(2008 - 2009) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. MAVS WIN Northwestern Tourney,

Date: Sep. 27, 2008
Time: 08:00 AM
Location: Northwestern High School



The Lady Mavs Varsity Volleyball team boarded the bus on the Mauldin Campus bleary eyed at 5:15 am for the ride up to Rock Hill to participate
in the 3rd Annual Northwestern Invitational Volleyball Tournament. Nobody could have blamed the girls from Mauldin for being a bit sleepy when they arrived in Rock Hill for the 11 team, 2 game, point differential formatted tournament at 7:30 am, but by the time the ladies in White and Orange took the floor at 9:00 am for their first pool game to determine seedings for bracket play in the afternoon, they were firing on all cylinders and quickly proceeded to crush the Lady Raiders from Belmont, NC in two games. Sophomore Heather Granger led off game 1 with a 14 point service run including 4 Aces as the Maverick Netters routed the team from North of the border and maximized the point differential scoring at +20.
      Game 1  -  Mauldin - 25    Belmont, NC - 6
      Game 2  -  Mauldin - 25    Belmont, NC - 11

Key Players:
      Granger -  4 Aces, 2 Kills, 1 Dig
      Woodlee - 2 Aces, 6 Kills, 5 Blocks, 1 Assist
      Bowling - 7 Kills, 1 Dig
      Register - 7 Assists, 2 Digs

The second pool play match pitted the Lady Mavs against the Stallions of South Pointe, SC.  The Lady Mavs varsity Volleyballers showed no let-up and no mercy against the better prepared defense of the Stallions in Black and Red.  The offensive firepower of the Maverick frontline proved
too relentless and too much for the Lady Stallions as setters Haley Register and Kimberly Minor placed great sets in front of Senior co-captains Rachel Woodlee and Jordan Bowling for 21 Kills.

      Game 1  -  Mauldin - 25    South Pointe, SC - 14
      Game 2  -  Mauldin - 25    South Pointe, SC  - 18

Key Players:
      Woodlee - 13 Kills, 2 Blocks
      Register  -  11 Assists, 1 Dig
      Minor   -   11 Assists
      Bowling -  8 Kills, 1 Block, 1 Dig

The Final Pool Play Match featured one of the local and tournament favorites, the Fort Mill Yellow Jackets who were also 2-0 in pool play
headed into this showdown.  The first game was close and featured long rallies and great defense on both sides until Mav head coach Christy Plecha and assistant Ashley Balough called a timeout with the scored knotted at 10.  Whatever was said in the tight and attentive huddle got the lady Mavs attention and made a difference because the Mauldin Netters came out hot once again and went on a 15-5 run to seal the first game over the stunned Ladies in Royal and Yellow, and win the second 25-12 behind inspired offense from Setters Register and Minor putting up assists to Hitters Woodlee, Bowling, and Senior Alex Evans for decisive spikes. Defensively, Sophomore Libero Dana Landers contributed 8 big digs, and good passing in transition to the Maverick atttack.

      Game 1  -  Mauldin - 25   Fort Mill - 15
      Game 2  -  Mauldin - 25  Fort Mill  -  12

Key Players:
      Bowling - 10 Kills, 2 Aces, 1 Dig
      Woodlee - 7 Kills, 3 Aces, 1 Block
      Landers - 8 Digs, 2 Assists, 1 Kill
      Register - 10 Assists, 2 digs
      Minor   -   9 Assists, 1 Kill
      Evans   -   6 Kills, 1 Block, 1 Assist

 When the scores were tabulated following Pool play, The Mauldin Mavericks were clearly the favorites and top seed for bracket play by a
margin of 18 points over the second seeded hosts, the Northwestern Spartans.  The third and fourth seeds were awarded to former 4A Region 2
rival Gaffney and the 3A Fort Mill Yellow Jackets respectively. 2A Clover, the Belmont Raiders,  Colombia's 4A Ridgeview Blazers, and the  Indianland Warriors rounded out the 8 team bracket field as the tournament said good-bye to teams from York, South Pointe, and Lewisville.

