(2008 - 2009) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. Southside Tourney - 3 Wins - 2 Losses,

Date: Oct. 04, 2008
Time: 08:00 AM


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On Saturday October 4th, the Mauldin Ladies Varsity Volleyball team
played in the 8 team Southside Christian Invitational Volleyball
Tournament.  The field included 4A Region 2 foes Byrnes and Boiling Springs
as well as Rock Hill's 4A Contender Northwestern, Crescent, West Oak, and
two well coached local private school teams - St Joseph's Catholic and
Southside Christian.  Mauldin drew the decidedly tougher Court 2 Pool and
thus knew they would have to play well to overcome 4A state ranked #6
Byrnes, Northwestern, and St. Joes.  First up were the Knights from St.
Joseph's at 8:30 am. The Lady Mavericks came out firing and took the first
game 25-15 thanks to good defense and Kills from 5 different hitters. In
the second game, the Ladies in Navy and White stepped up their game and
fought valiantly , winning 20-25.  The third game would only be to 15
points with each team starting at 4 in the 2 of 3 game/match format.  A
great game was turned in by Senior Setter Haley Register and Sophomore
Libero Dana Landers.  Mauldin prevailed after a 6 point service run by
Senior defensive specialist Tiffany Smith who scored the last point on a
backrow kill to dismount the Knights, 15-10.

      Mauldin - 25      St Joseph's - 15
      Mauldin - 20      St. Joseph's - 25
.     Mauldin - 15      St Joseph's - 10

      The second pool play match appeared to be a Classic Clash of Titans.
Byrnes had just dispatched Northwestern in two straight and remembered
their Region victory over Mauldin only two days earlier.  In game one the
Lady Mavs made a statement to the Rebels from Duncan, winning 25-21 behind
great efforts by Junior Setter Kim Minor and Sophomore Hitter Heather
Granger. In Game two, despite great efforts by Register and Junior Hitter
Jordan Stovall, the Rebels  #1 and All-State Hitter controlled the game as
Byrnes won 17-25.  In the third game in was the senior captains, Rachel
Woodlee and Jordan Bowling that led the way  as the Lady Mav Netters won an
exciting, back and forth affair in extra points 16-14.

      Mauldin - 25      Byrnes - 21
      Mauldin - 17      Byrnes - 25
      Mauldin - 16      Byrnes - 14

      At the break, the Lady Mavs were riding high and feeling good. In
spite of two game losses that could figure in a tie-breaker, they hadnt
lost a match while every other team in the 2nd pool had, and they would
face a Northwestern team that they thrashed early in the season and who
hadnt made it far enough in their own tournament to face the undefeated and
Champion Mavs.  Smiles abounded as the Lady Mavs enjoyed the beautiful
weather in the courtyard of the Southside Campus. They celebrated teammate
Dana Landers 16th birthday with cake and pictures after lunch and before
their match with the Lady Spartans of Northwestern.If the Byrnes match had
been a Classic from Homer's Iliad, the Northwestern match would resemble
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or a Tale of Two Cities(teams).
Maybe it was overconfidence, maybe it was Birthday cake, but it certainly
wasnt a well played match by the Lady Mav team.  Senior Hitter Alex Evans,
Setter Kim Minor and the Birthday girl played hard, but the Big Guns were
misfiring and Mauldin errors paved the way for a two game victory by the
ladies in Purple and Yellow who played tight defense and kept the ball in
play to pressure the lady Mavs into mistakes.

