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Head Coach - George Aubanel

Assistant - Taylor Beard

MAVS Booster Rep - Kathy Trojan

MAVS Website Reporter Davey Phillips


Photographer - Jimmy Standridge


JV Girls Soccer Archives                                                                   UPDATED:   8 May   9:00 AM


Let's meet the 2010 JV Girls

Front Row:  Emily SHUBA, Rachel MOSSER, Madison SCOTT, Cameron CLARY, Sarah Kate PHILLIPS, Mallory ALLEN

Middle Row:  Jessica BAILEY, Jamie GULDEN, Meghan MEEK, Maddy THOMPSON, Alyssa JACKE, Caroline TROJAN, Erica STANDRIDGE

Back Row:  Coach AUBANEL, Ashley CLINARD, Mary Heather HOWERTON, Amanda BASABE, Amy BERGLIND, Coach BEARD 

Not Pictured:  Andrea COFFMAN

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This Week for the Mavs


Tue     11 May     2 - 4 PM     @    Stadium Parking Lot


May 4, 2010                                                                                                                    )

 Mauldin  5 - 0  Hillcrest

     The Lady Mavericks closed the 2010 season in fine form against the visiting Rams however they had a hard time finding the back of the net in the first half.  The girls intercepted the opening kickoff and immediately went up the field and took a shot that found the side netting.  All together, 8 Mavs took 28 shots; 7 hit the side of the net, 4 missed the top corner by a foot or less, 4 hit the keeper, 5 hit the backside of a Ram and 3 hit the woodwork.  Mallory ALLEN struck a cracking shot low off the right post and ten minutes later found the crossbar.  Meghan MEEK beat four defenders on her way to goal only to have the left post deny her.  The midfielders did a spectacular job of controlling possession as the ball spent more time in the Ram penalty box than it did in the defensive half of the field.  When a Ram tried to clear a ball there was always a Mav middie to intercept, control and press the attack.  The back four had another fantastic outing only allowing the ball to cross midfield 4 times in the first half and only once in anger.

     The assault on the Ram's goal continued in the second half and everybody was doing their best to get the ball into the attack.  The Mavs finally broke through when Maddison SCOTT played a ball to Mary Heather HOWERTON who short-touched her way through three defenders at the top of the box before firing a shot into the old onion bag.  With the seal broken, the Mavs continued the onslaught.  Amanda BASABE made a threatening run in front of goal and was brought down in the box.  Amanda stepped up and coolly placed the ball inside the left post for the second goal.  Within minutes Amanda found the back of the net again with a low strike from the spot.  With the gates open, the girls turned up the attack.  In a flurry of activity in front of goal Rachel MOSSER collected the ball just outside the box and fired a beautiful shot low and left of the flat-footed keeper.  Jessica BAILEY took over in goal while Maddy THOMPSON set up as a striker.  Maddy immediately took over the Mav attack taking a pass from Madison SCOTT  down the right side and fired a stinging ball that the keeper barely got a hand to.  She sandwiched a fast break in between two offsides before knocking the keeper backward with another point blank shot.  Maddy took a deep throw in and started an attack that crossed the box twice before Madison passed the ball back to Alyssa JACKE.  Alyssa attacked the space in front of her sidestepping two Ram middies before unleashing a 25 meter shot that crossed up the keeper and nestled in the bottom left of the goal.

     The late goal wrapped up the scoring for the Lady Mavericks and brought the 2010 season to a close.  All of the girls should be very proud of their effort this year.  They have competed with courage, won with grace and humility, taken defeat with dignity and faced last minute adversity with class.  Well done ladies! 

