(2009 - 2010) - Softball

Head Coach - Joseph Terry

Asst. Coach - Doug Shaw 

MAVS Booster Rep - Joye Davis

MAVS Website Reporters - Chuck Landers & Scott Bagwell

Varsity Softball Archives

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Mauldin High 2010 4-A State Softball Champions! 

4-A State Championship Series Results!

Game 1 Tuesday, May 18th:

Mauldin 10 Summerville 0

Game 2, Thursday, May 20th:

Mauldin 6 - Summerville 3

Game 1 TV broadcast by SCHSL.



Final 2010 SCHSL 4-A Softball Rankings! 

#1 Mauldin - Region 2
2. Summerville - Region 8
3. Boiling Springs - Region 2
4. Hillcrest - Region 2
5. Wando - Region 7
6. Stratford - Region 7
7. White Knoll - Region 5
8. Laurens - Region 1
9. Byrnes - Region 2
10. S. Florence - Region 6
4 of the top 10 softball programs in the state are from Region 2! 
Mauldin defeated 4 of the top 10 programs in the 2010 playoffs to win the State Title!


4-A Upper State Champions!

First time since 1994!

4-A District 2 Champs!

Three Time District 2 Champs! 2008, 2009, 2010 - First time in MHS Softball History!

2010 4-A Region 2 Champions!

Three Time Region Champs! 2008, 2009, 2010 - First time in MHS Softball History!


 2010 Post Season Honors!

SCHSL-CAWS North/South All-Star Games Results:

Ashley Bagwell and Jordan Stovall closed out their High School careers by leading their North 4A/1A Squad to a  2-0 record and the 2010 All-Star Championship. Jordan scored the game winning run against the South 3A/2A team in the bottom of the 8th to win the title.  Ashley pitched and won both All-Star games.


Ashley: Record 2-0. 14 strike outs, 1bb, 5 hits, 0 earned runs allowed.  She went 1-4 at the plate.

Jordan: Batting; she went 3 for 7 and a walk. She had 3 rbi's and 1 run scored.  Also allowed 0 stolen bases and had a first base pick off in the championship game.

Ashley Bagwell 

Below is the link to ESPN-Rise. Ashley Bagwell was named one the 5 National Players of Week in High School Softball by ESPN.  She was named the Southeast Player of Week by ESPN.


Congrats to Ashley Bagwell and Jordan Stovall for being named 2010 SCHSL-CAWS 4-A All-State.
Ashley and Jordan also were named to the 2010 SCHSL-CAWS All-Star 4A/1A North Team. 
They will play in the All-Star games June 15-17, @ USC-Aiken!  Please check back for the 2010 High School Sports Reporters All-State Team and for other possible 2010 Team/Players/Coaches Honors to be announced around Mid-June.


Ashley Bagwell 2010 SCHSL-CAWS All-State. 2010 HSSR All-State. 4-A All-Region 2. MHS Defensive Player of the Year. Consensus All-State 2008,09,10!



 Jordan Stovall 2010 SCHSL-CAWS All-State. 2010 HSSR All-State/Player of the Year. 4-A All-Region 2. Region 2 Player of the Year. MHS MVP.


 Kenzi Corn 2010. 2010 HSSR All-State. 4-A All-Region 2. MHS CO- Offensive Player of the Year.


 Dana Landers 2010 HSSR All-State. 2010 4-A All-Region 2. MHS CO- Offensive Player of the Year.



 Amelia Gillentine 2010 MHS Maverick Award Winner


Brooke Barnhill 2010 MHS Maverick Award Winner



Jessica Lyles 2010 MHS Coaches Award Winner


Coach Joseph Terry 2010 4-A Region 2 Coach of the Year. 2010 4-A HSSR Coach of the Year!