      Mauldin -  21     Northwestern - 25
      Mauldin - 15      Northwestern - 25

      After the upset, Pool 2 had a 3 way tie in matches between Byrnes,
Northwestern, and Mauldin, but by virtue of game losses, Byrnes took the
top seed (2) and Northwestern the second (3).  Thus the Lady Mavs would
play in the Silver Bracket for hopefully a tarnished gold and partial
redemption. To no ones surprise, hosts Southside Christian took the Top
seed in Pool #1, followed by West Oak after a surprise win over Boiling
Springs.  The Crescent Tigers would also join the Silver Bracket and be the
Lady Mavs first opponent in the semi-finals.  In the first Silver
semifinal, Boiling Springs defeated St Joseph's in two straight to advance
to the Finals and await the outcome of  Crescent/Mauldin.
      Perhaps still stinging from a loss they knew they shouldnt have
absorbed, the Lady Mavs came out sharp and hot against the overmatched
Tigers. Granger recorded 3 Aces to put the Mavs out front.  Register and
Bowling teamed up for 5 scoring Kills in the first game and Register fed
Stovall for 2 more as the Mavs dominated the first game 25-8.  In the
second game, Jekyll reared his ugly head but Woodlee and Evans spiked sets
from Minor, before Landers had 2 backrow kills and an Ace in a 6 point
service run to see the ladies in Orange and White finish off the lady
Tigers from Crescent 25-20.

      Mauldin - 25      Crescent - 8
      Mauldin - 25      Crescent - 20

      The Silver showdown and "Miss Congeniality" Final pitted the Bulldogs
from Boiling Springs, determined to avenge a Region loss in Mauldin last
Tuesday, against Mauldin's Lady Mavs who had something to prove !  It
proved a nail-biter all the way !  Neither team would allow the other to
pull away as both played determined and hustling defense... and neither
team played error free enough to mount a scoring run as powerful scoring
kills were followed by unforced errors. It may not have been pretty, but it
was exciting. It couldnt be described as a Classic but both Jekyll and Hyde
were in evidence on the Mauldin side. Despite a good performance by Woodlee
in the first game (3 Kills and 3 Blocks), the Lady Bulldogs prevailed
23-25.  In the second game Stovall and Landers provided outstanding defense
with 10 and 6 digs respectively.  Offensively, Woodlee added 6 Kills,
Stovall 2 Kills and an Ace, and Granger 2 kills and 2 Blocks to lead the
Lady Mavs to victory in Game two, 25-23. In the 3rd and deciding game,
Jordan Stovall paced the Mavs with 4 Kills, 3 digs, and a block.   Landers,
Register, and Smith responded valiantly to the Lady Bulldog attack, which
was gaining confidence in the second and third frame, but when the dust
settled, too many errors sealed the fate of the Lady Mavs, as they lost the
shortened third game 13-15, and would have to go home with a Silver Bracket
second place - the equivalent of 4th place of 8 teams.  The Host Sabres of
Southside Christian took 2 of 3 loud and tough games in defeating the
Byrnes Rebels in the Gold Finals to take the  top prize.

      Mauldin - 23      Boiling Springs - 25
      Mauldin - 25      Boiling Springs - 23
      Mauldin - 13      Boiling Springs - 15

      If there is solace to be taken from this tournament it is that the
Lady Mavs' Jordan Stovall was deservedly selected to the All-Tournament
team, and that 4A Region 2 teams took 3 of the top 4 spots in the
tournament.  It was not a Classic weekend or tournament for the Lady Mavs,
but they had some brilliant moments, games, and matches that were fun and
exciting to see ... along with some that were frustrating and excruciating
to watch.  Once again they were the prettiest team in the tournament, but
this time the photograph to prove it will be in a Birthday memory book and
not next to a trophy.

Tournament Statistics:


D. Landers    2         3           2           -           65

H.Register    3         -           42          -           15

K. Minor        2        -           42          -           12

R. Woodlee  -        27          1           15          5

J. Stovall     1        18          3           5           17    *All Tourney Team*

H. Granger  6       17          -             3           13

J. Bowling  2        17          1           4           14

A. Evans    -         14          -           1           4

T. Smith    1           2           -           -           10

M. Unger    -           4           -           2           5

M. Gregg    -           2           2           1           1



R. Woodlee  26      170         2           64          34

D. Landers    3         21       12          -           262

K. Minor      18          5       198         -           48

H. Register 8           -         216         -           45

J.Bowling   25      122         3           22          83

H. Granger  35      62          6           16          51

J. Stovall  4           77          19          24          39

A. Evans    1        73          8           23          19

T. Smith    2           5           2           -           64

M. Unger    6        23          1           16          17

M. Gregg    2         4           3           2           5

K. Whitten  -           -           8           -           3

MATCH RECORD:  17  Wins         6 Losses

GAME RECORD     43  Wins       19 Losses

REGION RECORD   2  Wins         2  Losses