(2008 - 2009) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. Boiling Springs WIN - 25-20. 25-20, 25-13,

Date: Oct. 16, 2008
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Boiling Springs High School


 Gwinn Davis Photo




The Mauldin Varsity Volleyball Team went on the road to face the
Boiling Springs Bulldogs in a region grudge match in which the Lady Mavs
had something to prove and the need to win to assure themselves of an
Upstate District playoff berth, to exact revenge for a loss suffered at the
hands of the Lady Bulldogs in the Southside Christian tournament , and to
remain mathematically in the hunt for the 4A Region 2 Championship.
      Game One started the way many have for the Lady Mavs this season -
trading error points with the opponent as the feet and hands get warmed up.
Senior Co-Captain Jordan Bowling heated up first and started moving the
Lady Mavs in the right direction by taking sets from Senior Defensive
specialist Tiffany Smith and Junior setter Kimberly Minor and converting
them to Kill points and put the Mavs up 5-4.  The teams traded unforced
errors before Senior captain Rachel Woodlee pounded a Minor set to make
7-6.  The next errors were forced ones by both teams to make the score 8-8,
before the Lady Mavs began to assert control over the ladies in black and
red. Four good digs by Smith, another Woodlee spike of a Minor set , and an
Ace by Power-Serving Sophomore Heather Granger made it 10-8.  Bowling put
up a block that found the Bulldogs side of the court and Junior Jordan
Stovall Killed a Boiling Springs overpass to make it 12-8.  Bowling Springs
stormed back with a 4 to 9 run to tip the score in their favor 16-17 when a
couple of the home team's attacks glanced off of the Mauldin Blocks and out
of reach. Mauldin started to show the form its fans have come to love after
Junior Melissa Unger took a good set from Minor and hammered it crosscourt
and deep for a kill to put the ladies in Orange and white in front to stay
18-17.  Then it was time for the Pass, Set and Spike show starring
Sophomore Libero Dana Landers, Senior Setter Haley Register, and Rachel
Woodlee. During a 5 point service run by Register, Woodlee, nailed two
kills off of sets from her co-star and fellow senior, another off a Boiling
Springs Overpass, and a fourth off a set by Jordan Stovall appearing in a
cameo role as setter at the net. Landers, who had 8 or her match high 19
digs in the first game, facilitated the attacks with hustling digs, saves,
and crisp passes to the setters.  At the close of the clinic the three lady
Mavs put on, Woodlee hammered a perfect set from Register to the floor for
the final point to finish Game One 25-20 in favor of the Lady Mavs.

      After changing sides of the net, the Lady Mav Netters started Game
Two seemingly disoriented as a combination of forced and unforced errors
put the Mavs behind early 1-4.   Boiling Springs then returned the favor a
couple of times before a Granger ace tied the score at 4. Landers made a
great save to keep a long rally alive before Woodlee and Unger killed
overpasses by the Lady Bulldogs to put the Mavs in front 8-6.  Minutes
later, Boiling Springs Sophomore Kasey Tally went on a 6 point service run
to put the Bulldogs in charge 9-13.  A Granger Kill from Minor stopped the
run and put Landers at the serving line for Mauldin with the score 10-13.
Landers responded with an Ace and a 10 point service run fueled by 2 Kills
from Woodlee off Minor sets, and another by Bowling with setting assistance
from Granger.  When Landers finally put her 11th serve into the net, the
score was 20-13 and the Lady Mavs finished the job in spite of a bad back
line call and pesky defense by the lady Bulldogs with scoring blocks from
Woodlee and Unger, and ace by Register, and a service error by Boiling
Springs.  Game two went to the Lady Mavs again by the score of 25-20.

      Game Three found the Lady Mavs back on their favored side of the
court and playing like the team Coach Christy Plecha remembered from a week
ago.  Landers started the scoring with a backrow Kill.  Woodlee, Stovall,
and Unger put up scoring blocks and then the 6 foot Wofford Bound Senior
captain served three aces to see the Mavs take a commanding early 7-1 lead.
Fellow captain Bowling  pounded two Register sets to the floor and Stovall
followed suit with another and the lady Mavs had the Bulldogs in a 10-3
hole.  Wanting to get into the action, setter Kim Minor lifted assists to
Senior Alex Evans, Junior Melissa Unger, and Sophomore Libero Dana Landers
for Kills and the rout was on 14-6.   Some Mauldin overconfidence started
to peak through the armor and the Lady Bulldogs took advantage of some
sloppy passes and sets to close the score to 16-9. It looked then to be a
good time for a re-run of the Pass, Set, and Spike Clinic put on by
Landers, Register, and Woodlee.  This time the cameo appearance was by
Bowling who slammed a Register set home to make it 17-10.  Landers made
turned excellent digs and serve- receives into well placed passes to
register, who in turn used excellent hands and timing to put the rock in
front of hot-handed and hard swinging Woodlee for 3 kills down the stretch.
Woodlee added another off of a Boiling Springs overpass and then Aced the
Bulldogs to make it 23-12.  After an exchange of points, Senior Morgan
Gregg served the final point of the match for Mauldin and lifted a dig to
Register who set Bowling for the final Kill to end the match 25-13.

      With this win, the State 6th ranked (prepcountry.com) Lady Mav
Netters have assured themselves of a spot in the District and Upstate
Playoffs, equalling last years post-season position.  Victories by Dorman
over Byrnes in 4 and Hillcrest over Spartanburg in 3, means the Lady Mavs
are still tied for second in the region with a Dorman team who holds the
tiebreaker advantage over the Mav Netters. Mauldin can lock up 3rd place in
the Region and a #3 playoff seed with a revenge win over the Rebels next
Tuesday.  Better still, a win at Byrnes keeps the 4A Region 2 title hopes
alive for the Lady Mavs since simultaneously,  Dorman vs. Hillcrest will be
taking place in the next county ... Go Rams !
      ...6:30 pm,  Tuesday October 21st,   Mauldin High Gym,  Lady Mavs vs.
Byrnes Rebels...,  Lots at stake,...  a great matchup,...  another giant to
slay !  ...Be There !  ...Aloha



R. Woodlee  33       239            2              91          59

D. Landers     4        27             17             -           390

H. Register  14         -              299            -             66

K.Minor        25         5             280              -           63

J.Bowling   32     162               7           27          116

H. Granger  41       80              9           17             86

J. Stovall      4         96            20          38             57

A. Evans      2        100             8           31            30

T. Smith       2           6              3             -              80

M. Unger    7           34             2           28             20

M. Gregg    2             4             3              4              8

K. Whitten  -              -              8              -             3