 April 30, 2010                                                                                                                    )

 Mauldin  2 - 0  Byrnes

     The Lady Mavs began the day missing their netminder so Amanda BASABE yielded her field general duties to tend the net.  The girls started strong again putting immediate pressure on the right side.  Emily SHUBA sent a long, high ball to the right post where it struck the keeper's feet and rebounded off a Rebel and toward goal.  Sarah Kate PHILLIPS shepherded the ball into the net but the ref thought the ball came off Ashley CLINARD and disallowed the goal for offsides.  The Mavs refused to take their foot off the gas and turned up the heat.  The game quickly became physical and the refs let the girls play which got fans from both sides fired up.  Rachel MOSSER, Jamie GULDEN and Ashley worked the ball through some lovely combinations to put the Byrnes' defense on their heels.  All of the Mavs stepped into challenges and pressured  Byrnes into poor touches, passes and give-aways, all the while increasing their dominance in possession.  Emily, Mallory ALLEN, Meghan MEEK and Madison SCOTT kept the attack focused on the right side for most of the half, while Jamie, Alyssa and Mary Heather HOWERTON plied the left.  Despite the alternating attack the Mavs could not find the net during the half.

     In the second Cameron CLARY continued to challenge well into the Byrnes' half field while Caroline TROJAN consistantly stonewalled any effort through the center and confidently began the buildups from the back.  One ball from the back found the feet of Jessica BAILEY who played the ball out to an overlapping Amy BERGLIND.  Amy moved the ball up the left while two defenders backpeddled.  When one finally stepped up to challenge Amy slid the ball to her right and fired a low shot across goal and into the right corner.  Mauldin continued to find success from the sides as well through more direct play.  Mary Heather found herself several times taking on four or more Rebels only feet in front of goal.  As the pressure mounted Erica STANDRIDGE stole a ball at midfield and touched it back to Emily who sent her first touch long to the right side of the box.  Sarah Kate chased the ball down and just before it crossed the endline played a low ball across to the penalty spot.  Mallory was waiting and coolly squared the ball into the left side of the net.  Having not faced a shot on goal in the first and half of the second, Amanda yielded the net to Maddy THOMPSON upon her return from Girls' State.  The Mavs kept the Byrnes goal under the gun for the remainder of the match with stinging shots from Rachel MOSSER, Ashley, Mary Heather, Erica, Mallory, Amy and Jamie.  The back four insulated Maddy from all attacks and held Byrnes to zero shots on goal for the match!  Another spectacular result by the girls done with class.   

 April 28, 2010                                                                                                                    )

 Mauldin  1 - 1  Riverside

     The long awaited and not soon to be forgotten matchup enjoyed a sunny afternoon and light breeze.  Riverside got a quick taste of Mav attitude when Sarah Kate PHILLIPS stole the kickoff and a rebound to force the ball into the box where Jessica BAILEY popped a shot on goal.  The Mavs kept the early pressure on with several runs through the midfield, combination play through the wing and numerous shots.  Riverside had an early chance when they stole a cross field pass in the Mauldin half and put a cross in from the corner.  The ball bounced off a defender and fell to the feet of their striker at the 6 yard box whose point blank kick was gloved and held by Maddy THOMPSON.  Mauldin immediately worked the ball upfield where Jessica got a good shot and Amanda BASABE struck the rebound just wide of the left post.  Sarah Kate, Jessica and Amanda combined for several more tests of the keeper while Mary Heather HOWERTON, Amy BERGLIND and Meghan MEEK intercepted clearances, won challenges and pushed the ball back upfield.  Riverside's only defense was to long kick from their half.  One of these kicks took a deflection and resulted in a deep throw in.  The throw cleared a couple defenders and bounced to strike another's arm.  Maddy made a good effort but could not stop the spot kick.  The Mavs did not give in and immediately resumed their pressure through midfield to the box.  The hustle paid off when Sarah Kate threw the ball in to Meghan who fought the ball through three defenders before pushing it past the keeper for the equalizer with two minutes left in the half.

