(2009 - 2010) - Competitive Cheer JV

Head JV Cheer Coach - Misty Kelly

MAVS Booster Team Rep  - Melanie Simpson
MAVS Website Reporter - Melanie Simpson

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Congratulations to the following girls who have been named to the 2010 JV Football Cheer Team:

Maria Allen Joy Lowry
Hannah Almarode Meredith Monroe
Jenna Burdette Allie Nicholson
Cammi Calloway Anna Reeps
Taylor Dawsey Kate Salamone
Kaylin Defrancesch Sydney Stansell
Saige Dunlop Allison Stone
Meredith Elm Brandi Wallace
Hope Emerson Meagan Whitmire
Kayla Grubel Kristen Wood
Carylanne Henry Hannah Willis
Ann Jacob Karina Young


(Competition Team to be named in August)






For: Children ages 5 – 13

 Monday, June 21st – Thursday, June 24th




2009-2010 JV Cheerleading Team

Coach Misty Kelly
Coach Jennifer Terry



Back Row: Jenna Burdette, Meredith Monroe, Hannah Almarode, Madison Glass, Taylor Defrancesch, Anna Reeps, Taylor Dawsey, Ann Jacob, Alex Corn

Middle Row:  Maria Allen, Carylanne Henry, Allison Stone, Meredith Elm, Ellie Hopkins, Sydney Stansell, Alex Finley, Jessica Harwood

Front Row:  Emily Smith, Kristen Wood, Saige Dunlop, Savanna Kelly, Brayln Kelly



Debbie Rogers Cheer Classic Competition- Fourth Place!



Dorman Cavaliers Competition- Second Place!



Photo Courtesy of Bem Rivers Productions

Legends of The South Grand Champions!


Picture Courtesy of Genia Stansell

Wildcat Competition First Place!


Picture Courtesy of Bem Rivers Productions

Ram Invitational First Place!

Coach Misty & Coach Jennifer


Day of Debbie Rogers Cheer Classis Competition


Taylor Dawsey, Kristen Wood, Allison Stone


Alex Finley & Sydney Stansell


Ann Jacob, Our Biggest Fan @ Debbie Rogers


Jessica Harwood, Maria Allen, Saige Dunlop



Last Game vs. Hillcrest

Hannah Almarode, Savanna Kelly, Madison Glass, Ann Jacob, Taylor Dawsey


Jessica Harwood, Kristen Wood, Sydney Stansell, Meredith Monroe, Hannah Almarode


Our Girls Cheering


Brayln Kelly, Anna Reeps, Alex Finley, Saige Dunlop, Allison Stone


Taylor Dawsey, Elli Hopkins, Maria Allen, Alex Corn, Carylanne Henry, Brayln Kelly, Anna Reeps


Our Girls


Rubbing Coach's Baby



Day of Ram Invitational Competition

Alex Corn & Taylor Dawsey


Back Row: Taylor Dawsey, Anna Reeps, Ellie Hopkins, Maria Allen, Taylor Defrancesch, Carylanne Henry, Meredith Elm, Alex Finlely, Hannah Almarode, Jenna Burdette, Madison Glass, Meredith Monroe, Alex Corn, Ann Jacob

Front Row: Saige Dunlop, Sydney Stansell, Allison Stone, Jessica Harwood, Kristen Wood, Brayln Kelley, Emily Smith, Savanna Kelley


All of The JV Cheerleaders


Allison Stone, Meredith Monroe, Ellie Hopkins & Jenna Burdette


Maverick Cheer Moms!



Picture Day

Emily Smith, Taylor Dawsey, Kristen Wood


First Home Game vs. Hanna

Back Row: Kristen Wood, Madison Glass, Allison Stone, Hannah Almarode

Front Row: Jessica Harwood, Brayln Kelly, Saige Dunlop, Sydney Stansell, Alex Corn, Savanna Kelly, Jenna Burdette, Ann Jacob


Sydney Stansell, Alex Corn, Allison Stone, Brayln Kelly, Saige Dunlop


Jessica Harwood, Jenna Burdette, Kristen Wood, Hannah Almarode, Savanna Kelly


First Stunt Group: Ann Jacob, Jenna Burdette, Hannah Almarode, Savanna Kelly

Second Stunt Group: Saige Dunlop, Kristen Wood, Madison Glass, Brayln Kelly

Third Stunt Group: Sydney Stansell, Allison Stone, Alex Corn, Jessica Harwood


Back Row: Taylor Defrancesch, Emily Smith, Anna Reeps, Meredith Elm, Meredith Monroe, Taylor Dawsey

Front Row: Maria Allen, Alex Finley, Ellie Hopkins, Carylanne Henry


Meredith Elm, Maria Allen, Taylor Dawsey, Ellie Hopkins


Emily Smith, Taylor Defrancesch, Meredith Monroe, Meredith Elm


Carylanne Henry, Alex Finley, Anna Reeps


Day of Legends of The South Competition

Saige Dunlop, Allison Stone, Jenna Burdette, Kristen Wood, Ann Jacob, Brayln Kelly, Alex Corn, Savanna Kelly, Carylanne Henry


Madison Glass, Allison Stone, Sydney Stansell


Maria Allen & Ellie Hopkins


The Girls Getting Food


Kristen Wood, Alex Finley, Sydney Stansell, Taylor Defrancesch


Taylor Dawsey & Kristen Wood


Saige Dunlop & Madison Glass


Alex Corn & Brayln Kelly


Madison Glass & Kristen Wood


Carylanne Henry & Saige Dunlop


The Girls Competing @ Legends of the South


The Girls Competing @ Legends of the South


The Girls Competing @ Legends of the South


The Girls Competing @ Legends of the South


Day of Dorman Cavalier Competition

Kristen Wood & Savanna Kelly


Ellie Hopkins, Jenna Burdette, Ann Jacob, Meredith Monroe


Allison Stone & Alex Corn


Taylor Dawsey & Carylanne Henry


Meredith Elm & Hannah Almarode


The Girls Competing @ Dorman Cavaliers Competition


The Girls Competing @ Dorman Cavaliers Competition


The Girls Competing