After the awards ceremony along the first and third baselines, where
Coach Joseph Terry was presented with the 4A state Softball Champions
trophy and the Lady Mavs were presented Champion's medallions... and after
a long, tearful, and joyful celebration on Gregg Middle school's Softball
field in Summerville...  After countless keepsake photographs were taken in
Boldly printed State Champion tee shirts with parents, coaches, and many
combinations of extremely happy teammates...and after the Lady Mavs doused
their victorious young coach in water... the Champion Lady Mav Softballers
boarded the schoolbus for a long but happy ride back to Mauldin.  Indeed,
Friday would be a school day with exams for many underclassmen !  In the
earliest hours of Friday morning however, as the Champions entered the
Golden Strip area, they were met and their bus escorted with Flashing
lights and Sirens - courtesy of the Mauldin Fire and Police departments,
celebrating and leading the triumphant return of the 4A state softball
champions to Mauldin.  Too excited to sleep, the victorious Lady Mavs
basked in their hard-earned glory ... even in the desolation of near-empty
streets at 1:30 am Friday morning.  Most of Mauldin would not know of these
golden girl's triumph until reading brief coverage in Friday's Greenville
News, but thanks to modern technology - texts and cell phones from the
hundred or more Mauldin parents, students, coaches, teachers, and
administrators who witnessed the crowning achievement, bounced
transmissions off satellites back to Mauldin and the High School rejoiced
and announced their accomplishment the following morning across the campus.
High fives, pounds, chest bumps and heartfelt congratulations echoed
throughout the halls of Mauldin high and two middle schools in the
Greenville area.  Three seasons removed from a tumultuous and
heart-wrenching separation and ineligibility for post-season play, and
after two seasons of being talented and close - Region and District
champions that came within 1 game, and then 2, of winning the Upper state,
these young ladies never gave up, never stopped working hard, and never
ceased to love their game and their school.  2010 was Mauldin Softball's
year.  Talent and preparation, bolstered by effective coaching, close-knit
comradery, and undying team spirit propelled these ladies to the pinnacle
of their sport among 4A preps in South Carolina.  They earned and will
henceforth be known in the annals of Mauldin High School, part of the team
that had the most successful graduating class of Softball players in the
history of Mauldin High school.  They will proudly wear State champion
rings that herald their accomplishment and bring back the fondest memories
of being part of a winning...no, Champion team !  It should always feel
great to know that in this magical season, you were the best of the best in
this state's largest school classification.  No longer can Hillcrest, nor
Wren, nor Gaffney, nor JL Mann boast something that you cannot !  We are so
very proud and thankful to have been able to watch and share in your

CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2010 4A South Carolina State

      Head Coach Joseph Terry
      Asst. Coach Doug Shaw
      Asst. Coach Michelle Fowler

      #2 Senior Catcher Jordan Stovall
      #3 Senior Centerfielder Kenzi Corn
      #4 Senior Leftfielder Weslyn Jones
      #5 Senior Pitcher Ashley Bagwell
      #6 Senior First Baseman Amelia Gillentine
      #22 Senior Rightfielder Brooke Barnhill
      #12 Senior Caroline Ford
      #10 Junior Shortstop Dana Landers
      #14 Junior Krystina Simms
      #17 Junior Jessica Lyles
      #7 Junior Cheryl Corbett
      #15 Junior Chelsea Scott
      #1 Sophomore Second Baseman Bria Barnhill
      #16 Freshman Third Baseman Brianna Davis
      #11 Freshman Madison Tracy
      #18 8th Grader Amanda Storch
      #8  7th Grade DP Katelyn Wagers

      In 2010 the above listed Lady Maverick Varsity Softball team
completed a complete season in which they won 32 games and lost but 3.

            Pre-season record =  8-1, finished second in the Simpsonville
Heritage Park Pre-season Sno-ball tournament to Chapin high (top 4 team in
the 3A state playoffs)
            Regular season record = 15-1, Winning the Region 2 title for
the third consecutive year with a 9-1 record, the only loss to Hillcrest
(top 6 team in the 4A state playoffs)
            Post-season record = 9-1, Winning the District and Upper State
Championships, the only loss to Boiling Springs in the second round of the
Upper State playoffs (avenged).
                                    Boiling Springs finished in the top 4
teams in the State 4A playoffs and are ranked #2 in the State 4A coaches

      The Mauldin Maverick Varsity Softball team was DOMINANT during their
Championship season.  In fact, they were more or less a "handful" away from
perfection. In the three combined unembarrassing but avoidable losses,
their opponents played well and deserved the wins, but...

            2 less baserunning errors
            3 less walks issued
            4 less fielding or throwing errors...and/or...
            5 more key hits
                        ...and they would have won 'em all !

      They were great in 91% of their games and all of them when they
counted the most !!!...
      In the combined 2010 Championship season, the Lady Mavs outscored
their opponents 279 to 43.

            Pre-season = 62-7
            Regular season = 141-22
            Post-season =  76-14

      Mauldin Softballers carried a team batting Average of .345 to .155
for their combined opponents.

            Pre-season = .318 vs. .088
            Regular season = .352 vs. .181
            Post-season = .354 vs. .161

      Further to the effectiveness of the Mauldin pitching staff and
hitters ...