     Throughout the day the Mauldin forwards and middies were more than a match for the Riverside midfield and backs, winning most of their challenges and connecting long and short passes at will.  The Mav defense showed excellent shape and discipline absorbing pressure and limiting Riverside to one shot from midfield in the second half.  As the half ground on Mauldin continued its patient build up from the back and aggressive challenges in midfield.  They had several runs on goal but could not find the final touch.  Amanda just missed on a 45 yard free kick and Mallory, Amanda and Meghan each took a shot in a five second barrage.  The girls refused to quit and with the clock frozen at two minutes remaining Mary Heather collected a ball played out of the back and pushed it up to Sarah Kate who beat her challenger and sprinted to goal.  As the keeper came out Widget slotted the ball to the far post as Jessica slid to push the ball in for the apparent match winner.  The girls' joy was dashed when the center ref disallowed the goal saying full time had expired just prior to Jessica's touch. 

     Despite the bewildering finish the girls should be proud having played their game and knowing they never stopped competing.  They gave their all to the very end and any other day could put a "W" on the board!

April 27, 2010                                                                                                                    )

 Mauldin  4 - 0  Hillcrest

     The Lady Mavs had another windy away match with most of the girls showing up with a clean kit.  The late notification did not seem to affect the girls as they came out solid with great composure.  Mauldin spent the whole first half in H'ville's end including the back four.  Amy BERGLIND, Mary Heather HOWERTON and Amanda BASABE peppered the goal early while Meghan MEEK and Jessica BAILEY kept them supplied with the ball.  Ten minutes in Erica STANDRIDGE intercepted a ball out of the back and placed a perfect ball to Sarah Kate PHILLIPS who lofted it to the far post to open the scoring.  The pressure continued with more shots from Meghan, Mary Heather, Jessica, Mallory ALLEN and Andrea COFFMAN.  Jamie GULDEN toyed with the left back and played the ball back to Amanda who also found the left side of goal for her first.  Caroline TROJAN and Cameron CLARY kept the back four pushed high and rendered the Hillcrest counterattack nonexistant.  

     The onslaught continued in the second half with Emily SHUBA and Alyssa JACKE closing down the wings and supporting the mids and strikers with accurate passes.   Amy stepped up to head a corner on goal, make several runs down the right and cross some beautiful balls in front of goal.  Mallory and Jessica just missed converting an amazing cross and shot as did Meghan and Amy.  The Rams just could not clear their own end and Ashley CLINARD, Mary Heather, Andrea and Sarh Kate continued the relentless shooting.  The constant pressure meant numerous goal and corner kicks.  One of Cameron's deliveries found Amanda at the near post for an easy header to net her second.  Andrea hustled to win several 50-50 balls and combined with Ashley, Madison and Jamie kept the heat on the Rams.  Cameron decided to go for goal on one of her corner kicks and snuck the ball past a surprised keeper.  Jessica, Mary Heather, Sarah Kate and Jamie had shots deflected in the goal mouth while Mallory had the ball touched away about two yards out or the scoreline would have been much worse.  When asked about the lack of pressure to her and the defense Maddy THOMPSON replied that her hands got cold!



 April 26, 2010                                                                                                                    )

 Mauldin  1 - 0  Boiling Springs

     The Lady Mavs travelled to a windy Boiling Springs aiming to get a second win over the Bulldogs.  Mauldin exerted pressure on the ball through the midfield and were able to control the game early.  They had a hard time getting through a compacted defense until the wing halfs spread the game and began overlapping.  Andrea COFFMAN had great success on the left pressuring players into give aways and pushing the ball up the wing.  Meghan MEEK continued her fantastic play winning balls, making long runs and getting in some excellent  crosses and shots.  With about five minutes left in the half, Amy BERGLIND settled a back pass from Meghan and placed a perfectly weighted ball on the feet of Amanda BASABE at the top of the penalty arc.  Amanda took a touch to turn and then sent the ball low into the left corner for the eventual game winner.

