(2009 - 2010) - Softball

vs. 4-A State Champs!,

Date: May. 24, 2010
Time: 06:00 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

Final 2010 SCHSL 4-A Softball Rankings! 

#1 Mauldin - Region 2
2. Summerville - Region 8
3. Boiling Springs - Region 2
4. Hillcrest - Region 2
5. Wando - Region 7
6. Stratford - Region 7
7. White Knoll - Region 5
8. Laurens - Region 1
9. Byrnes - Region 2
10. S. Florence - Region 6
4 of the top 10 softball programs in the state are from Region 2!



      After the awards ceremony along the first and third baselines, where
Coach Joseph Terry was presented with the 4A state Softball Champions
trophy and the Lady Mavs were presented Champion's medallions... and after
a long, tearful, and joyful celebration on Gregg Middle school's Softball
field in Summerville...  After countless keepsake photographs were taken in
Boldly printed State Champion tee shirts with parents, coaches, and many
combinations of extremely happy teammates...and after the Lady Mavs doused
their victorious young coach in water... the Champion Lady Mav Softballers
boarded the schoolbus for a long but happy ride back to Mauldin.  Indeed,
Friday would be a school day with exams for many underclassmen !  In the
earliest hours of Friday morning however, as the Champions entered the
Golden Strip area, they were met and their bus escorted with Flashing
lights and Sirens - courtesy of the Mauldin Fire and Police departments,
celebrating and leading the triumphant return of the 4A state softball
champions to Mauldin.  Too excited to sleep, the victorious Lady Mavs
basked in their hard-earned glory ... even in the desolation of near-empty
streets at 1:30 am Friday morning.  Most of Mauldin would not know of these
golden girl's triumph until reading brief coverage in Friday's Greenville
News, but thanks to modern technology - texts and cell phones from the
hundred or more Mauldin parents, students, coaches, teachers, and
administrators who witnessed the crowning achievement, bounced
transmissions off satellites back to Mauldin and the High School rejoiced
and announced their accomplishment the following morning across the campus.
High fives, pounds, chest bumps and heartfelt congratulations echoed
throughout the halls of Mauldin high and two middle schools in the
Greenville area.  Three seasons removed from a tumultuous and
heart-wrenching separation and ineligibility for post-season play, and
after two seasons of being talented and close - Region and District
champions that came within 1 game, and then 2, of winning the Upper state,
these young ladies never gave up, never stopped working hard, and never
ceased to love their game and their school.  2010 was Mauldin Softball's
year.  Talent and preparation, bolstered by effective coaching, close-knit
comradery, and undying team spirit propelled these ladies to the pinnacle
of their sport among 4A preps in South Carolina.  They earned and will
henceforth be known in the annals of Mauldin High School, part of the team
that had the most successful graduating class of Softball players in the
history of Mauldin High school.  They will proudly wear State champion
rings that herald their accomplishment and bring back the fondest memories
of being part of a winning...no, Champion team !  It should always feel
great to know that in this magical season, you were the best of the best in
this state's largest school classification.  No longer can Hillcrest, nor
Wren, nor Gaffney, nor JL Mann boast something that you cannot !  We are so
very proud and thankful to have been able to watch and share in your

CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2010 4A South Carolina State

      Head Coach Joseph Terry
      Asst. Coach Doug Shaw
      Asst. Coach Michelle Fowler

      #2 Senior Catcher Jordan Stovall
      #3 Senior Centerfielder Kenzi Corn
      #4 Senior Leftfielder Weslyn Jones
      #5 Senior Pitcher Ashley Bagwell
      #6 Senior First Baseman Amelia Gillentine
      #22 Senior Rightfielder Brooke Barnhill
      #12 Senior Caroline Ford
      #10 Junior Shortstop Dana Landers
      #14 Junior Krystina Simms
      #17 Junior Jessica Lyles
      #7 Junior Cheryl Corbett
      #15 Junior Chelsea Scott
      #1 Sophomore Second Baseman Bria Barnhill
      #16 Freshman Third Baseman Brianna Davis
      #11 Freshman Madison Tracy
      #18 8th Grader Amanda Storch
      #8  7th Grade DP Katelyn Wagers

      In 2010 the above listed Lady Maverick Varsity Softball team
completed a complete season in which they won 32 games and lost but 3.

            Pre-season record =  8-1, finished second in the Simpsonville
Heritage Park Pre-season Sno-ball tournament to Chapin high (top 4 team in
the 3A state playoffs)
            Regular season record = 15-1, Winning the Region 2 title for
the third consecutive year with a 9-1 record, the only loss to Hillcrest
(top 6 team in the 4A state playoffs)
            Post-season record = 9-1, Winning the District and Upper State
Championships, the only loss to Boiling Springs in the second round of the
Upper State playoffs (avenged).
                                    Boiling Springs finished in the top 4
teams in the State 4A playoffs and are ranked #2 in the State 4A coaches

      The Mauldin Maverick Varsity Softball team was DOMINANT during their
Championship season.  In fact, they were more or less a "handful" away from
perfection. In the three combined unembarrassing but avoidable losses,
their opponents played well and deserved the wins, but...

            2 less baserunning errors
            3 less walks issued
            4 less fielding or throwing errors...and/or...
            5 more key hits
                        ...and they would have won 'em all !

      They were great in 91% of their games and all of them when they
counted the most !!!...
      In the combined 2010 Championship season, the Lady Mavs outscored
their opponents 279 to 43.

            Pre-season = 62-7
            Regular season = 141-22
            Post-season =  76-14

      Mauldin Softballers carried a team batting Average of .345 to .155
for their combined opponents.

            Pre-season = .318 vs. .088
            Regular season = .352 vs. .181
            Post-season = .354 vs. .161

      Further to the effectiveness of the Mauldin pitching staff and
hitters ...

            Mauldin batters struck out 81 times and walked 98 times
            Mauldin Opponents struck out 275 times and walked 51 times

      Mauldin hitters Compiled the following on-base percentages and
Slugging percentages versus their opponents...

            Mauldin On-Base % = .456
            Opponents On-base % = .236

            Mauldin Slugging % = .494
            Opponents Slugging % = .183
                  * NOTE : In the Post-season, the disparity was an amazing
.540 to .202 !!!

      Acknowledging the Baserunning and Baserunning defense ...

            Mauldin baserunners stole 72 bases of 78 attempts for a .923
Running %
            Opposing baserunners stole 8 bases in 19 attempts for a .421
Running %
                  * NOTE: both figures above include uncontested steals of
second with baserunners on third

      CONGRATULATIONS again to the 2010 South Carolina 4A State Champions !
You have been AWESOME - A joy to watch, a pain to do laundry for, and a
very special group of coaches and fine young ladies who will always be
CHAMPIONS in our hearts and minds.  Go Mavs - we love you !

                  The best of life, luck, love and blessings from above
                                                            The Scrivener