaching in Greenville County for three years. Jennifer has been coaching with Mauldin High for two years. She began as the head coach for the basketball cheer squad and is now the head coach of the J.V. Football Competition Cheer Squad. When she is not with her cheerleaders, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and five year Dachshund Buster.


JV Cheer Coach, Misty Kelly:



Mavs JV Cheerleaders take home 5th Place at the Debbie Rogers Cheer Classic, CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS! Great Way To End A Great Season!


Mavs vs. Hillcrest


Mavs JV Cheerleaders take home 4th Place at the Dorman Cavalier Classic, CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!

Finish STRONG!


Sydney Stansell - Homecoming Court! Congratulations Sydney!

Anna Reeps and Allison Stone are inducted to the National Beta Club! Congratulations Ladies!


Mavs JV Cheerleaders take home 2nd Place at Legends of the South, CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!



You Think You Can Beat Us? ... THEN COME GET YOU SOME!


Mavs vs. JL Mann


Kayla Grubel, Carylanne Henry, Kate Salamone


Karina Young, Saige Dunlop, Allie Nicholson, Sydney Stansell, Kaylin Defrancesch

Allison Stone, Haley Cable, Allie Nicholson, Hopey Emerson

Saige Dunlop, Karina Young, Sydney Stansell, Hannah Willis


Mavs JV Cheerleaders take home 2nd Place at Lexington Wildcat Cheer Classic, Congratulations Ladies!

The Girls Anxiously Await Awards

Having Some Fun!

Karina Young, Meredith Monroe, Ann Jacob, Joy Lowry, Meagan Whitmire

Meredith Elm, Joy Lowry, Allison Stone, Hannah Almarode

Taylor Dawsey, Kristen Wood, Kaylin Defrancesch, Emily Colson

Allie Nicholson, Emily Colson, Allison Stone, Hopey

Supporting Our Varsity Cheerleaders!

Our Biggest Fans!


Mavs JV Cheerleaders take home 2nd Place at Spartanburg High Invitational, Congratulations Ladies!

Karina Young, Kristen Wood, Meagan Whitmire, Joy Lowry

Cammi Calloway, Kristen Wood, Hope Emerson, Kaylin Defrancesch, Hannah Willis


Mavs vs. Westside


Back To Basic Training



(photos courtesy of christi craft and ken wood)