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Head Varsity Cheer Coach - Beth Ward
MAVS Booster Team Rep  -
Beth Emerson
MAVS Website Reporter - Jane Cook

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Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Cheerleading Team!






Current Varsity Cheer News:




Cheerleaders host 25th Annual Cheer Camp

Mauldin State Champion Cheer Squad will be hosting their 25th annual “Kiddie Camp” June 20th thru June 23rd from 9-11:30 a.m. Cost is $65, which includes both the tee shirt and age group picture. Sign up information will be coming out soon. You can contact Betty Mitchell at Mauldin 355-6527.

Register online

Cheer Camp Flyer 


State Championship Recognition

Wednesday, March 9, the Varsity Cheerleaders traveled to Columbia for a visit to the State House where they were recognized as the 4A State Champions for the 2010-2011 season.



Friday, February 11, the Competition Cheerleaders were recognized for their State Championship at halftime of the Mauldin vs. Hillcrest game, which kicked off the 2011 Spirit Week.



MHS Varsity Cheer Squad gets their State Championship rings


On Tuesday, January 25, the girls were surprised with the arrival of their state rings!


Congratulations to Mauldin senior Dru Craft on being named South Carolina State AAAA Cheerleader of the Year!  Dru is an outstanding student at Mauldin.  She was one of the select few (top 12 in class) Junior Marshals for last year's graduation. Dru is ranked number 8 out of 439 students in her senior class! She has been a Mauldin High School cheerleader for 6 years, 7th-12th grade, and an All-star cheerleader for 11 years, 2nd-12th grade. She is a member of the National Beta Club, Teacher Cadets, and Service Learning. She won the award for Highest GPA on the Cheerleading team in 2009. Was named All-Region in Cheerleading for 2009 and 2010. Won Best All Around in MHS Cheerleading in 2009 and Won the Most Spirited Award twice in 2006 and 2010 seasons for cheerleading. Dru plans to cheer in college for either USC or Clemson. She's already been accepted to USC in the College of Nursing program. Clemson acceptance letters have not yet been mailed.   Congratulations, Dru!


Dru joins the list of Mauldin cheerleaders that have received this honor. There is one from each State Champion team. 

2002  Mary Alice Hughes

2004 Kara Fischer

2005 Mallory Stamps

2010 Dru Craft

  Coaches Beth Ward, Betty Mitchell, and Bonnie McClain with Dru




Mauldin Maverick Cheerleaders win 2010 South Carolina State Championship!!!

Mauldin High's Varsity Cheerleaders were named 2010 South Carolina State Champions Saturday, November 20th at the Bi-Lo Center. The girls took first place after beating out 13 other teams. Dutch Fork was first runner up.  This is Mauldin High School's 4th State Championship for Coach Beth Ward and Betty Mitchell, and the first of what we hope will be many for Coach Bonnie McClain. Congratulations cheerleaders and coaches. We are so proud of you and your amazing season! 

Pictured above,left to right:

Back row: Coach Shannon Young (RockStar Cheer), Coach Beth Ward, Brayln Kelly, Madison Glass, Brittany Fritz, Sterlin Choice, Courtney Finley, Coach Bonnie McClain.

Middle row: Savanna Kelly, Hayley Smith, Hannah Page, Alexa Emmerson, Kaitlyn Styles, Samantha Johnson, Michele Winters, Kelsey Scott, Jordyn Lyles, Kristyn Ternberg, Coach Betty Mitchell.

Front row: Brya Twine, Raven McKinney, Tierra Butler, McKenzie Smith, Brie Merritt, Allison Malone, Brittany Richards, Dru Craft, Meghan McDonough, Ivy Cook.


2010-2011 Varsity Competitive Cheer Team

Pictured above left to right:

Back row: Madison Glass, Sterlin Choice, Dru Craft, Coach Betty Mitchell, Coach Bonnie McClain,

Coach Beth Ward, Meghan McDonough, Kaitlyn Styles, Samantha Johnson.

Middle row: Alexa Emerson, Brittany Richards, Brittany Fritz, Kelsey Scott, Courtney Finley,

Jordyn Lyles, McKenzie Smith, Raven McKinney.

Front row: Brya Twine, Allison Malone, Tierra Butler, Brie Merritt, Ivy Cook, Kristyn Ternberg,

Hayley Smith, Michele Winters, Hannah Page.