     The Mavs continued the pressure in the second half getting caught in four offside traps and earning a half dozen corners.  Ashley CLINARD, Madison SCOTT and Jamie GULDEN kept control of the midfiled while Mary Heather HOWERTON, Jessica BAILEY and Mallory ALLEN kept the back four busy.  The Mav defense were able to challenge high and limited Maddy Thompson's involvement to collecting some long shots of desparation.  A good effort by the girls to get the double on the Bulldogs.


 April 23, 2010                                                                                                                    ) 

 Mauldin  2 - 1  Spartanburg

     An energetic Lady Mavs squad showed up tonight eager to earn a win.  From the opening kickoff the girls enthusiasm and work rate were top notch.  The defense was well organized with wingbacks Alyssa JACKE and Emily SHUBA looking for overlap opportunities.  Cameron CLARY anchored the back while Caroline TROJAN pushed high to support the midfield.  Amy BERGLIND, Meghan MEEK, Amanda BASABE and Jessica BAILEY dominated the central third and applied high pressure early on.  After a change of field Jessica cleared her mark and pushed the ball forward.  Her arcing shot from the right corner of the box found the top left of goal to put the Mavs ahead with less than eight minutes played.  Mary Heather HOWERTON and Sarah Kate PHILLIPS kept the Viking centerbacks and keeper on their toes.  After stealing a throw in Mary Heather passed to Mallory ALLEN who played a nice square pass to Amanda whose 25 meter shot found the top right corner.  The Mavs kept the pressure on the Vikings for the remainder of the half with Andrea COFFMAN, Ashley CLINARD, Erica STANDRIDGE, Rachel MOSSER and Maddison SCOTT continually winning possession in the midfield and pushing forward.  Jamie GULDEN returned from injury and immediately made an impact terrorizing the left back and getting several good shots on goal.

     The Mavs continued their control of the match in the second half with Amy, Erica and Madison working their magic touches around and through the Viking midfield.  Meghan continued her super hustle and found herself free to take several hot shots on goal, the best left footed!  Amanda bent another free kick over the wall leaving the keeper flat footed but only finding the woodwork.  Caroline and Alyssa maintained their high pressure and quickly reestablished possession after balls found their way out of the Viking half.  Spartanburg was unable to mount any threat and their only success came two minutes from time.  A throw in caromed off a couple players before bouncing up and finding the arm of a Mav.  Maddy guessed correctly on the PK but just missed getting a hand to the ball.  The girls should be proud, turning in their best example of total football this season.

April 22, 2010                                                                                                                   ( PICTURES ! ) 

 Mauldin  0 - 1  Woodruff

     The Mavs let one get away from them in a shocker on the road.  Mauldin enjoyed almost all of the possession playing into the wind the first half.  Even though they were a little sluggish the Mavs controlled the ball well and were able to move the ball freely through the middle third of the field.  Erica STANDRIDGE, Amanda BASABE, Sarah Kate PHILLIPS and Meghan MEEK had several shots from outside the box.  With no counterattacks from Woodruff the Mav defense began to play out and Alyssa JACKE found herself close enough to goal to take a couple of shots and crosses.  Jessica BAILEY, Rachel MOSSER and Ashley CLINARD were able to serve crosses from deep in the corners but noone was able to put the ball in the net.  With 3 minutes left in the half and totally against the run of play, Woodruff turned on a throw in and played a lazy ball toward goal.  With a mixup in the back, Maddy THOMPSON found herself trying to collect the ball from the feet of a Wolverine.  The ball was deflected and tapped in for a goal.

     The Mavs came out in the second half with more hustle and determination and played with 9 girls in the Woodruff half.  Unfortunately, the Wolverines played 11 girls in the last 25 yards in front of their goal.  Mauldin passed at will in front of the midfield stripe while Amanda, Alyssa, Erica, Meghan, Mary Heather HOWERTON, Mallory ALLEN, Emily SHUBA, Caroline TROJAN, Sarah Kate, and Andrea COFFMAN took almost 30 shots.  The majority hit the bunkered Woodruff players on the way toward goal.  Twelve went out for corner kicks and ten more resulted in goal kicks.  Despite the intense effort, none went in goal.

