(2008 - 2009) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. Byrnes Loss - 28-30, 15-25, 25-22, 22-25,

Date: Oct. 21, 2008
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Mauldin High School


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Many thanks to Coach Sands who brought over some new fans from The Springs in Simpsonville:

Coming off a successful (2-0) week and a long weekend, the states 5th
ranked Mauldin Lady Mav volleyball team was rested, relaxed and confident
heading into their match at home against the 10th ranked Brynes
RebelsTuesday night, in spite of the importance of the re-match in the
region standings and playoff seedings.  For the first time in the memory of
anyone living, Mauldin Volleyball had a chance to claim the 4A region crown
with 2 games to play...The Lady Mavs would need a little help from
Hillcrest and to win their two matches this week against Dorman and
Hillcrest ...but it was not to be !  The help from Hillcrest at Dorman did
not materialize as the Rams fell in three straight games to the 2nd ranked
Dorman Cavalier making the Lady Cavs the Region Champs and top seed from
Region 2.  On the home court the plan and dreams of the ladies in orange
and white wouldnt fall neatly into place either....
      Game One was easily the game of the match - a nail biter and see-saw
affair from the start. Down a couple of points at the start, the Lady Mavs
got a kill followed by an Ace from Senior captain Rachel Woodlee to tie the
score at 3.  Byrnes made a 3 point run behind kills from their all-region
hitter Pressley Mabry before Junior Jordan Stovalll hammered a set from
Senior setter Haley Register to stop the Byrnes run 5-8.  senior Leaper and
co-captain Jordan Bowling took control of the game for a few minutes with
two kills off of sets by Junior Kimberly Minor and then added an Ace to
re-tie the score at 10.  Woodlee added two kills with help from Minor and
Register and the game was again tied at 12. Neither team could establish a
service advantage as Mabry answered the Mauldin captain's attacks with her
own, matching another Bowling Kill to knot the score at 13.  A Woodlee
service slapped the net tape and fell on the Byrnes side for a second Ace
of the game for the Wofford-bound hitter, only to have it matched by an Ace
from Byrne's Chastity Davis to tie the score again at 15.  Register set
Stovall again for a nicely placed kill and Davis returned the favor by
setting Mabry for an answer and the score was 16-16. Sensing the tightness
of the game and the impending stretch run through the 20's, the rallies
intensified and lengthened.  Sophomore Libero Dana Landers recorded 14 digs
in game one alone - an impressive number that likely wasnt too much higher
than the number of Digs by the Rebels libero Kristin Sutton.  At the end of
one rally that saw Landers make a save from the practice court and setter
Kim Minor hit the floor twice for digs, Bowling put up a block that found
the Byrnes floor and followed it with an Ace to put the Mauldin gals up
18-17.  Minutes later the partisan Mauldin crowd erupted loudly when lefty
senior hitter Alex Evans pounded a Minor set to make it 19-19.  More long
rallies and exciting attack and return action ensued seeing the score tied
again at 20 before Woodlee smashed a Minor set to make it 21-20.  Register
added an Ace to make it 22-20 and the Mauldin faithful were hopeful of an
exciting and positive finish ...but they would have to wait !  Mabry
responded for Byrnes as her setters assisted her no matter where she was
positioned on the court. Bowling took a set from Register and turned it
into a Kill and point to make it 25-24. Junior Melissa Unger blocked a
Byrnes hit for a point and Byrnes matched the feat to knot the score at 26.
Unger and Woodlee added kills off Minor sets sandwiched around a forced
Mauldin error and the score was 28-27. The lady Rebels then forced a
sideout and Aced the Mavericks to go up 28-29, before a Mauldin spike
landed wide to give the great opening game to the rebels, 28-30.

      The less time and space devoted to game Two of the match the better
for the Lady Mavs.  Despite good defensive performances from Senior Alex
Evans and Junior Jordan Stovall, credit must be given to the determined
Byrnes squad - #1 Pressley Mabry and #7 Brooke Dodge led the Rebel attack
with hard driving kills, while Defensively #4 Libero Kristin Sutton and
Server/Setter #16 Chastity Davis led the scrappy defense and transition for
the ladies in Royal Blue and White. #15 Tamara Hawkins added a 6 point
service run for the Rebels to put the Rebels in front by 9 at 12-21 heading
into the final stretch. As if the fine effort and players from Byrnes
needed any help from the Lady Mavs, Mauldin committed at least 6 service
errors to give points and opportunities to the willing Byrnes team.  Poor
passing and setting doomed the Lady Mavs as they went down too quietly
15-25 in the second frame.