Back-to-back: Brayln Kelly, Savanna Kelly

Senior Cheerleaders: Raven McKinney, Ivy Cook, Brie Merritt, McKenzie Smith,

Meghan McDonald, Dru Craft, Brittany Richards, Tierra Butler, Allison Malone & Brya Twine.

MAV Varsity Cheer Coaches

Beth Ward- Beth is a lifelong resident of Mauldin and a 1985 graduate of Mauldin High School.  She is also a product of the Mauldin High School Cheerleading program. She was a member of the first Mauldin team to win the Cheerwine Championship in 1984.

She is a graduate of Clemson University with a BA in Secondary Education History and has her Masters degree in education from Southern Wesleyan.  Beth is married to Brian Ward and they have a daughter, Brantley, 10 years old.  Brantley is in the fourth grade at Greenbrier Elementary. She has been a member of the cheerleading team since her birth; from her days in a stroller to attending cheer practices and participating in Kiddie Camp.

Beth began coaching both JV and Varsity in 1991.  After a two year search for a JV coach, Beth got to concentrate on Varsity only.  She was joined in 1995 by Betty Mitchell and they have been coaching together ever since.  Together (with the girls) they have won three State Championships and State runner- up twice.

Mauldin Competitive cheer holds the proud honor of qualifying for State every year since cheerleading was sanctioned as a state sport in 1996.


Betty Mitchell-  Betty has been coaching MHS Varsity cheerleading for 20 years. She began as an assistant coach on the Varsity team in 1985. The following year, 1986, she became head coach. The Varsity squad won the Cheerwine Competition two times and then went on to win the NCA Cheer Camp in Columbia and was able to compete at the 1988 NCA National Championship in Dallas, Texas. Betty gave up coaching in 1990 but decided to come back and start helping Beth Ward in 1995. During this time period they won three State Championships: the first one in 2002, and then again in 2004 and 2005. They finished as State Runner-Up in 2001 and 2006.

Betty has been married to John Mitchell for 42 years. They have two sons, Johnny and Kyle, both graduated from Mauldin High School. Johnny graduated in 1986 and Kyle graduated in 1991. Johnny and his wife, Sandy, have 4 children, JC (a graduate of Wren High School); Kadie, a senior at Eastside High School); Emily (an eighth grader at Northwood Middle) and Zane (a seventh grader at Northwood Middle). They reside in Greenville.Kyle and his wife, Sheila, live in Duncan with their two children, Isabella (8 years old) who is a veteran of our Kiddie Camp since the age of 3, and son, Mitch, who is 6 years old. They both attend Spartanburg Christian Day School.

Bonnie McClain- Bonnie grew up in Irmo, South Carolina and is a 1998 graduate of Dutch Fork High School.  She has been cheering since middle school and cheered at Dutch Fork High School for 4 years. After graduating, she was employed by Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) and worked cheerleading camps during the summer.

She is a graduate of Clemson University with a BA in Elementary Education and has her Masters degree in education from Southern Wesleyan.  She is married to Adam McClain, a PE teacher at Duncan Elementary and the assistant coach for the boy’s varsity basketball team at Byrnes High School.Bonnie began coaching varsity at JL Mann High School in 2006. She went on to coach All-Stars at Rockstar Cheer for a year. She was “recruited” by Beth and Betty and began working with them in 2009. Bonnie has loved coaching and cheering on the Mavs ever since!





 2010 Cheerleader Banquet (pictures courtesy of Christi Craft & Jane Cook)

The 2010 Cheer Banquet was held Tuesday, Dec. 7 at the Hwy. 418 Dance Barn in Pelzer. 

This year's award winners are:

Best All Around - Kristyn Ternberg

Most Spirited & 4A State Cheerleader of the Year - Dru Craft

Coaches Award - Ivy cook

Coaches Award - Meghan McDonough


Coaches Award - Raven McKinney

Brie Merritt, Allison Malone, Michele Winters

Brittany Richards, Ivy Cook

Dru Craft, Jordyn Lyles, Kristyn Ternberg

Hannah Page, Brittany Fritz

Hayley Smith, Alexa Emerson, Kaitlyn Styles

Ivy Cook, Brya Twine

Kelsey Scott, Samantha Johnson

Madison Glass, Coach Shannon, Courtney Finley, Brittany Fritz

Dru Craft, Raven McKinney, Brie Merritt

McKenzie Smtih, Brittany Richards

Allison Malone, Brittany Richards, Ivy Cook

Tierra Butler, Meghan McDonough

Coaches Beth, Misty, Bonnie, & Betty

Ivy Cook, Meghan McDonough

The "State" banner

The Cheer Tree


Mauldin Christmas Parade, November 28, 2010

Ivy Cook, Alexa Emerson

Mckenzie Smith, Hayley Smith

Meghan McDonough

Tierra Butler

Jordyn Lyles

Ivy Cook

Brittany Richards, Jordyn Lyles

Coach Betty Ward

Coach Betty Mitchell

Coach Bonnie McLain

Mav Cheerleaders escort Santa Claus through Mauldin

Merry Christmas to all MAVS and to all a good night.


State Championship Competition, November 20 at The Bi-Lo Center (pictures courtesy of Christi Craft & Gwinn Davis)

We work hard . . . 

We play hard . . .

And we win big . . .

Mauldin Maverick Cheerleaders win 2010 State Championship!!!!!!!

The 2010 Cheerleading Squad captures the 4th state title in the school's history. 



'Twas the night before State . . . Bonding Party, November 19 (photos courtesy of Christi Craft)


Upper State Qaulifiers, November 8 at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, S.C. (pictures courtesy of Christi Craft)

The Varsity squad qualified to compete at State again this year, taking 2nd place at Upper State Qaulifiers on Nov. 8th at Northwestern High School.  With 22 total 4A squads competing, 8 teams qaulified in the Upper State region, and will compete on Nov. 20th for the State Championship.

Mavs varsity waits to take the mat

Brya Twine and Brittany Richards

Meghan McDonough and Ivy Cook

Brie Merritt and Michele Winters

Dru Craft and Jordyn Lyles

Kristyn Ternberg and Savanna Kelly

Kaitlyn Styles, Hayley Smith and Alexa Emerson

Courtney Finley, Madison Glass, Brittany Fritz, Brayln Kelly

Mckenzie Smith

The announcement is made . . .Mavs take 2nd place!

YESSSSSSS!  We are headed to state!!

Picture with our happy faces

Woo-hoo!!! See ya at the Bi-Lo Center on Nov. 20!


The Debbie Rogers Coaches Classic, November 6, 2010

Mavs Varsity placed 4th out of 24 4A squads in by far their largest competition of the season.  These girls were awesome!


Senior Night - Mauldin vs. Hillcrest, November 5, 2010 (photos courtest of Christi Craft)

Varsity tumbling during Hillcrest Pep Rally

Varsity performs their competition routine during the Hillcrest Pep Rally


Senior Cheerleader Recognition before the game (photos courtesy of Gwinn Davis)

Tierra Butler

Ivy Cook

Dru Craft

Allison Malone

Meghan McDonough

Raven McKinney

Brittany Richards

McKenzie Smith

Brya Twine

Tierra Butler

Raven McKenny

Ivy Cook, Mckenzie Smith

Brittany Richards

Kristyn Ternberg, Jordyn Lyles

Tierra Butler, Meghan McDonough

Clueless . . .



At Riverside, October 29, 2010 (photos courtesy of Christi Craft) 


Our squad cheers first game ever at Riverside High!

Brittany Richards, Mckenizie Smith, Ivy Cook

Ivy Cook, Tierra Butler, Jordyn Lyles, Michele Winters, Samantha Johnson

Raven McKinney, Meghan McDonough

Brittany Richards, McKenzie Smith, Ivy Cook, Tierra Butler, Jordyn Lyles

Meghan McDonough

Kelsey Scott, Brya Twine

Kelsey Scott, Brya Twine, Brie Merritt

Ivy Cook

Brittany Richards, McKenzie Smith

Kelsey Scott, Brya Twine, Brie Merritt, Raven McKenney, Meghan McDonough

Brya Twine, Brie Merritt, Raven McKenney

Brayln Kelly

Hannah Page, Courtney Finley, Savanna Kelly, Brittany Fritz, Brayln Kelly

Meghan McDonough, Allison Malone, Brittany Richards

Kelsey Scott

Michele Winters, Brya Twine

Courtney Finley

Hanna Page

Ivy Cook, Allison Malone, Jordyn Lyles

Allison Malone, Raven McKenney, Meghan McDonough, Tierra Butler

Meghan McDonough, Raven McKenney

Michele Winters, Hanna Page, Brie Merritt, Kelsey Scott, Samantha Johnson

 Stunt groups cheer the MAVS on to victory!


