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Head JV Coach - Ben Lailson
MAVS Booster Rep - Natalie Almarode 
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Junior Varsity Football Awards

Offensive Player of the Year – Shamon Oglesby

Defensive Player of the Year – Preston Almarode

Maverick Award – Jordan Hallums

2009-2010 MHS JV Football Team


Come on out to Dorman on October 8th and support our JV Players. Game time 7:30 

10/01/2009  Mauldin vs. Easley

Mauldin JV does it again! Final 40-12

   With 1:19 left on the clock in the 1st quarter touchdown by #85 Jordan Hallums. Two point conversion good ending the first quarter 8-0 MHS.

In the second quarter, Easley manages to get a touchdown but the extra point is no good. With 31 seconds left in the 1st half MHS answers with another touchdown with a a quarterback keeper by #10 Shamon Oglesby. Extra point good ending the half 15-6 MHS.

Third quarter begins with a recovery by MHS and a touchdown by #3 Chris Floyd, extra point no good. Defense was awesome through the entire game. Quarterback sacs were great this evening #60 Tre Wallace nailed two along with a fumble recovery, one by #90 Chris Brockman, followed by #52 Jake Millwood in the third quarter. Easley did manage to get another touchdown and the point after was no good with the score 21-12 MHS. With 1:13 left in the third MHS answers with a quarterback keeper by #10 Oglesby, extra point no good ending the quarter 27-12 MHS.

The fourth quarter begins with another quarterback sack by #65 Preston Almarode. MHS soon has another touchdown with 6:01 left in the quarter. The ending of the quarter is sweet with 20 seconds left on the clock and a touchdown by #83 Jimmy Wilson. #33 Kelton Davis finishes with an extra point with a final score of 40-12 MHS!

09/24/2009   Mauldin vs. Laurens

20-18 MAULDIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a bag aand forth battle in the first quarter. MHS follows through with a touchdown in the 2nd quarter with a quarterback keeper by #10 Shamon Ogelsby. Extra point no good. Laurens returns later with a touchdown, extra point no good.

With three minutes left in the half, fumble by Laurens. After making it to one yard line, quarterback keeper by #10 Oglesby for touchdown. Two point conversion good. 14-6 Mauldin at end of half.

With 24 seconds left on the clock, Laurens in with touchdown. Extra point no good. 14-12 Mauldin at end of third quarter.

Almost three minutes into the 4th quarter fumble recovery by Mauldin which leads to touchdown. Extra point no good. With two minutes left in 4th Laurens manages a touchdown, extra point no good leaving the final score 20-18 Mauldin!

09/17/2009    Mauldin vs. Westside

20-24 Westside

MHS has to punt after 1st series. WS scores first at 4:27 remaining in first quarter and 2 pt conversion completed on a quick slant pass.
MHS starts at their own 30 for their second go. After a long run by #1, Shamon Ogelsby, pass to #85, Jordan Hallums, and run by #4, Kevin Nash, puts them deep in WS red zone at the 10. A short run by 24, Michael Davis, nets 1, and a dropped pass by #85 Hallums, brings up 3rd and goal. But #85 redeems with a 9 yd TD reception. 2pt conversion no good. 6-8 with 57 second left in 1st quarter.
Deep kick to WS brought back to own 44. 1st play takes WS to MH 15. They switch ends of the field and the 2nd quarter begins 2nd and 9 for WS. After a stand at the 15, bringing up 4th and 9, a short dump to the RB gave them 1st and goal at the 1. Two plays later, 6-16 with 8:26 remaining in half.
MHS starts again at their own 30. A stall at mid field is revived by a nice pass to 18 that moves them to WS 30. Two nice runs by #14 Alston Michael Wright and #4 Nash, sets up 1st at the 20 and a pass to #14 Wright, in the corner of the end-zone makes it 12-16 with 5:44 left in the half. Extra point no good.
WS starts on their own 32 after kickoff. MHS defense not only stops WS, but push them back to their own 20 from the 45 and force a punt. MHS takes over at mid field and begin pushing it towards pay dirt. #1 Oglesby, makes a key run up the middle picking up 30yds, making it 1st and goal from the 5 with just over a minute left in the half. Four plays later, MHS unable to reach the end zone. WS takes over at their own 6 with 40 seconds left. But WS unable to convert into any points, and so ends the half, 12-16 Westside.
WS opens 2nd half at the 30. MHS defense digs in and forces a punt after WS unable to move anywhere. MHS fields at the 30 and begins the drive on the 27. #4 Nash, and #1 Oglesby, pick up 8 each taking it close to mid field assisted by some key lineman blocks. A pass to #85 Hallums, picks up 12 more moving it into WS territory. Again to #85 Hallums, down the side and MHS inside the 5. After 2 runs up the middle by #4 Nash, MHS adds 6 to the board and tops it off with 2 more on the extra point attempt. 20-16 with 6:20 left in the 3rd.
WS takes KO starts at their own 30. With 1 pass, steals 6 points from the D-secondary and tacks on 2 more with a run option. 20-24 at 5:55.
MH starts the drive at their own 36. After being pushed back 5yds and down 2 tries, a long pass to #85 Hallums, makes it 1st and 10 at the WS 25. But WS held and a turn over on downs gives WS the ball on their own 10. After allowing 1 1st down conversion, defense holds and #1 Oglesby, intercepts, setting up MHS on WS 20. After 2 failed passes and 2 penalties, MHS is faced with 3rd and 35. A QB sack loses 2 more and MHS has to punt from mid field, ending the 3rd quarter.
WS starts the 4th from their own 15. After defense holds them for 2 plays, WS exploits the secondary with a 41 yard pass reception moving it out to mid field. But one mistake doesn't get them down. The defense pushes them back to their own 25 and the secondary tightens up, forcing a punt with it being 4th and 40 to go.
MHS takes over on their own 43 with 7:39 left. A series of passes and runs, with great blocking by the O-line, takes MHS down to the 10. But with 2nd and goal, the run option is fumbled and WS takes over on their own 16. WS keeps the ball on the ground to run the clock, and moves the ball up to mid field with 1:48 on the clock. They go to the air and a pass interference moves WS down to the MHS 32. An offsides on a blitz moves them closer to the endzone. 45 seconds left, and a fumble is caused, but recovered by WS. 4 runs later, clock runs out. Final 20-24 Westside.