      Mauldin Coach Christy Plecha knew she had to turn around the momentum
of the match and sagging demeanor of her team.  At the changeover, she
implored her team to re-focus and NEVER give up.  Her words proved both
sage and timely as the lady Mavs went out 4-1 in Game Three after Captain
Woodlee smashed sets from Register and Stovall and added a block for
points.  Byrnes' Mabry didnt let up and kept up her attacks on the Mauldin
defenses with a kill and an Ace to narrow the score gap to 8-7, but Bowling
answered with two strong kills from the outside front, and Landers added
one from the backrow to pace Mauldin 10-7.  Bowling added another Kill off
of a Minor set that was disputed by the Byrnes coach.  After the point was
upheld, Sophomore sensation, Heather granger got into the act with two
consecutive kills followed by an Evans block  and Kill for points and the
Lady Mavs were off and running 15-9.  Stovall, Mabry, Bowling, Mabry,
Woodlee, and Mabry all finished long rallies with Kills and the score
favored Mauldin by only 3 at 20-17.  Senior Morgan Gregg came off the bench
for Mauldin and played good defense with a dig and some fine passing, then
added a Kill when on the front row to put the Lady Mavs in front 21-17.
To keep it interesting The lady Mavs threw in some errors so as to keep the
rebels within striking distance, but Setter Kim Minor had the hot hands
down the stretch in the third frame, setting Evans and Woodlee 2 more times
apiece for kills and the Lady Mavs showed their moxie and resolve in
winning the third game 25-22.

      With renewed spirit and hope, the Lady Mavs started game 4 with
promise as Bowling made a diving dig, which Register and Granger rewarded
with a kill point  to start the scoring.  Register then took good Landers
and Smith passes and set Bowling once and Stovall twice ...to which they
responded to appropriately with spikes to the Byrnes side of the floor and
the Mavericks were up 3-2.  The Rebel's #1 weapon - the tall, thin, and
doe-eyed ... but deadly Mabry, kept swinging and scoring for Byrnes to put
the Lady Rebels in front 4-8.  Mauldin's Evans tried to keep pace with two
Kills in answer with help from Minor, and added a block to close the gap to
7-8.  Granger and Stovall put up successful scoring blocks against the
Byrnes attack, and Woodlee got back into form with 3 more of her team-high
14 Kills to put the lady Mavs in front 13-12.  Senior defensive specialist
Tiffany Smith complimented her 3 digs in game 4 with a backrow kill off a
scrambling Landers set and it was 15-13, before the Byrnes attack pressured
the Lady Mavs into errors that would see them relinquish the lead to Byrnes
17-20 after a handful of long rallies.  Woodlee tried to bring the Lady
Mavs back down the stretch by spiking kills off of a set from each of the
two Mav setters to make it 21-23. But the player of the match had to be
Byrnes Pressley Mabry who made it game point in favor of the Rebels, 22-24
with a lightning strike kill  from the 10 foot line and then a hard serve
which resulted in an overpass to close the game and match in favor of the
upstart and game rebels from Duncan 22-25. 

      With this loss, the formerly State 5th ranked (prepcountry.com) Lady
Mav Netters have nonetheless assured themselves of a berth in the District
and Upstate Playoffs, but no longer have a chance of representing Region 2
as the champion and top seed - an honor and distinction that will belong to
the Dorman Cavaliers in 2008.   The Lady Mavs are now in third place in the
region, but wont stay there !  A win in their next match at Hillcrest and
the Lady Mavs will finish second in the region by virtue of a head to head
results tiebreaker advantage over Hillcrest if both teams finish 7-3. Lose
to Hillcrest and they will be relegated to 4th due to the same head-to-head
tiebreaker formula that would favor Byrnes if both teams finish 6-4.
      Come support our Lady Mavs in their last regular season match against
arch-rivals, the Hillcrest Lady Rams at Hillcrest High School starting at
6:30 pm, Thursday October 23rd.  It is a rematch with a lot still at stake
for both teams...Pride and bragging rights of course, but the winner will
also claim the region's second place finish and district playoff seeding.




R. Woodlee  35       253         2           93          62

D. Landers  4           28          18          -           424

H. Register 15          -           321         -              73

K.Minor        25          5           301         -           71

J.Bowling   34       172         7           30          126

H. Granger  41        84          10          19          89

J. Stovall  4          103         22          39            62

A. Evans    2         107         8           7           31

T. Smith    2           7           3           -           86

M. Unger    7        35          2           30          20

M. Gregg    2           5           3           5           10

K. Whitten  -           -           8           -           3