In winning the top seed, Plecha's Mavericks faced the #8 seeded 1A Warriors from nearby Indianland. The Mauldin Coaches also switched the team into its Orange jerseys for the bracket play run to the championship.  To Mauldin's credit and unlike in several regular season games, the Lady Mavs stayed focused and sharp against the younger and smaller overmatched opponent.  Thanks to great setting by Register and to Kills by Woodlee, Granger, and Junior Hitter Jordan Stovall, the relaxed Lady Mavs had fun and made short work of the Warriors to advance to the semi-finals.

      Game 1  -  Mauldin - 25   Indianland  - 11
      Game 2  -  Mauldin - 25   Indianland  - 14

Key Players:
      Woodlee - 9 Kills, 1 Ace
      Stovall   -  7 Kills, 1 Block
      Register -  15  Assists, 1 Ace
      Granger  -  4 Kills, 2 Aces, 2 Digs

In the semi-final matches, Mauldin would face #3 seeded Gaffney on Court 1, while on Court 2, #4 seed Fort Mill would face upset minded
Ridgeview, who turned heads in dispatching the host and second seed Northwestern in their quarter final.  The Lady Mavs lost no time in turning
their attention to the Lady Indians of Gaffney and their big and athletic hitter, Kierra Phillips.  It was a fantastic team effort by the Lady Mavs
that decided this match between former rivals.  Libero Dana Landers led the defense with 12 digs, but was ably aided by Woodlee, Bowling, senior Defensive Specialist Tiffany Smith, and Junior Middle Blocker Melissa Unger.  Offensively, Senior setter Haley Register, with help from Minor, distributed the rock to 6 different players for Scoring Kills including Smith, Landers, and Bowling who all had Kills from the Backrow. Senior Co-captain Bowling added 4 Aces to her 9 Kills to lead the Maverick Offense. The Lady Mav netters set the tone decisively with great chemistry and teamwork in the first game, putting the Lady Indians on their heels and way down on the scoreboard,  but the Ladies in Black and Gold fought gamely in the second game to stave off elimination, but came up short, as the ladies in Orange  prevailed...

      Game 1  -  Mauldin - 25   Gaffney -  9
      Game 2  -  Mauldin - 25   Gaffney -  17

Key Players:
      Bowling  -  9 Kills, 7 Digs, 4 Aces
      Woodlee - 6 Kills, 6 Digs, 3 Blocks, 2 aces
      Unger   -   4 Kills, 3 Blocks, 1 Ace
      Landers  -  12 Digs, 1 kill, 1 Ace
      Stovall   -   4 Kills, 1 Block, 2 Assists
      Smith   -    2 kills, 4 Digs, 1 Ace