            Mauldin batters struck out 81 times and walked 98 times
            Mauldin Opponents struck out 275 times and walked 51 times

      Mauldin hitters Compiled the following on-base percentages and
Slugging percentages versus their opponents...

            Mauldin On-Base % = .456
            Opponents On-base % = .236

            Mauldin Slugging % = .494
            Opponents Slugging % = .183
                  * NOTE : In the Post-season, the disparity was an amazing
.540 to .202 !!!

      Acknowledging the Baserunning and Baserunning defense ...

            Mauldin baserunners stole 72 bases of 78 attempts for a .923
Running %
            Opposing baserunners stole 8 bases in 19 attempts for a .421
Running %
                  * NOTE: both figures above include uncontested steals of
second with baserunners on third

      CONGRATULATIONS again to the 2010 South Carolina 4A State Champions !
You have been AWESOME - A joy to watch, a pain to do laundry for, and a
very special group of coaches and fine young ladies who will always be
CHAMPIONS in our hearts and minds.  Go Mavs - we love you !

                  The best of life, luck, love and blessings from above
                                                            The Scrivener


4-A State Championship Series Box Scores!

Game 2 4-A State Championship Series:

Mauldin 6 - Summerville 3

        R   H  E         

MHS    6     9    4
SHS      3     5    4
WP: Ashley Bagwell(26-3)6k 2bb,1er
Hitters: Kenzi Corn 2-4;Brainna Davis 2-3;
Dana Landers 3-4,HR; Kaitlyn Wagers 1-4:
Jordan Stovall 1-2,Grand Slam HR
RBI/RS: K.Corn 2rs;B.Davis 1rs;
D.Landers 1rbi/2rs;J.Stovall 5rbi/1rs
Final Record: 28-3