April 20, 2010                                                                                                                   ( PICTURES ! )

 Mauldin  0 - 0  Dorman

     In a light rain the Mavs hosted a Dorman squad bent on revenge.  Mauldin took control of the game early enjoying most of the possession in the first 20 minutes and initially finding success down the right side.  Sarah Kate PHILLIPS challenged the Cavalier keeper with several shots around the box and Ashley CLINARD got a good head to a free kick from Cameron CLARY.  Dorman used numerous single player substitions to slow the game and kill off Mauldin's momentum in the last tem minutes of the first half.

     In the second half both teams continued to cope with a greasy pitch with players losing their footing, passing accuracy and hustle.  Dorman started to gain more possession through the midfield but was only able to challenge a well organized Mav defense after winning a freekick.  Mauldin dropped a forward back to midfield to regain control of the midfield.  The Maverick defense quickly shut down any Cavalier attack while working the ball out to the middes.  The extra Mav midfielder allowed them to begin connecting their passes and playing balls through to the strikers.  Mallory ALLEN, Ashley CLINARD, Rachel MOSSER and Sarah Kate kept the Dorman defense and keeper under constant pressure.  Despite their best efforts the Mavs could not find the back of the net and had to settle for a rainy draw.

April 16, 2010                                                                                                                   ( PICTURES ! )

 Mauldin  2 - 0  Byrnes

       The Mavs went on the offensive quickly with Amanda BASABE putting Jessica BAILEY through on the left side.  Jessica's shot to the near post was barely stopped by the Rebels' goalie.  The stunned keeper came too far out on the kick and was called for handling the ball out of the box.  Amanda deftly dipped the free kick over the wall where the keeper was just able to push the ball onto the crossbar and finally collect it.  The Mavs kept the Byrnes goal under constant siege.  The Rebels began to withdraw into their half and often had nine players behind the ball.  A disciplined defense repelled the odd possession by Byrnes while working the ball out to the midfield who won almost every challenge and smothered any Rebel that got a touch.  The Mauldin Middies dominated possession and constantly worked the passing lanes and back support for the strikers.  The forwards pressed the Rebel defense with numerous corners, crosses and point blank shots, and even struck the woodwork, however the game remained scoreless at half.

     The Mavs continued asserting themselves in the second half with the defense stifling any threat that came their way.  The midfield turned up the pressure and the turnovers while the forwards pestered the Rebel keeper.  Alyssa JACKE collected one of the turnovers and sent it up to Amanda at the center stripe.  She turned with the ball and saw a lone defender in front.  Amanda made a cut to her left, used a touch to separate and fired a 30 meter shot that squeezed in at the left post.  The Mavs continued applying pressure to a defense that began to loosen up in search of a counterattack.  Mauldin's confidence grew with every touch, pass and shot and they began attacking the ball.  Mallory ALLEN bravely put a head to a free kick from Amanda and hit it just over the crossbar.  The Rebels bunkered in and were unable to get the ball to midfield due to the high pressure applied by the Mav defense.  With a few minutes to play Caroline TROJAN played a ball from midfield to Rachel MOSSER who collected, shielded and slipped the ball out to Meghan MEEK on the right side.  Meghan used a touch to cut inside her mark and another to free herself at the edge of the box.  She fired a quick, low shot across the goal and past a sprawling keeper into the left corner to close the scoring and secure the Mav win.  Everyone played super tonight, with many doing their part in new positions.  That team effort will see the team far the remainder of the season.