Mauldin's Championship Match opponent was decided in a long, loud, tight, and tough match between Columbia's inspired and athletic 4A
Ridgeview Blazers and the disciplined local 3A Power, the Fort Mill Yellow Jackets.  In the end it was the blazers in Black and purple that controlled the match winning in two straight  by only a handful of points.  After a break, the Public Address system was fired up to announce the teams and coaches to the good crowd who stayed in the spacious and air-conditioned gymnasium for the final.    The upstart Blazers were on a roll and feeling confident, but the Lady Mavericks were on fire and enthusiastic, but focused about their chance to bring home the gold !  Reminiscent of the first game in the morning, Sophomore Heather Granger set the tone in the first game by reeling off 11 straight points including 3 aces, to put the ladies from Mauldin up 12-1, before the Blazers of Ridgeview knew what hit them. What had hit them in the first game were booming Kills by Woodlee, Bowling, and Evans and an athletic, agile, and court covering defense that got digs from 7 different players in the first stanza.  Mauldin defeated the stunned Blazers 25-7 in the first game and could start to hear the fat lady warming up...  But credit goes to Ridgeview coach Mary McGraw - she refocused her team during the changeover. Her big and athletic hitter, Keyaira Stevenson, and skill players, Hannah Cox, Lauren Fink, and Megan Woodall dug in and gave their all in the second game, keeping it tight and pressuring the Mauldin team more than they had been challenged all day. Wanting to finish the Tournament unblemished, Head coach Christy Plecha called two timeouts to settle and focus the Lady Mavs - using only her 2nd and 3rd T.O.s of the tournament, but maximum allowed for the game.   It
seemed to work in spite of the pressure applied by the ladies in Black and Purple, as Landers, Granger, and Bowling led the defense with digs and passes to the setters, who found a hot hand in Woodlee for 9 Kills in the second game.  Bowling added 2 Aces in the final game of the match., including an unreturnable Ace to lift the Lady Mavericks to a squeaking win 25-23 to seal the Championship for the Mauldin Varsity Volleyball Team.  In the award ceremony, Mauldin Team Co-Captains and Seniors Rachel Woodlee and Jordan Bowling were named and recognized for their outstanding play during the tournament by being named to the all-tournament team. Next, respectful and well deserved extended applause was given to the Lady Blazers of Ridgeview in an inspiring display of sportsmanship from the fans and Champions. Then Mauldin hoisted and handed the large Winners trophy over to deserving Head coach Christy Pleach and Assistant Ashley Balough.  The team
received gold medals with the purple sashes of the fine tournament host Northwestern High School, then posed for pictures to signify to all who
witnessed their outstanding day, that they were not only the prettiest assembly of talented volleyball players in the Upstate and Piedmont areas
of South Carolina on this day, but the Best volleyball team as well. Congratulations to Our Lady Mavs...Undefeated and Dominant Champions of the 3rd Annual Northwestern Invitational Volleyball Tournament !!!

      Game 1 - Mauldin  - 25    Ridgeview - 7
      Game 2 - Mauldin  - 25    Ridgeview - 23

Key Players:
      Woodlee  - 15 Kills, 3 Blocks, 2 Digs
      Bowling  -  5 Kills,  6 Digs, 2 Aces
      Landers - 13 Digs, 1 Kill, 1 Assist
      Granger -  8 Digs, 3 Aces, 2 Kills
      Evans   -   5 Kills, 3 Digs, 1 Block
      Minor   -   9 Assists, 4 Digs



Woodlee     10        56           1                  12                 8     (All Tournament Team)

Register      1           -           63               
    -                    8

Bowling       8         43            -                    1                 16    (All Tournament Team)

Landers      1           7           1                      -                 48

Minor          2           1           40                     -                  4

Granger    13         11           2                      1                11

Evans       -            18           3                       3                  5

Stovall       1          19           4                        3                 2

Unger       2           12           1                        2                 2

Smith       1             3            -                         -                 9

Gregg       -            -             1                          -                1

      Next up for the Champion Varsity Lady Mavericks as they return to
Region play, is the Bulldogs of Boiling Springs at Home Tuesday September
30th at home.  This match begins a decisive stretch  for the Mavericks in
their 2008 campaign as they will face the four other region title
contenders (Boiling Springs, Byrnes, Hillcrest,and Dorman) in succession
over the coming two weeks.  One of these 5 teams wont be advancing to the
4A playoffs after Columbus Day... Lets make sure it isnt our Lady Mav
Netters by showing our support !  Go Mavs !!!

             SEASON STATS

NAME        ACES        KILLS       ASSISTS     BLOCKS      DIGS

R. Woodlee  24              135                1                46                28

D. Landers     1                17                 9                   -               179

J. Bowling     18              100                2                16                 65

K. Minor        14                 4               144                -                  33

H. Register     4                  -               160                 -                 27

H. Granger    25               44                 6               12                 35

J. Stovall          3               57               16              17                  21

A. Evans          1               51                 7              20                  15

T. Smith           1                 3                 2                -                    48

M. Unger          6              18                 1              14                   11

K. Whitten        -                  -                  8                -                      3

M. Gregg         2                 2                  1               1                     4




Game Record:  33 Wins - 10 Losses

Region Record:  1 Win - 1 Loss


MAVS Booster Rep - 
Joan Woodlee
MAVS Website Reporter - Chuck Landers, Susan Granger, Teresa Stovall