  Just another softball game, right ?  Relax and play your game...
Yeah, right !   That was the well-intentioned message to the Mauldin
Varsity Softballers as they boarded the bus at 9:00 am on Thursday morning
for a 4 hour trip to Summerville, where they would face the Green Wave in
the second and possibly final game of the 2010 4A State Championship series
at 6:00 pm that evening.  The players were giddy with excitement, but
infused with steely veteran leadership and gridiron tested coaches, the
Lady Mavs would be ready for the showdown in unfamiliar territory.  In
Summerville, the Green Wave team looked more relaxed and comfortable than
they had been in Mauldin.  The home team in Green and White had some
skilled and athletic players that knew they hadnt shown or played their
best to the Upstate Champs in the previous contest - won by Mauldin, 10-0
in 6 innings Tuesday.
      Kenzi Corn stepped into the left hander's batters box to face
Summerville's Mallory Myers to start the game.  2 pitches later Corn
bounced hard back to the mound and was thrown out at first. A similar fate
befell Brianna Davis and Mauldin was seemingly not imposing their will and
gameplan onto the homestanding Lower state champs as they had done two days
earlier.  With two outs and a 1-1 count to Mauldin Junior shortstop, Dana
Landers, things got a little brighter and louder for the many Mauldin
parents, students, and school staff in attendance....Landers crushed a
homerun deep over the left-centerfield fence to give the Lady Mavs an early
1-0 lead.  An excited group of teammates met, crowded, and congratulated
their shortstop at the plate.   The solo blast would be all the damage
Mauldin would inflict in the top of the first...A walk to Senior Jordan
Stovall went unrequited when the third out was turned by the left side of
the Green Wave infield.
       Seemingly undaunted, Ashley Mucklevaney reached first quickly when
she slapped the ball at Mauldin Ace, Ashley Bagwell's feet. The senior
pitcher got the tip of her glove on the ball and deflected it towards Bria
Barnhill at second.  the Sophomore second baseman changed directions,
charged, and necessarily rushed a throw to try and get the speedy lead-off
hitter.  The throw was barely in time but just wide enough to pull Senior
Amelia Gillentine off the base and generate a safe call. The home crowd
roared their approval.  They did so again when, rather than attempt a steal
by the Lower State's leading base thief, catcher Katelyn Clark laid down a
successful sacrifice bunt to move Mucklevaney to second.  Freshman third
baseman Brianna Davis charged the bunt and threw to Bria Barnhill at first
for the out.  Barnhill's alertness to Mucklevaney's potential to try and
take third prevented it.  Summerville second baseman, Nicole Seavy then hit
a line drive into right field that looked scary leaving the infield, but
Brooke Barnhill was positioned well and made the catch a few strides over
her right shoulder.  Mucklevaney threatened again to take third but was
deterred by a belt high strike thrown by the Senior rightfielder to Davis
at third.  With two outs and a runner at second, Bagwell induced her
opposite pitcher to bounce out back to the pitcher's circle for the third
out. As if a boxing match, the first round went to the visiting Lady Mavs
      The top of the second generated some excitement for the visiting
entourage, but nothing on the scoreboard.  Myers struck out the first
Mauldin batter she faced in the second frame, then Bagwell hit a ball to
second base.  Seavy collected the ball but threw high to first allowing
Bagwell to reach safely. A courtesy runner was inserted for Mauldin's
pitcher and another strikeout followed.  With two outs and a runner at
first, Brooke Barnhill hit a drive toward the 3-4 hole.  A diving Seavy
stopped the grounder but threw wide from her knees to first. With Barnhill
safe, an opportunity presented itself for another base to be taken as the
ball rolled to the first base dugout entryway.  A delay at second base cost
Mauldin's runner the base as the sliding Mav was tagged out to end the
Orange's offensive half of the second.
      Bagwell cruised in the bottom of the second, striking out the first
and third batters.  In between, a great catch was made for the second out
when Green Wave third baseman, Alexa Ritchie drove a rope down the
leftfield line, but a hustling Weslyn Jones caught the line drive high over
her right shoulder as she approached the fence for the web-gem catch and
out.  The top of the third saw the lady Mavs firing on all cylinders and
executing like the football/softball coaches had drawn it up in the
pre-game.  Kenzi Corn easily beat out an infield hit to the right side.
Brianna Davis stroked a single to right  to put runners on first and second
with no outs.  Coach Joseph Terry then had a private consultation with his
third hitter and owner of the game's lone RBI. Dana Landers.  A surprise
was in store when Landers squared late and put down a sacrifice bunt to
move Corn and Davis.  Caught offguard, the pitcher fielded the ball and
threw low to first where the ball was dropped as Landers crossed the base.
