(2008 - 2009) - Cross Country Boys

vs. Hillcrest,

Date: Oct. 08, 2008
Time: 08:00 AM
Location: Heritage Park, Simpsonville

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October 8, 2008 Hillcrest Meet (Mudfest 2008)
Tribune Times article about the race

SINKELE AND WROBEL PR in unbelievable conditions!

Senior Eric Lawson led his team with a third place finish behind top ranked Woodmont's Aaron Ramirez and Kyle Koby.  Tyler Tesch was the 2nd MAV in followed by Daniel Weekes, Kris Lacer, and the fifth man in was Graham Harris.  Teddy Buckner, Sawyer Willingham, Tyler Pommerenke and Jeff Sinkele were the next group in for the MAVS.  The story of the day comes from Jeff Sinkele and Chris Wrobel, who both managed to set personal best times in their 5k despite the tough running conditions!  Way to go, guys!  The boys team beat out Riverside, Eastside,Hilcrest, Laurens, and Woodmont. Boy's team scores - Mauldin 28, Riverside 57, Woodmont 101, Hillcrest 105, Laurens 113, Woodmont 159
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Eric Lawson hits the hole                  photo credit: Mark Morgan
Teddy Buckner & Graham Harris go swimming            Jeff Wood, Daniel Schlepphorst, and Chris Wrobel  
photo credit:  Gwinn Davis


Mauldin girls XC undefeated in Region II-4A competition-
Junior Lexi Neiling ran a strong race today in terrible conditions in the rain and mud.  In some points on the course the girls ran through puddles a 1/2 block long and up to their hips in mud and water.  Only the strong survived through this course today.  Lexi won the race but the second place race was intense all the way to the finish line.  Junior Caroline McDonough outkicked Eastside's Caroline Duer at the line.  Caroline was ranked behind Duer but proved today she was the stronger runner. Next in for Mauldin was Alex Dawson followed by Lauren Bennett and Kathleen Jacob.  Kathleen took the time during her race to help her teammate Rachel Neiling when she fell in the huge puddle of muddy water.  The girls team beat out Riverside, Eastside, Hillcrest, Laurens, and Woodmont.  Gwinn Davis took some amazing photos of the race.  Hope to see them soon!  Lady Mavs Team scores 20, Eastside 52, Riverside 63, Hillcrest 135, Woodmont 158, Laurens 159

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Lexi Neiling  photo credit Gwinn Davis                           Caroline McDonough

Lauren Fox, Kellie Sinkele, Hannah Hetzel

Katie Flack, Sarah Vance, Liz Heaton