(2008 - 2009) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. Dorman WIN: 25-23, 25-23, 25-27, 8-25, 15-13,

Date: Oct. 09, 2008
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

Mauldin Continues Winning Streak- Defeats #1 Ranked Dorman in 5 - 25-23,25-23,25-27,8-25,15-13

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Fresh off a big win over Rival Hillcrest on Tuesday, The Mauldin Varsity Volleyball team came into The important regional matchup with State Ranked #1 and Region leading Dorman confident and hopeful of keeping their momentum and avenging an earlier loss to the Cavaliers. The Lady Mavs made a statement early in the first game as Senior setter Haley Register led off with a 7 point service run that included 2 Aces, to put the Mavericks ahead 7-0.  Minutes later, Senior captain Rachel Woodlee sent two Kills to the Dorman side and Sophomore Heather Granger added an Ace to put the ladies in white and Orange in front 10-3.  After an angry Dorman timeout, the Cavaliers re-took the court determined to tighten their defense and block Mauldin's leader. They were somewhat successful and resembled the 7 time state champions of local legend in mounting a run to bring the score to 12-10.  But Senior Alex Evans and Woodlee re-ignited the Mav attack with Kills off of sets from Junior Kimberly Minor, followed by two Woodlee blocks of Dorman attacks and the Lady Mavs were back in control 17-13.  You can never count Dorman's disciplined and talented volleyball teams out .  Seemingly emotionless and mechanically sound, they fought back , they fought back to 20-18.  Senior co-captain  Jordan Bowling got into the act
coming down the stretch with successive kills off of sets from Sophomore Libero Dana Landers and Register, to which she added an Ace and the Mavs were poised to close the game 23-19.  Dorman responded with a 3 point run of their own before Setter Minor placed a set in front of Senior Hitter Alex Evans for a kill to make it 24-22.  After a Mauldin service error,
Landers turned a hard Dorman jumpserve into a fine pass to Minor who set Woodlee up for a thundering spike which sealed Game 1 for the Lady Mavs 25-23. 

The Mauldin crowd was thrilled and showed their support for the Lady Mavs loudly as the teams switched sides to start game 2.  Unused to and uncomfortable being behind in volleyball matches, Dorman eliminated some of the early errors that put them down in the first and scored early. Mauldin responded to the heated Dorman attack with hustling and determined defense as Bowling and Juniors Jordan Stovall and Melissa Unger put up scoring blocks while Libero Dana Landers made a great save and a handful of key digs.  The two teams matched scores at 8, 9, 12, and 13 before Woodlee took control of the frontcourt with 2 kills off Register sets, follwed by an Ace from the Wofford-bound senior to make it 15-13.  Offensive supporting cast members, Bowling, Stovall and Granger added pairs or Digs, blocks, and kills to the effort as Mauldin stretched the lead to 19-16.   Dorman roared back to re-tie the score at 20 by forcing Mauldin errors with their good
defense and pressuring attack,  but it was Woodlee and Minor who teamed up for 3 Killshot points down the stretch to lead the Mavs to victory in the second game 25-23. 

At this point in the match the Mauldin crowd was frenzied and growing as football players and coaches followed their ears to the noisy epicenter.  Certainly those parents and younger players had to appreciate the efforts of Senior Leader Rachel Woodlee who was having a career match - after just two games she had amassed a match-worth of kills and blocks with 12 and 5 of an incredible 25 and 11 she would have by the end of the match.  Woodlee was indeed showing why she was an all-region selection in 2007 and a force that Dorman would have to contain if they were going to compete in this match !  As game 3 got underway, the Lady Cavaliers took an early lead thanks to some Mauldin miscues, but it didnt look like Dorman had an answer for Woodlee as she responded with  2 more Kills and a block to keep the Lady Mavs close 5-7.  Erskine-bound co-Captain Jordan Bowling helped Mauldin keep pace with 2 kills thanks to assists from each of the lady Mavs
rotating setters - Register  and Minor.  Another strong defensive effort was turned in by Libero Landers who had 10 digs (of an impressive 38 for the match) in the third frame.  Nonetheless, Dorman deserves credit for their determination and strong play, down two games to nil in the match they kept the upper hand in game 3, not allowing Mauldin to get closer than
3 points as the teams traded service, great plays, and errors ending long and exciting rallies in front of two sets of loud and appreciative fans. At the mid-point Woodlee asserted herself again with 3 Kills with help from Register and 2 blocks to bring the Mavs to 14-15.  Dorman dug in and kept the ball in play despite good blocks from Stovall, Evans, and Bowling.  The
Cavalier Netters went on 4 to 2  run to re-assert control 16-19.  Coach Christy Plecha then called a strategic timeout to calm and refocus her excitable team. Seniors Alex Evans and Rachel Woodlee played tough at the net down the stretch for the Mavs - each Putting up scoring blocks and pairs of Kills off of nice sets from Kim Minor to give the Lady Mavs their
first lead of Game 3 ... and hope of the unthinkable - a sweep of top ranked Dorman !?  The crowd noise was thunderous as students stomped bleachers and hollered familiar cheers while parents exhorted and encouraged their offspring's teammates on both sides of the gym.  Errors from both teams knotted the score at 24 and then the Lady Cavs righted their attack in extra points with a Kill and an Ace to take the 3rd game and avoid the sweep 25-27. 