Bases loaded and Stovall at the plate....a dilemma that gave Region
opponents night sweats, but Stovall had been held in check so far in the
State series both by walks and defensive plays made as the slugger was
pressing.  The Summerville Brain trust decided to pitch to the Mauldin
senior and All-State catcher. She fouled off the first pitch then watched
two miss the strike zone.  The fourth pitch  was too good to miss and
Stovall didnt miss it ! With another signature powerful swing, the lady Mav
lead was extended to 5 runs !  A grand slam for Stovall and command of the
State final game was achieved on the bomb resounding from Stovall's bat.
Stovall trotted around the bases with a huge smile on her pretty face as
Corn, Davis, and Landers stepped on the plate in succession ahead of #2 and
joined the celebration just beyond it, waiting for its hero.  But there was
still a lot of game to play and no outs in the top of the third for the
Mauldin Softballers.  A hard linedrive was caught at third base for the
first out before 7th Grader and future Mav catcher, Katelyn Wagers, punched
a single up the middle.  A fielders choice from short to second erased
Wagers for the second out and put Bagwell at first.  Madison Tracy  was
inserted this time to run for the pitcher, but her time on the field was
unfortunately brief as the third out was made on a bouncer back to the
pitcher's mound and quick throw to first.
      The bottom of the third began with a walk to Green Wave rightfielder,
Casey Fowler.  She was sacrificed to second on a nice bunt by Tricia
Sizemore, who was thrown out by Bagwell to Gillentine.  All- State
shortstop Mucklevaney walked to put two on with one out, then Katelyn Clark
pounded a single into left that scored Fowler for Summerville's first run
and partial response to the powerful display made by Mauldin's offense
earlier in the inning.  In spite of the non-verbal baserunning taunts of
Mucklevaney at second base,  Mauldin's catcher kept her poise and
composure, resisting the temptation to make an ill-advised pick-off attempt
throw to second base...to the dismay of fans on both sides of the field
equally sure of a favorable outcome for their player and team.  5 pitches
into the face-off and feigning, Seavy hit a short fly to centerfield caught
by Kenzi corn for the second out. Bria Barnhill and Amelia Gillentine
combined for the third on a groundout to the right side of the infield.
Stovall and Mucklevaney jogged to their respective dugouts hoping they
would get another chance to settle the stalemate.
      In the top of the 4th, Brianna Davis and Dana Landers hit back-to
back singles with two outs to  enliven the Mauldin faithful again and
summon memories of 3 and 4 run, two out rallies  back in Boiling Springs
and Mauldin in the Upper State and District playoffs.  Stovall was walked
semi-intentionally as this time, unlike the previous, there was space on
the basepaths for her.  Junior Jessica Lyles came in to run for Stovall,
but as befell her in the first inning and Tracy in the second, their time
in the spotlight was brief... Summerville's base-loading tactic proved
successful this time as another hard line drive to third was caught for the
third out.
      The bottom of the fourth started a little shaky for the Mauldin
defense.  An error on a shot down the thrid baseline allowed Summerville
centerfielder, Sarah Montei to reach first base safely. No harm would come
of it however as Bria Barnhill and Amelia Gillentine solidly combined for a
pair of routine groundball outs at first, sandwiched around a strikeout
fashioned by the veteran All-State battery of Bagwell and Stovall.  The top
of the 5th begin for the Lady Mavs with a hustling Katelyn Wagers reaching
first on an infield error. Fleet flex outfielder, Weslyn Jones,  was
inserted as a pinch runner for the powerful blonde by Mauldin Coach Joseph
Terry in a smart move and attempt to increase Mauldin's chances of getting
an insurance run at a point in the game that it was clear Summerville was
not going to give up or go away quietly.  Jones was sacrificed to second on
a nice bunt by Bagwell, and pushed to third on a hit-and-run, almost
perfectly executed by Bria Barnhill. Her stroke of the second pitch went in
the right direction and moved the runner successfully, but ended up as a 4
to 3 second out for the Lady Mavs. Next, Brooke Barnhill slashed a drive up
the middle that would have broken a sternum and caused heart damage to
Mallory Myers, had not the Summerville pitcher instantly gotten her glove
in front of and around the threatening smash for the third out.
      There would be no quit in the home standing Green Wave team in spite
of the 5 run deficit they faced and down to their last 3 at-bats.  Slapper
Tricia Sizemore poked a fly into leftfield that was played well but dropped
to put a runner on base in front of the top of the Summerville order.
Next, speedster Ashley Mucklevaney topped an infield hit to the left side.
With two on and none out, Katelyn Clark hit a bouncer in front of the plate
and was thrown out at first by Mauldin's hustling catcher, Jordan Stovall,
but Sizemore scored on the play to move the scoreboard to 5-2 in favor of