09/09/2009    Mauldin vs. T.L. Hanna

 25-26 T.L. Hanna


Mauldin scores on opening drive and extra point is good to make it 7-0 with 5:28 remaining in the first quarter.
There was a turnover caused on TL Hanna’s first series by defense on their own 30. Offense makes good with a 30 yard run on their first play, but comes up short by two yards to convert to the next series. But fear not, the defense answers to offense by giving the ball back on a forced fumble at mid field. TLH causes stalemate at mid field until #14 Alston Michael Wright dances his way into the red zone. Two plays later, a pass to #85 Jordan Hallums, puts another six up for MHS. The extra point was blocked.
TLH wasn’t going to be out done, so they answer back with six plus two to make it 13-8 with 1:40 left in the half. After MHS gets the ball back on their own 45 the second pass attempt is tipped by TLH , bobbled, and taken to the end zone making it 13-14. The two point conversion is stopped.
Kickoff return drops ball and MHS has to take a knee on their own 15. After two missed passes, a quarterback keeper by # 10 Shamon Ogelsby, gets some breathing room out of the 34, but with only 28 seconds left they were unable to move any further ending the half.
An onside kick is recovered to give offense a chance at mid field, but a penalty plus fumble gives TLH the ball on the MHS 43. Defense holds TLH to the 24 and causes a turnover on downs. Offense plays two and pass intercepted at mid field. TLH passes it to the 25 with a couple of pass plays. Defense tries to hold them, but a pass to the wide side and a dash to the corner of the end zone put six more up for TLH making it 13-20 with 3:53 left in the third. The two point conversion is again rejected.
After a twenty yard kick return offense takes over on their own 38. After a short gain pass to the 42, #10 Ogelsby keeps the next two to get them down to TLH’s 25. A series of carries by #10 Ogelsby and #14 Wright,  MHS answers back with six to make it 19-20 with 23 seconds left on the clock, but the two point attempt by #4 Kevin Nash gets spoiled.
TLH scores after the six and a half minute possession in the fourth to make it 19-26, but again the two point conversion is rejected.
#14 Wright returns ball back to mid field to set MHS in good position, but a false start backs them up five yards. A blocked pass and quarterback keeper gets them back to mid field. 4th and 2 and TLH helps out with an offside penalty taking on five at first down.
So, MHS goes to the air to #14 Wright to put them on the TLH 15. #4 Nash punches five more up the middle. Again to the air on third scores! 25-26 with 42 seconds left and it is do or die. Shotgun, in the air again, tipped in the corner, but no go. Their only chance is an onside recovery and another shot at the end zone. An onside was caught in the air and downed at the 44 yard line and a knee by TLH so ended this grudge match.

09/03/2009     Mauldin vs. J. L. Mann



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