(2006 - 2007) - Lacrosse Girls




The Lady Mav’s closed out a successful 2007 lacrosse season with a 10 and 5 record. We congratulate our seniors on four great years of being a student/ athlete and representing yourselves and Mauldin High school in the manner where parents and facility are extremely proud of your accomplishments. While you will be missed, we look forward to your continued success in life.

Mauldin vs Wade Hampton 4.24.07
The Lady MAV's won their first round playoff game Tuesday evening against Wade Hampton by a score of 15 to 3.  The team played really well all around with excellent shooting, passing and ground ball possessions. Our girls did a great job on defense as well and both Caroline Couch and Leslie Moore played awesome at Goalie.  Everyone contributed to the win and it shows how strong the team has become.  Come out and Cheer on the Lady MAV's on Friday at 5:30 when we take on 2006 state champs JL Mann in the second round of the playoffs in what is guaranteed to be a thrilling game. The stats for Tuesdays game are as follows:
Sarah Berglind       4 Goals  / 2 Assists
Laura Wickwire      3 Goals  / 2 Assists
Abby Koba              2 Goals  / 2 Assists
Ashley Harel           1 Goal   / 1 Assist
Amanda Kenny       2 Goals
Shona Ewing          1 Goal   / 2 Assists 
Megan Warden       2 Goals
Becca Brown                           1 Assist 

Mauldin vs Clinton 4.20.07 
The Lady Mav's finished their regular season last Friday with a 20 to 5 win over Clinton at Clinton..  Everyone on the team contributed to the win, and our defense, passing and shooting skills were all looking great !!  Our girls finish the season with an awesome 6 straight wins, and a record of 11 and 4 to secure  a 3rd place finish in the Western Division.  Come and cheer on the Ladies Tuesday night for the first round of the playoffs when the Mav's take on Wade Hampton at Mauldin at 6:00.  The Stats for Fridays Game are as follows:
Sarah Berglind       5 Goals  / 3 Assists
Laura Wickwire      3 Goals  / 4 Assists
Abby Koba              4 Goals
Ashley Harel           1 Goal   / 3 Assists
Amanda Kenny       2 Goals
Tas Angarwalla       2 Goals
Shona Ewing           1 Goal   / 2 Assists 
Becca Brown           1 Goal
Meg Jones               1 Goal
Catie Norman                       1 Assist

MHS vs Eastside 4.19.07
 Congratulations Lady MAV's you did it !!  After a two hour rain delay Thursday evening at the Pavilion, our girls beat Eastside by a score of 10 to 7 in an outstanding team effort. It was a very exciting game and the girls played with great determination to win over the Eagles who ended our season last year in the playoffs.  The MAV's had excellent offensive plays and powerful defense that stopped the Eagles attack again and again.   Goalie Caroline Couch had at least 25 saves!!    The Lady MAV's record is now 10 and 4. Come cheer our girls on at our last regular season game tonight when we take on Clinton at Clinton.  The stats for last nights game:
Laura Wickwire  4 Goals / 5 Assists
Sarah Berglind   3 Goals / 1 Assist
Abby  Koba        2 Goals
Amanda Kenny  1 Goal
Ashley Harel      1 Assist
Shona Ewing     1 Assist
Mauldin  vs.  Hillcrest   4.18.07 
The Lady MAV's played a great game Wednesday night beating our cross town rivals, The Hill Crest Rams, by a score of 24 to 5.  The girls continue to really gel as a team and tonight's game showed the depth of our bench.  Everyone on the team contributed to tonight's win and it was great to see so many first year players working with the veterans setting up and scoring goals and working together on defense. The Lady MAV's are now 9 and 4 on the season.  Come out and support our girls on Thursday night at the Pavilion where we take on the Eastside Eagles at 5:45 PM in what is guaranteed to be an exciting game.
...The stats from Wednesdays game are  as follows:
Sarah Berglind      6 Goals / 3 Assists
Laura WIckwire     5 Goals/  4 Assists
Abby  Koba           4 Goals
Becca Brown        2  Goals / 1 Assist
Libby Wallin          2  Goals
Ashley Harel         1 Goal / 2 Assists
Amanda Kenny     1 Goal / 2 Assists
Shona  Ewing       1 Goal
Megan Kenny       1 Goal
Ashley Spivey       1 Goal
Megan  Jones       1 Assist
Tas  Anjarwallaa   1 Assist
MHS vs Greenville
The Lady Mavs played an exciting game Monday night resulting in victory over the Greenville Red Raiders.  Our girls continued their late season rally by beating Greenville 13-10.  Excellent teamwork on both sides of the field secured this important win for Mauldin.  Our record is  8 / 4. Come out and cheer on the Lady Mavs Wednesday at Hillcrest and especially Thursday when we take on the Eastside Eagles at the pavillion.  Stats for Mauldin are:
Laura Wickwire     3 Goals/ 1 Assist
Abby Koba            3 Goals
Sarah Berglind      2 Goals/ 2 Assists
Amanda Kenny     2 Goals
Shona Ewing        1 Goal/ 1 Assist
Ashley Harel         1 Goal/ 1 Assist
Becca Brown        1 Goal