the Visiting Lady Mavs. With Mucklevaney on second, the stare-down between
catcher and runner began again.  Stovall didnt take the bait and
Mucklevaney knew better than to risk a steal attempt, still down by 3 runs.
The next two batters were retired by Bria Barnhill and Dana Landers on
groundouts fielded and thrown to Gillentine at first in succession. The
fifth inning ended with Mucklevaney unable to move farther than third base
on the stout Mauldin defense.
      In the top of the 6th, Mauldin answered the momentum seemingly moving
towards the home team.  Kenzi Corn turned on an inside pitch and smacked a
single into rightfield to spark the Mauldin offense.  Brianna Davis laid
down an excellent sacrifice bunt , moving Corn to second.  Dana Landers
stroked the third pitch back up the middle for a hit that moved Corn to
third and she advanced to second on the throw home that prevented the smart
Senior baserunner from attempting to score. To the plate strode Stovall
with one out, first base open, and two runners in scoring
position...Summerville elected to pitch the Mauldin slugger this time.
Stovall hit the first pitch off the end of the bat towards the shortstop
with Kenzi Corn sprinting for home.  Mucklevaney scooped and threw high to
the plate but not in time to get the Veteran centerfielder who slid under
and ahead of the tag made to her shoulder. The Mauldin lead was again
extended to 4 runs as Jessica Lyles came on to run for Stovall.  With
Landers standing alertly on third, Lyles stole second uncontested, but the
two would not follow Corn across the plate as the next two batters were
retired on a pop-up in shallow center and a strikeout.  With nine outs to
play (3 of them their own), the Lady Mavs needed only to hold Summerville
to 3 runs or less to claim the second softball title and the first in 28
years for Mauldin High School.
      Mauldin Ace, Ashley Bagwell struck out the first batter she faced in
the bottom of the 6th, before giving up consecutive singles...the second of
which was a fluke !  What was supposed to be a sacrifice bunt flew gently
over the head of the charging Brianna Davis from third.  There was not much
to do but smile at the poor bunt and happy accident for the home team.  The
next batter, Casey Fowler, did get down a good sacrifice bunt advancing the
two runners into scoring position while Bagwell threw to the younger
Barnhill covering first for the second out.  Dana Landers charged a slow
roller and released quick and hard to get a lefty slapper at first to
thwart a potential rally by the Green Wave and maintain Mauldin's lead of 4
runs with one inning to play.
      The Lady Mavs went down quietly and in succession for the first time
in this game and one of the very few times since the lone (and
overwhelmingly avenged) loss in their 2010 playoff run.  A lineout to
short, a pinch-hit groundout to third by Senior Caroline Ford, and a
bouncer to first sent the Lady Mav defense back onto the field to hold the
Green Wave one more time and thus claim the State title.  Bagwell would
face the best hopes of the homestanding fans - the top of the Green Wave
order and All-stater, Ashley Mucklevaney.  # 31 in Green and white poked a
single this time into left and used her speed to capitalize on a
mishandling of the grounder, to advance to second.  Summerville catcher
Katelyn Clarke then stroked an RBI double into right center to score
Mucklevaney.  With one in, one on, and none out, Bagwell and Stovall dug in
their heels - determined not to let this game get away from them. Bagwell
induced the next batter into a harmless fly which she caught herself...
although a scary collision with Gillentine on the play gave the Mauldin
faithful uncomfortable pause.  With Gillentine back on her feet,  Bagwell
and Stovall went to work on the next batter and won the battle against the
opposing pitcher, recording a strikeout.  One out away and facing
Summerville's athletic centerfielder who represented the tying run, Bagwell
went down 2-0 then and battled back to a full count.  The sixth pitch was a
well placed curve that cut the front outside plate corner for a strike that
was inexplicably watched by the veteran hitter with two strikes already.
"Strike three" was the umpires call and so was it the third and final out
of the 2010 season.  Mauldin's Varsity Softball team had jumped out and
held on to defeat and sweep the Summerville Green Wave for the 2010 4A
state Championship !   This game was well, but not perfectly, played by the
Champions from Mauldin. It was exciting and judging from the end result -
tears and whoops of joy and exhilaration by the ladies in Orange and Brown,
converging on the mound for hugs and chest bumps, it was a fitting end to a
fantastic season by 17 young ladies and 3 coaches who gave sweat, blood,
skin, hand digits, and endless hours to Mauldin softball from February
through mid- May.  4A State Champions  !!!  CONGRATULATIONS to Coaches
Terry, Shaw, and Fowler...and to 7 Seniors and their 10 worthy teammates
who played their hearts out, reached and earned their ultimate goal this
fateful season.  "You Go Mav Girls !!!"  You are and will always be the
2010 South Carolina 4A State Softball Champions !