Three great games, two outstanding teams, and a two to one game advantage for the lady Mavs heading into Game 4 would portend a great match and a seeming psychological advantage for Mauldin, but whatever momentum Mauldin may have had came to a screeching halt in the 4th frame.  There is no way to put sugar-coat the description of game 4 of this match, ... a
game in which Dorman played excellently and almost error-free and Mauldin, although there was no visible "quit" or letdown in their effort, played poorly and made a match worth of errors in one game ...from the service line, passing, setting,  at the net .  In spite of a pair of good Kills by Woodlee, a handful of "quick reaction" digs by Landers, and effective single blocks by Evans, Stovall, and Unger ...none of the ladies in White and orange were guiltless.  Even when Senior Defensive Specialist Tiffany Smith came in to shore up the backcourt play, reacting well when thrown into the firing line with 3 fine digs in near succession, the Lady Mavs went still down quick and without much of a scoring fight ... BLOWN OUT 8-25.  The Mauldin side of the gym was now less noisy than the Dorman side as clearly some concern and doubt had entered the collective mind of the Maverick faithful.  Was the Dorman juggernaut back on track ?  The momentum had fully shifted to the ladies in Navy and Colombia Blue ! 

The 5th game would only be to 15 points, so the Lady Mavs needed to pick up their spirits and game in a hurry.  There was no time to waste and no points that could be afforded to be given away as the tense but determined ladies in orange and white had to fight to regain and re-turn the momentum and finish the match that had started so well.  the student body President ran the Mavericks flag in front of the stands and led cheers. Breath was held and expelled with each volley and point by the loud and excited crowd.  Woodlee pounded a set from Register to start the scoring in favor of Mauldin. Back and forth the 4A Region 2 Titans battled with neither side capable of sustaining a run or taking a lead of more than 2 points...such was the intensity of the defense on both sides and the determination of the attacks from both teams.  Bowling spiked a Minor set to put Mauldin up 6-5, and several successive points later, Evans and Woodlee put up imposing and scoring blocks on the Dorman hitters.  Woodlee scored another Kill and Unger added a block as Mauldin took a 9-7
lead....only to see the Lady Cavs fight back with Kills and blocks of their own to stay close.  Woodlee smashed 2 more kills off register sets to the floor to make it 11-9.  But Dorman answered and re-knotted the score at 11. The Blonde Lefty Closer bombed a Register set for a kill to make it 12-11 and Bowling served an Ace to the back corner to make it 13-11.  Dorman
worked hard on defense and rallied to make a Kill  that saw the score close to 14-13 before Kim Minor put a fateful set in front of the Redheaded Sophomore Sensation for a Kill to seal the game and match for Mauldin 15-13. 

The Mauldin Lady Mavs leapt , hugged, and shrieked on the court as thunderous applause and hugs rained on them from the emptying stands. Indeed the Maverick Netters had slayed their second giant in one week and knotted the standings among 3 teams atop Region 2.  Congratulations and thank you Lady Mav Varsity for a thrilling and wonderful week of Volleyball! 

Join the Lady Mavs on Tuesday, October 14, as they face more region competition at home against Spartanburg. This night will be a special one as this year's Seniors are recognized between the JV and Varsity matches.




R. Woodlee  29      212        2            83          49

D. Landers     3        24      16             -           354

K. Minor        24       5       251            -           61

H. Register   11         -      271            -           59

J.Bowling     29     146       5           25          107

H. Granger  38      75        7           17          76

J. Stovall       4      93      19           33          57

A. Evans      1       91       8            30          26

T. Smith      2        5        2              -           71

M. Unger    6       0          2           24          19

M. Gregg    2      4           3           2             5

K. Whitten  -       -            8           -              3 

MATCH RECORD:  19  Wins         6 Losses

GAME RECORD     49  Wins       23 Losses

REGION RECORD   4  Wins         2  Losses