MHS vs JL Mann
  Fans were treated to a real thriller Friday evening when our Lady Mavs proved that they are up to the task by defeating JL Mann Academy, the SC 2006 State Woman's Lacrosse Champions, by a score of 9 to 8.  Our girls displayed their best for this season and were clearly determined to win.  Excellent passing and shooting combined with outstanding defense and goal keeping made for an awesome display of Mavs teamwork.  Everyone on the team should feel proud for a job well done !! Come out to rally our girls on Monday evening for senior night when we take on the Greenville Red Raiders:
 Our record is now 6-4.  Statistics for Friday nights game vs Mann:
                                 Goals      Assists
Laura Wickwire            4               1     
Abby Koba                   2
Ashley Harel                1               1
Shona Ewing               1               1
Amanda Kenny            1
Sarah Berglind:                             1
Taz   Anjarwalla           1
Mauldin vs. Greenville 3.27.07
   The Lady Mav's suffered a tough loss in double overtime against Greenville Tuesday night. They put up a strong effort and it was a very exciting game.  In the end, a well placed goal by  Greenville in sudden death overtime ended our hopes for victory.  Score Greenville 8...Mauldin 7   Our Record is now 5-4.
Laura Wickwire   2 Goals/ 1 Assist
Amanda  Kenny  2 Goals/ 1 Assist
Sarah Berglind    2 Goals
Abby  Koba         1 Goal/ 1 Assist 
Becca  Brown     2 Assists
Shona  Ewing     1 Assist 
Mauldin vs Blythewood 3.24.07
The Lady Mavs played an excellent game on Saturday against Blythewood in Columbia. Our girls demonstrated crisp passing skills and aggressive defense by defeating Blythewood 15-7. Our record is now 5-3. Stats:
Laura Wickwire    5 Goals/4 Assists
Amanda Kenny    4 Goals/1 Assist
Sarah Berglind    3 Goals/ 1 Assist
Ashley Harel        1 Goal/1 Assist
Shona Ewing       1 Goal
Becca Brown       1 Goal
Mauldin vs Wade Hampton 3.20.07
Our Lady Mavs played their best game of the season beating Wade Hampton 20-9. Mauldin displayed great team work with sharp passing skills. The girls continue to improve and will face two tough teams next week, Greenville & Eastside. Come out and cheer them on!! Stats are as follows:
Sarah Berglin     6 Goals/1 Assist
Laura Wickwire  4 Goals/3 Assists
Ashley Harel       4 Goals/1 Assist
Amanda Kenny  2 Goals
Abby Koba         2 Goals
Megan Warden  1 Goal
Tas Anjarwalla    1 Goal
Shona Ewing      4 Assists
Becca Brown      1 Assist
Mauldin vs Riverside 3.14.07
The Lady Mavs challenged Riverside in an exciting hard fought battle at the "Reservation" in Greer on Wednesday night.  Mauldin made great strides since last weeks defeat and played their best game of the season to date.  It was an emotional win for the team, the girls showed a lot of teamwork.. While in the end the Mavs lost 11-13, they are ready to take on Eastside on Friday night. The Lady Mavs record is now 3-3. Please come out and cheer them on!
Sarah Berglind     4 Goals/ 1 Assist
Laura Wickwire     3 Goals/ 2 Assists
Ashley  Harel         2 Goals/ 2 Assists
Abby Koba          1 Goal
Becca Brown       1 Goal
Amanda Kenny    1 Assist
Rachael Ralph     1 Assist
Libby  Wallin        1 Assist  

Mauldin vs Clinton 3.13.07 

Congratulations to the Lady Mavs Lacrosse team as they sweep Clinton 18-5  ..Many of the new players on the team were able to get out there and demonstrate their skillls and helped lead Mauldin to a decisive win over Clinton. The Lady Mavs record is 3-2. Please come and support us on Wednesday night as we once again take on the Riverside Warriors at Riverside High at 6pm.........Boys game to follow at 8pm.
The stats are as follows:
Abby Koba            3 Goals/1 Assist
Libby Wallin          3 Goals  
Sarah Berglind     2 Goals/1 Assist
Rachael Ralph      2 Goals
Laura Wickwire    1 Goa/4 Assists
Amanda Kenny    1 Goal/1 Assist
Ashley Harel        1Goal
Katie Norman      1Goal
Taz Anjarwalla     1Goal
Megan Jones      1Goal
Megan Warden   1Goal
Megan Kenny      1Goal
Shone Ewing       1 Assist
Mauldin vs. Riverside 3.9.07
 The Lady Mavs fought hard Friday night as they battled for 50 long minutes against the undefeated Riverside Warriors. Despite their best efforts, in the end the Lady Mavs were not able to overcome Riverside's combination of powerful offense and quick defense. The score was 13-7 Riverside.  The Lady Mavs are 2-2. The Stats are as follows:
Amanda Kenny   2 Goals/1 Assist
Sarah Berglind   2 Goals
Abby Koba          1 Goal
Ashley Harel       1 Goal
Becca Brown      1 Goal
Laura Wickwire   2 Assists
 *Roster pictures by Gwinn Davis