  April 14, 2010                                                                                                                   ( PICTURES ! )

 Mauldin  2 - 3  T.L. Hanna

       The Mavs dropped their first result this year in a close, scrappy affair.  Both teams started quick with fast play from end to end.  The Yellow Jackets seemed to have one play in their plan; gain possession in midfield and play a quick ball through to their breaking strikers.  It worked quickly resulting in three breakaways in the first five minutes forcing Maddy THOMPSON to make some spectacular saves.  The Mavs survived the early onslaught and mounted a counterattack.  Amanda BASABE collected the ball at the midfield and dribbled to outside of the Hanna box where she fired a 25 yard shot across the goal beating the Yellow Jacket keeper.  After the kickoff Mauldin continued to apply pressure on the defense.  The Jackets were able to get a breakaway and keeper Maddy came out to cut down the angle and force the shot onto the right post.  The Mavs took the goal kick and worked the ball back upfield where Amanda's shot was partially blocked.  Sarah Kate PHILLIPS took the ball off the Hanna keeper and Amanda was quick to tap in the loose ball for her second goal.  Hanna did not give up and sent a loose ball at midfield up to a pair of forwards who combined to send a low shot into the right corner past an outstretched Maddy.  The balance of the half had Mauldin applying increasing pressure and shooting, with Hanna trying the long counterattack.

     The Mavs came out strong in the second half winning tackles, releasing quickly and passing accurately.  Maddison SCOTT and Amanda connected a series of passes culminating in a 15 yard shot by Maddison, however the goal was disallowed for a foul early in the play.  Hanna took the goal kick up the field and worked a cross in from their left.  A deflection off a Mav defender found the feet of a Yellow Jacket 25 yards in front of goal who hit a first-time looping ball that just found the top right corner for the equalizer.  The Mavs stepped their game dominating play from the backline forward.  The midfield supplied ball after ball to the forwards who continued to pepper the Hanna goal.  Shots from Mary Heather HOWERTON, Maddison, Sarah Kate, Erica STANDRIDGE and Ashley CLINARD rained down but could not find the net.  Against the run of play Hanna sent another long ball out of the midfield toward their lone forward who was able to squeeze a long range shot that put Hanna in the lead.  The Mavs finished with determination and spirit, spending the last five minutes bombarding the Hanna defense but were not able to get the equalizer.  A great effort by the girls tonight that just came up short.


 April 6, 2010                                                                                                                   ( PICTURES ! )

 Mauldin  4 - 0  Spartanburg

      The Lady Mavs continued their winning ways beating a spirited Viking squad.  The Mavs pressed the attack immediately after the start with two shots in the first minute.  A minute later Amanda BASABE opened the scoring with a super strike from just inside the box.  The Mavs played total soccer, dominating all aspects of the game.  Superb ball control limited their opponent to a handful of attacks throughout the game and a lone shot late in the first half easily parried and held by Maddy THOMPSON.

     The second half saw more excellent support, passing and running off the ball with the majority of play in the offensive third.  Jessica BAILEY collected a ball on the right side and beat the keeper at the near post.  Moments later Mary Heather HOWERTON pounced on a ball and slipped it past the keeper.  Erica STANDRIDGE closed out the scoring when she took advantage of a loose ball left of the goal and fired a long shot high into the net.  The Mav defense stayed organized throughout the game and rendered the Viking attack inert while the midfield monopolized possesion and the Mav forwards saturated the keeper with shots.  Congrats to the girls on their strongest game this season! 

 March 26, 2010                                                                                                                   ( PICTURES ! )

 Mauldin  1 - 0  Boiling Springs

     The Lady Mavs continued their success with a close victory Friday night.  Fans had hardly sat down from the National Anthem when an under-the-weather Cameron CLARY took a free kick from deep in the Mavs defensive end.  The ball found Sarah Kate PHILLIPS streaking down the right side who cleared the defense with a touch and fired a long shot under the keeper.  The game was far from over as both sides worked hard to create chances through aggressive play from box to box.

     The Mav's midfield and defense showed their determination and strength, limiting their opponents to one serious chance in the first half with Maddy THOMPSON coming out strong to stop the breakaway.  Super performances were turned in by everyone.  Of note was Madison SCOTT's and Jamie GULDEN's hustle through the midfield.  Mary Heather HOWERTON, Meghan MEEK and Jessica BAILEY kept the keeper under intense pressure all game with several tough shots.  Great job, girls!