The Cavalier Cheer Classic,  October 23, 2010  at Dorman High School

 The Varsity Cheerleaders gave an awesome performance and took fourth place in our largest competition so far this season!


Homecoming Game against Greenwood, October 22, 2010 (photos courtesy of Gwinn Davis)

Homecoming Queen 2010 - Courtney Calhoun

First runner-up - Laura Berglind, Second runner-up - Dakota Caponey

Senior Class Representatives - Ivy Cook (Varsity Cheer), Katie Kelly, Alex Macias, Kellie Sinkele. 

Varsity Cheer Senior Football Representatives 

Tiara Butler sponsoring Alston Michael Wright

Ivy Cook sponsoring Jackie Smith, Jr.
Dru Craft sponsoring Carson Smith
Courtney Finley sponsoring Blake Harrell
Allison Malone sponsoring Adguary Calwile
Raven McKinney sponsoring Daniel Lewis
Brie Merritt sponsoring Driques Richey (not pictured)
Brittany Richards sponsoring Jeremiah McKie
McKenzie Smith sponsoring Ryan Norton
Brya Twine sponsoring Wesley Cooke (not pictured)
Senior Class Representatives: Alex Macias, Kellie Sinkele, Dakota Caponey, Courtney Calhoun,
Laura Berglind, Ivy Cook (Varsity Cheer), and Katie Kelly

 The Game and Pep Rally (photos courtesy of Christi Craft)

Alexa Emerson & Hayley Smith

Michele Winters


Ivy Cook, Alexa Emerson & Meghan McDonough

Kailtyn Styles & Jordyn Lyles


Madison Glass, Alexa Emerson, Sterlin Choice

Kristyn Ternbert, Jordyn Lyles & Michele Winters

Brayln Kelly

Michele Winters with Courtney Calhoun, 2010 Homecoming Queen


Tierra Butler sponsoring Alston Michael Wright

Ivy Cook sponsoring Jackie Smith, Jr.

Dru Craft sponsoring Carson Smith

Raven McKinney sponsoring Daniel Lewis

Allison Malone sponsoring Adguary Calwile

Brie Merritt sponsoring Driques Richey

Brittany Richards sponsoring Jeremiah McKie

McKenzie Smith sponsoring Ryan Norton

 Brya Twine sponsoring Wesley Cooke


At Dorman,  October 15, 2010  (photos courtesy of Christi Craft)


Legends of the South Competition - October 9, Littlejohn Coliseum on the campus of Clemson University

(Photos courtesy of Yevette McKinney)

Congratulations to our JV and Varsity squads who both took 2nd place at the competition.  They looked amazing!

Varsity is ready to compete!!!

Brayln Kelly, Hayley Smith, Courtney Finley, Allison Malone,

Alexa Emerson, Kelsey Scott, Tierra Butler, Ivy Cook

Courtney Finley, Tierra Butler, Allison Malone

Raven McKinney

Beth Ward, Ivy Cook, Meghan McDonough

Sterlin Choice, Hayley Smith, Dru Craft

Courtney Finley, Tierra Butler, Allison Malone

at J.L. Mann,  October 8, 2010 (photos courtesy of Christi Craft)

Allison Malone, Michele Winters, Brya Twine, Brittany Richards

Ivy Cook, Dru Craft & Meghan McDonough

Raven M, Courtney F, Alexa E, Allison M, Ivy C, Meghan M,

Jordyn L, Brittany R, Brya T, Michele W.

Jordyn Lyles

Raven McKinney

Alexa Emerson & Brittan Richards


Savanna Kelly, Michele Winters & Kelsey Scott



October 2, 2010 - Wildcat Cheer Classic, Lexington High School.

MAVS Varsity took 2nd Place!  (Photos courtesy of Christi Craft)

Bow & arrows look amazing!

