(2008 - 2009) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. Spartanburg WIN - 25-23, 25-9, 25-11,

Date: Sep. 25, 2008
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Spartanburg High School

MAVS WIN OVER SPARTANBURG: 25-23, 25-9, 25-11


The Mauldin Lady Maverick Varsity Volleyball team travelled to
downtown Spartanburg on a blustery Thursday evening to meet the Lady
Vikings of Spartanburg High in their second 4A region 2 match, determined
to even their region record and prove again that they will be a force to be
reckoned with in October and after Columbus day.  But just as not all
losses are humiliating or embarrassing, not all wins are things of beauty
or something to be proud of - Lessons can be learned from both and such is
the kind of week our Lady Mavs are having.
      Game One got off to a sloppy start on both sides of the net, with
neither team mounting an effective attack nor playing consistent defense.
Junior Setter Kimberly Minor and Senior Hitter Alex Evans finally teamed up
for a pair of kills as Mauldin tied the score at 10.  Senior co-captain
Jordan Bowling then served an Ace and Sophomore Heather Granger Killed a
Spartanburg overpass to give the Mavs a lead 12-10. More uninspiring play
ensued until Junior Jordan Stovall, on her 17th birthday, made a nice dig
and pass to Minor, who rewarded the birthday girl with a nice set for a
kill.  On the next volley it was Bowling's  turn for the thundering spike
to put the Lady Mavs in front 20-16.  The Viking's enthusiasm didnt wane
and they came back to tie the score at 22 with good defense that gave the
ladies in White and Orange opportunities to overpass, set poorly, and miss
the mark on the attack. Senior captain Rachel Woodlee did not miss her mark
in the closing points however, smashing a spike from a Minor set to the
Spartanburg floor to seal a lackluster win in the first frame 25-23.
      After some pointed words from Coach Christy Plecha, the Lady Mav
netters took to the other side of the court in game Two, opposite an
invigorated Viking squad - Even though their JV team was squashed by the
Mauldin Junior Mavs in two straight at 25 to single digit points, and in
spite of the fact that they were down a game in the match, there was a
visible giddiness on the Spartanburg side borne of feeling competitive with
their more accomplished opponents from Mauldin after the first game.  When
the buzzer sounded it was the Lady Mavs who played like the team that
believed in themselves, jumping out to an 8-1 lead after a 7 point service
run by Senior Morgan Gregg that included an Ace and a great save by
Sophomore Libero Dana Landers.  Setter Kim Minor got into form in game two
- positioning the ball in front of hitters Bowling for 2 kills, Evans for 2
, and Woodlee for 2 more.  From the service line, Bowling went on a 4 point
run to put the Mavs up 12-3, and later an Ace in a 5 point run to advance
the score to 19-7.  An Evans block several points afterwards, put Minor on
the line.  The junior responded with an Ace and a 5 point run, aided by
Spartanburg errors to close out Game 2...Mauldin 25 - Spartanburg 9.
      In  Game Three  our Lady Mavs picked up where they left off at the
end of the second frame.  The offense was led by the senior captains,
Bowling and Woodlee who put down 5 and 3 kills respectively in the third
stanza.  After a 4 point service run by Gregg, which again included an Ace,
the Lady Mavs were in front to stay 10-4. Good defense and Versatility was
demonstrated by Stovall, who added a Kill, a dig, a block, and two assists
in game 3 ...and by Landers who added a kill and an assist to her 5 game
three digs.  Minor  added 3 digs to her 6 assists.  Woodlee and Evans put
up blocks to the Viking attack for scores before Bowling and Evans Kills
off Minor sets put the game out of reach 20-10.  The two teams traded
points until Wooodlee went on a 4 point service run to bring the 3rd game
to a close, the last point scoring on a rally that ended with a Minor Dig,
an Evans Set, and a Bowling Kill to finish the Ladies in Navy and Gold
      Next up for the Varsity Volleyballers is the 10 team Northwestern
Trojans Volleyball Invitational Tournament on Saturday the 27th in Rock
Hill. Our ladies will be getting up early and working a long day to try and
bring home the gold - Good luck and Go Mavs !!!



R. Woodlee  14          79          -           34          20

D. Landers    -           10          8            -           131

K.Minor       13           3           104        -           29

J.Bowling    10          57          2          12          49

H.Register   3           -           97           -           19

J. Stovall     2          38         12          14          19

H. Granger  12       33          4           11          24

A. Evans    1           33          4           17          12

T. Smith    -             -            2           -           39

M. Unger    4           6           -           12          9

K. Whitten  -           -           8           -           3

M. Gregg    2           2           -           1           3 




Game Record:  21 Wins - 10 Losses

Region Record:  1 Win - 1 Loss


MAVS Booster Rep - 
Joan Woodlee
MAVS Website Reporter - Chuck Landers, Susan Granger, Teresa Stovall