                                                      "The Scrivener" 


Game 1 4-A State Championship Series:

Mauldin 10 - Summerville 0

        R   H   E

SHS     0    1   4
MHS   10   12  1
WP: A. Bagwell(25-3) 6k,2bb
Hitters: Kenzi Corn 1-4;Brianna Davis 1-4;
Dana Landers 1-3,2b;Jordan Stovall 2bb;
Amelia Gillentine 3-4,2b; Kaitlyn Wagers 1-3;
Ashley Bagwell 2-4,2b; Bria Barnhill 1-4;
Brooke Barnhill 2-3
RBI/RS:K.Corn 1rbi/2rs;B.Davis 2rs;
D.Landers 2rbi/1rs;J.Stovall 1rs;
A.Gillentine 2rb/2rs;K.Wagers 1rbi/1rs;
A.Bagwell 3rbi/1rs;Bk.Barnhill 1rbi
Record: 27-3


      After a days delay due to rain and unplayable field conditions, the
SCHSL 4A State Championship best of 3 series got underway at Mauldin's
Clayton field on Tuesday evening.  These State finals would pit  the Upper
State, District and Region 2 Champion, #1 state ranked, 26-3,  Mauldin High
Lady Mavericks against the Lower State, District and Region 8 Champion, #4
state ranked, 29-5, Summerville High School Green Wave.
      When the introductions and national Anthem were completed the Mauldin
Softballers took their defensive positions ready to protect their home turf
.  Mauldin coaches Terry, Shaw, and Fowler had their charges primed and
pumped to start the final series of the 2010 season off in the right
direction.  Summerville's counter was all- State shortstop, Ashley
Muckelvaney, who entered the lefthanded batters box to face Mauldin's
Senior Ace, Ashley Bagwell.  The speedy #31 in green and white made good
contact with the second pitch, but flew out to Senior Kenzi Corn in medium
depth centerfield for the first out .  Bagwell next walked the visitor's
catcher and #2 batter on 4 pitches ...maybe not as warm or loose as first
thought ?  Sophomore second baseman Bria Barnhill turned in a web gem to
eliminate what might have become a threat, when she fielded a hot grounder,
tagged the runner advancing from first and threw left  to Amelia Gillentine
to complete the rally and inning-ending double play and send the home team
into its dugout and offensive mode.
      The Mauldin faithful were decked out in their Orange and shaking
their Orange noisemakers in support of the Golden Girls of the Golden
Strip. Leading off, Senior Mackenzie corn ripped a 3-1 offspeed bender up
the middle to ignite the offense as she has done so well all season.  Two
non-threatening outs followed, and Corn stole second base before Senior
Jordan Stovall worked the count to earn an 8 pitch walk.  Mauldin's hottest
playoff hitter, Amelia Gillentine stepped to the plate and promptly
deposited a shot into centerfield to move Corn to third.  DP Katelyn Wagers
then fisted an inside screwball into short leftfield to bring Corn across
the plate with Mauldin's and the games first run. A groundout to second
ended the rally before more damage was inflicted upon the visiting Lower
State Victors.
      In the top of the second, opposing pitcher Mallory Myers left her bat
in front of a 2-1 changeup, blooping it into short left just past the
diving glove of shortstop Dana Landers for a hit.  Summerville's next
batter attempted a sacrifice bunt to move her runner but Bagwell fielded it
quickly and cleanly, spun and threw to Landers calling for the ball at
second. Bagwell's throw was in time to cut down the lead runner for the
first out and to thwart the attempted sacrifice.  Bagwell and fellow Senior
battery-mate, Stovall, then induced an easy pop-up to Bria Barnhill at
second and fooled the next batter into looking at a called strike three to
end the top half of the second frame.  Mauldin's second inning offense
began inauspiciously with a couple of outs made by the Green Wave middle
infielders.  With two outs, Corn sent a hard drive through the leg-wickets
on the Summerville second-sacker.  Brianna Davis benefitted from a
mishandled bouncer at third base to move corn to second and reach first
safely - two on and two out.  Junior Dana Landers then smashed an inside
fastball toward the left-centerfield fence for a double that scored Corn
and Davis.  A great diving effort to stop the hard hit liner by the Green
Wave leftfielder prevented what might have been a triple or inside the park
homer.  Nonetheless, after the third out was made in the infield, Mauldin
had taken a 3-0 lead over the stunned ladies in Green and White after 2
      In the top of the third, Bagwell and Stovall seemed to hit their
stride.  They retired the Summerville side on 12 pitches including a "K"
sandwiched between  a flyout caught by Corn in center and a strong and
quick 6 to 3 play against the fleet Muckelvaney by Landers and Gillentine.
After slowly extricating herself from a long stretch on the defensive play,
Gillentine sauntered to the plate and showed no ill-effects when she
punched the second pitch down the rightfield line for a single to start the
Mauldin half of the third. Mauldin Middle school's Katelyn Wagers then laid
down a nice sacrifice bunt to move Gillentine, but also reached safely
thanks to a high throw to first by the Summerville catcher.  Bagwell then
made the error hurt by roping an RBI single into right center that scored
Gillentine and alertly moving to second on the throw home that halted
Wagers at third. Junior Krystina Simms came on to run for the pitcher,
Bagwell.  An out later, Brooke Barnhill used her speed to beat out an
infield hit  and fill the bases with Ladies in Orange and Brown.  Kenzi
Corn drilled the second baseman again and hit paydirt again when the shot
was mishandled and allowed her to reach first and Wagers to score safely.
The next two batters hit hard line drives too proximal to Summerville
fielders at first and centerfield to extend the rally, but the scoreboard
proudly displayed that after scoring in each of the first three innings,
the Lady Mavs led 5-0.
      In tops of both the 4th and fifth innings, Bagwell put her A-game on
display, striking out two Green Wave batters in each half inning and
getting infield assistance on two others from Freshman Brianna Davis at
third and Gillentine at first.  The Mauldin halves of the 4th and 5th
frames werent much more exciting and didnt live up to the explosiveness
that the Mauldin fans had been spoiled with over their past 3 games.  Other
than a one out basehit down the third baseline in the 5th by Bria Barnhill
and a fine sacrifice bunt by her Senior sister, Brooke, moving Sophomore
sis to second, the Mav offense didnt generate the rally extending or heart
racing RBI hits needed to extend the Upper State champion's lead.
      In the top of the 6th, it was clear that the visitors were running
out of outs and not finding answers to the labyrinth of pitch selection and
sequence that Bagwell and Stovall were serving their guests.  Gillentine
knocked down, then recovered a hard bouncer to retire the leadoff batter
unnassisted at first base.  Then Davis charged and threw hard to Bria
Barnhill covering first on a drag bunt attempt to notch the second out.
After a walk to the dangerous and athletic Summerville Shortstop,  Davis
parked under and handled a high infield fly for the third out.
      Mauldin waited for the 6th in this game to display what they spoiled
their fans with in the first innings of the last two games against Boiling
Springs, but it was beautiful nonetheless... Brianna Davis led off with a
sharp drive into rightfield, easily outrunning an attempt by the
rightfielder to throw her out at first.  Landers, who had been seeing a
steady diet of screwballs and inside pitches from the Summerville hurler,
took one that was too far inside, hard on the left elbow and stoically
trotted to first. Stovall was pitched a little too carefully and took a
base on balls after 5 pitches to fill the bases with Golden girls wearing
Orange.  Whether they knew it or not, this was not a good situation for
Summerville - facing La Mucho Calliente Gillentine with bases loaded...
the Senior first baseman made them pay for walking her teammates by
crushing a double to the leftfield fence that plated Davis and Landers.  An
out later, Bagwell clanged the chain link in left-center for a double that
brought Junior Jessica Lyles, (running for Stovall) and Gillentine across
the plate with Mauldin's 9th run of the contest.  Krystina Simms, running
for Bagwell was situated on second base representing the Lady Mavs 10th
run... to none for the visitors.  Should Simms score in the bottom of the
6th, the mercy rule would be invoked and Mauldin would claim the victory
without playing the 7th inning.  A second out was made on the right side of
the infield, moving Simms to third.  then Brooke Barnhill smacked a hit
toward the middle of the diamond, the second baseman reached the bounder,
but couldnt right herself and throw in time to get the fleet outfielder at
first.  More importantly, Simms crossed the plate on the play and the Lady
Mavs thus clinched the Opening game of the State Championship series 10-0
over the Green Wave of Summerville high in 5 and 2/3s innings.
      The Lady Mavs are on a roll !  Ashley Bagwell completed this shutout
allowing only a single hit !  As in 2 of the 3 previous games, hits were
generated and runs were scored from at least eight of nine positions in the
batting order.  For the third consecutive game, the Mauldin hitters amassed
double digit hits, even though two of those games didnt go the distance !
And for the fourth consecutive game the Lady Mavs have committed less
errors defensively than they have compiled extra base hits !  This is great
team play, and this is the time of the season that it is ALL ABOUT TEAM !
8 down, 1 to Go !  Keep up the great team play, effort, and focus in
Summerville tomorrow at 6:00 pm.  Their goal is within their sight and
reach.  GO MAVS - Git 'Er Done !








