(2009 - 2010) - Softball

vs. Summerville HS,

Date: May. 17, 2010
Time: 06:00 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

Game 1 4-A State Championship Series:

Mauldin 10 - Summerville 0   game photos

        R   H   E

SHS     0    1   4
MHS   10   12  1
WP: A. Bagwell(25-3) 6k,2bb
Hitters: Kenzi Corn 1-4;Brianna Davis 1-4;
Dana Landers 1-3,2b;Jordan Stovall 2bb;
Amelia Gillentine 3-4,2b; Kaitlyn Wagers 1-3;
Ashley Bagwell 2-4,2b; Bria Barnhill 1-4;
Brooke Barnhill 2-3
RBI/RS:K.Corn 1rbi/2rs;B.Davis 2rs;
D.Landers 2rbi/1rs;J.Stovall 1rs;
A.Gillentine 2rb/2rs;K.Wagers 1rbi/1rs;
A.Bagwell 3rbi/1rs;Bk.Barnhill 1rbi
Record: 27-3


      After a days delay due to rain and unplayable field conditions, the
SCHSL 4A State Championship best of 3 series got underway at Mauldin's
Clayton field on Tuesday evening.  These State finals would pit  the Upper
State, District and Region 2 Champion, #1 state ranked, 26-3,  Mauldin High
Lady Mavericks against the Lower State, District and Region 8 Champion, #4
state ranked, 29-5, Summerville High School Green Wave.
      When the introductions and national Anthem were completed the Mauldin
Softballers took their defensive positions ready to protect their home turf
.  Mauldin coaches Terry, Shaw, and Fowler had their charges primed and
pumped to start the final series of the 2010 season off in the right
direction.  Summerville's counter was all- State shortstop, Ashley
Muckelvaney, who entered the lefthanded batters box to face Mauldin's
Senior Ace, Ashley Bagwell.  The speedy #31 in green and white made good
contact with the second pitch, but flew out to Senior Kenzi Corn in medium
depth centerfield for the first out .  Bagwell next walked the visitor's
catcher and #2 batter on 4 pitches ...maybe not as warm or loose as first
thought ?  Sophomore second baseman Bria Barnhill turned in a web gem to
eliminate what might have become a threat, when she fielded a hot grounder,
tagged the runner advancing from first and threw left  to Amelia Gillentine
to complete the rally and inning-ending double play and send the home team
into its dugout and offensive mode.
      The Mauldin faithful were decked out in their Orange and shaking
their Orange noisemakers in support of the Golden Girls of the Golden
Strip. Leading off, Senior Mackenzie corn ripped a 3-1 offspeed bender up
the middle to ignite the offense as she has done so well all season.  Two
non-threatening outs followed, and Corn stole second base before Senior
Jordan Stovall worked the count to earn an 8 pitch walk.  Mauldin's hottest
playoff hitter, Amelia Gillentine stepped to the plate and promptly
deposited a shot into centerfield to move Corn to third.  DP Katelyn Wagers
then fisted an inside screwball into short leftfield to bring Corn across
the plate with Mauldin's and the games first run. A groundout to second
ended the rally before more damage was inflicted upon the visiting Lower
State Victors.
      In the top of the second, opposing pitcher Mallory Myers left her bat
in front of a 2-1 changeup, blooping it into short left just past the
diving glove of shortstop Dana Landers for a hit.  Summerville's next
batter attempted a sacrifice bunt to move her runner but Bagwell fielded it
quickly and cleanly, spun and threw to Landers calling for the ball at
second. Bagwell's throw was in time to cut down the lead runner for the
first out and to thwart the attempted sacrifice.  Bagwell and fellow Senior
battery-mate, Stovall, then induced an easy pop-up to Bria Barnhill at
second and fooled the next batter into looking at a called strike three to
end the top half of the second frame.  Mauldin's second inning offense
began inauspiciously with a couple of outs made by the Green Wave middle
infielders.  With two outs, Corn sent a hard drive through the leg-wickets
on the Summerville second-sacker.  Brianna Davis benefitted from a
mishandled bouncer at third base to move corn to second and reach first
safely - two on and two out.  Junior Dana Landers then smashed an inside