Kaitlyn Styles, Ivy Cook, Alexa Emerson, Savanna Kelly, Kristyn Ternberg, Jordyn Lyles

Dru Craft, McKenzie Smith, Tierra Butler

McKenzie Smith, Dru Craft, Jordyn Lyles, Kristyn Ternberg

 Dru Craft

Byrnes Game,  October 1, 2010   (Photos courtesy of Christi Craft)

Brayln Kelly, Tierra Butler, Courtney Finley, Hayley Smith

Kaitlyn Styles, Savanna Kelly, Meghan McDonough

Courtney Finley & Tierra Butler

Hayley Smtih, Ivy Cook, Jordyn Lyles, Courtney Finley, Brayln Kelly, Meghan McDonough

Tierra Butler, Samantha Johnson, Kelsey Scott

Ivy Cook & Meghan McDonough with Jessica Lyles

Meghan McDonough, Jordyn Lyles, Kristyn Ternberg, Ivy Cook

Brayln Kelly, Kelsey Scott, Madison Glass, Savanna Kelly


                                                           (Photos courtesy of Gwinn Davis)

Ivy Cook & Meghan McDonough

Kelsey Scott

Tierra Butler

Meghan McDonough

Savannah Kelly & Hannah Page

Ivy Cook & Meghan McDonough

Raven McKinney

Allison Malone

 Our ever loyal MAV Fans!

September 25, 2010 -  The Viking Invitational at Spartanburg High School

The MAVS Varsity Cheerleaders take first place in AAAA, in their first competition of the season. Way to go MAVS!!!!

Our flip-flop team!

The Emerson sisters

Ivy Cook, Alexa Emerson & Meghan McDonough

 Hayley Smith, Alexa Emerson, Jordyn Lyles & Kristyn Ternberg


 Boiling Springs Game,  September 17, 2010  (photos courtesy of Christi Craft)

Ready, set . . .

 . . . Here come the MAVS

Kristyn Ternberg (flyer), McKenzie Smith, Jordyn Lyles (bases)

Ivy Cook

 Dru Craft & Kristyn Ternberg

T L Hannah Game, September 10, 2010  (photos courtesy of Christi Craft)

The band plays as the MAVS take the field!

The Cheerleaders slap hands with area Little Leaguers

The Cheerleaders are lined up and ready to cheer!

Alexa Emerson single bases for Hayley Smith

Seniors Cheerleaders, Meghan McDonough and Raven McKinney

Senior Cheerleader, Ivy Cook

Senior Cheerleader, Tierra Butler

Senior Cheerleader, Brittany Richards

Senior Cheerleader, Raven McKinney


Disappointed cheerleaders mourn a painful, one point loss

Woodmont Game, September 3, 2010 (photos courtesy of Christi Craft)


                                        The gang


                                      Ready, set, go!


Dru Craft, Brie Merrit, Raven McKinney


                                Cheerleaders in action


Madison Glass, Raven McKinney, Kaitlyn Styles, Brie Merrit


Ivy Cook, Raven McKinney, Dru Craft, Kaitlyn Styles, Meghan McDonough


Tierra Butler, Alexa Emerson, Dru Craft, Ivy Cook


Kaitlyn Styles  (photo courtesy of Gwinn Davis)


Loyal Mav Fans (photo courtesy of Gwinn Davis)


Cheerleaders are happy it's GAME DAY!


 At Hillcrest - Aug. 27, 2010   (photos courtesy of Gwenn Davis)


Our team is excited about this first rival game of the season!

    Dru Craft

Back: Samantha Johnson, Tierra Butler, McKenzie Smith

Front: Coach Betty Mitchell, Jordyn Lyles, Coach Beth Ward, Ivy Cook

    Madison Glass

MAVS fans cheer with the girls

MAVS fans celebrate a great play

Jamboree 2010 - Aug. 20    (photos courtesy of Gwenn Davis)

    Allison Malone

    Brie Merritt

      Ivy Cook

   Brittany Richards

   Dru Craft

   Brya Twine

    Meghan McDonald

 Tierra Butler

   Alexa Emerson & Sterlin Choice

   Kristyn Ternberg & Kaitlyn Styles

   Ivy Cook & Brittany Richards

   Kristyn Ternberg

   Courtney Finlay, Hannah Page, Samantha Johnson

   Dru Craft

   Hayley Smith & Alexa Emerson

    Jordyn Lyles, Michele Winters, Tierra Butler, Ivy Cook

   Kaitlyn Styles, The Chick-fil-a Cow,  Sterlin Choice

   Kaitlyn Style 

    Brayln Kelly, Savanna Kelly

   Coach Beth Ward

   Our amazing MAVS fans!!!!!




Summer Conditioning and Boot Camp - Back to Basics!   

(photos courtesy of Christi Craft)


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