Game 2 Upper State Finals:

MHS 13 - BSHS 2

Mavericks run a Stampede over Boiling Springs to win the Upper State Championship!


Game 1 Upper State Finals:

MHS 8 - Boiling Springs 2.

Gillentine and Landers play long ball; While Bagwell records her 1100th career Strike Out in game 1 Win!



Game 3:MHS 5 - Hillcrest 1

MHS Sweeps Rival Hillcrest out of the Upper State Playoffs!


Game 2: Boiling Springs 1 - MHS 0

Corn, Landers, and Bagwell leads MHS to Game 1 win in Upper State!

Game 1 MHS 6 - Laurens 4


 4-A District 2 Playoff Game Results!

Game 3 - Wednesday, May 5th: MHS 7 - T.L. Hanna 1

Corn and Wagers lead MHS to the District 2 Championship!


  Game 2 - Friday, April 30th: MHS 11 - Spring Valley 0

SPRING  VALLEY,  11 TO 0  IN  4 .5  INNINGS !      

Amelia Gillentine                                                   photo credit Gwinn Davis                                               Dana Landers                                 photo credit Gwinn Davis
      Game 1 - Thursday, April 29th: MHS 10 -Hanna 0
Ashley Bagwell                                   photo credit Gwinn Davis                   Jordan Stovall                                      photo credit Gwinn Davis
Monday, April 26th: MHS 5 - Wren HS 1                  

Sr. Day Begins






Congratulations to Mauldin High Softball players Ashley Bagwell, Brooke Barnhill, Kenzi Corn, and Jordan Stovall!  

All four girls will continue to compete in their sport in college.               


Ashley signed with Coastal Carolina,


Brooke signed with Francis Marion University,


Kenzi signed with Winthrop University and


Jordan signed with Florida Atlantic.  

Congratulations girls!