 March 25, 2010                                                                                                                    ( PICTURES ! )

 Mauldin  7 - 1  Southside Christian

     The Lady Mavs opened their 2010 home account with a strong showing against Southside Christian.  Jessica BAILEY picked up a loose ball near the edge of the box and powered a low strike past the keeper to open the scoring in the first half.  Mary Heather HOWERTON pounced on a loose ball in the box and fired it high into the net.  Meghan MEEK collected a pass from Amanda BASABE on the right side and struck a low shot that closed out the first half scoring.  The middies and backs dominated play through the midfield, resulting in several free kicks and corners as well as denying Southside any counterattacks.

     Early in the second half Emily SHUBA intercepted a throw in and played a long ball behind the defense to Sarah Kate PHILLIPS who slotted the ball inside the right post.  Mary Heather HOWERTON forced the keeper into a point-blank save, earning a corner.  Cameron CLARY's service was headed into the top right corner by HOWERTON for her second.  The Mavs dominated possession in the second half yielding no shots on goal and only one free kick.  It proved costly with Southside scoring on a well taken 35 meter shot.  Amanda BASABE got the goal back quickly with a sweet 25 meter shot of her own.  Jamie GULDEN forced several good saves and a goal line clearance before one of her rebounds found the feet of Amy BERGLIND who tapped in to finish the scoring.  The Mavs looked confident  and composed on the ball all game, never leaving the outcome in doubt. 


 March 15, 2010

 Mauldin  1 - 0  Dorman

     The 2010 season finally got underway with a narrow win over a game Dorman squad.  Both teams wrestled with the wind trying to control the ball and launch attacks on goal.  Midway through the first half a ball played across the midfield was collected by Jessica BAILEY who took the ball down the right wing before slipping the ball past the Dorman keeper for the game winner.  The second half continued with both teams looking for their chances.  Midway through Dorman began to increase pressure in front of Mauldin's goal culminating in a flurry of activity at the top of the box and a shot that struck the woodwork.  The rebound  found its way to the left side where keeper Maddy THOMPSON made a spectacular save to preserve the shutout win.  Mauldin countered with several quality shots and breakaways late in the match to secure the first win of the season.  Awesome job girls!


  March 12, 2010

     The away game versus Woodruff HS has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 22 at Woodruff HS.  Game time is TBD.

     The New season opener is Monday, away to Dorman HS.   Go Mavs !!!

March 2, 2010 


     The 2010 JV Pasta Extravaganza was a huge success.  Apparently, practices have been more demanding than first imagined as there was very little talking and a lot of eating!

     Many thanks to all the parents who drove, donated and helped clean up.  The girls really appreciate it.

March 1, 2010 


Mauldin  11 - 0  Eastside

     The girls dominated an outmatched Eastside squad in their first scrimmage.   Sarah Kate PHILLIPS opened the scoring with her first of two.  Jessica BAILEY scored three in a row for the season's first hat trick.  Amanda BASABE added her name to the scoring sheet and Mary Heather HOWERTON tallied two in a row for her brace.  Erica STANDRIDGE finished off the first half scoring.  Mallory ALLEN and Ashley CLINARD each tallied in the second half to close out the scoring.  The defense were seldom challenged and keeper Maddy THOMPSON had a quiet first half, switching to a midfielder in the second in order to get some touches on the ball.   Jessica BAILEY tended the nets the second half to complete the shutout.  Everyone looked solid on the ball and played well in their debuts.  All in all, a good start to the 2010 season.  Congratulations!

February 22, 2010


     Congratulations to last year's JV Soccer Class of 2011 Junior Marshals who will be serving at this year's graduation - Laura Berglind, Krista Edwards, and Madison Thompson!! These students represent the top of their junior class!