fastball toward the left-centerfield fence for a double that scored Corn
and Davis.  A great diving effort to stop the hard hit liner by the Green
Wave leftfielder prevented what might have been a triple or inside the park
homer.  Nonetheless, after the third out was made in the infield, Mauldin
had taken a 3-0 lead over the stunned ladies in Green and White after 2
      In the top of the third, Bagwell and Stovall seemed to hit their
stride.  They retired the Summerville side on 12 pitches including a "K"
sandwiched between  a flyout caught by Corn in center and a strong and
quick 6 to 3 play against the fleet Muckelvaney by Landers and Gillentine.
After slowly extricating herself from a long stretch on the defensive play,
Gillentine sauntered to the plate and showed no ill-effects when she
punched the second pitch down the rightfield line for a single to start the
Mauldin half of the third. Mauldin Middle school's Katelyn Wagers then laid
down a nice sacrifice bunt to move Gillentine, but also reached safely
thanks to a high throw to first by the Summerville catcher.  Bagwell then
made the error hurt by roping an RBI single into right center that scored
Gillentine and alertly moving to second on the throw home that halted
Wagers at third. Junior Krystina Simms came on to run for the pitcher,
Bagwell.  An out later, Brooke Barnhill used her speed to beat out an
infield hit  and fill the bases with Ladies in Orange and Brown.  Kenzi
Corn drilled the second baseman again and hit paydirt again when the shot
was mishandled and allowed her to reach first and Wagers to score safely.
The next two batters hit hard line drives too proximal to Summerville
fielders at first and centerfield to extend the rally, but the scoreboard
proudly displayed that after scoring in each of the first three innings,
the Lady Mavs led 5-0.
      In tops of both the 4th and fifth innings, Bagwell put her A-game on
display, striking out two Green Wave batters in each half inning and
getting infield assistance on two others from Freshman Brianna Davis at
third and Gillentine at first.  The Mauldin halves of the 4th and 5th
frames werent much more exciting and didnt live up to the explosiveness
that the Mauldin fans had been spoiled with over their past 3 games.  Other
than a one out basehit down the third baseline in the 5th by Bria Barnhill
and a fine sacrifice bunt by her Senior sister, Brooke, moving Sophomore
sis to second, the Mav offense didnt generate the rally extending or heart
racing RBI hits needed to extend the Upper State champion's lead.
      In the top of the 6th, it was clear that the visitors were running
out of outs and not finding answers to the labyrinth of pitch selection and
sequence that Bagwell and Stovall were serving their guests.  Gillentine
knocked down, then recovered a hard bouncer to retire the leadoff batter
unnassisted at first base.  Then Davis charged and threw hard to Bria
Barnhill covering first on a drag bunt attempt to notch the second out.
After a walk to the dangerous and athletic Summerville Shortstop,  Davis
parked under and handled a high infield fly for the third out.
      Mauldin waited for the 6th in this game to display what they spoiled
their fans with in the first innings of the last two games against Boiling
Springs, but it was beautiful nonetheless... Brianna Davis led off with a
sharp drive into rightfield, easily outrunning an attempt by the
rightfielder to throw her out at first.  Landers, who had been seeing a
steady diet of screwballs and inside pitches from the Summerville hurler,
took one that was too far inside, hard on the left elbow and stoically
trotted to first. Stovall was pitched a little too carefully and took a
base on balls after 5 pitches to fill the bases with Golden girls wearing
Orange.  Whether they knew it or not, this was not a good situation for
Summerville - facing La Mucho Calliente Gillentine with bases loaded...
the Senior first baseman made them pay for walking her teammates by
crushing a double to the leftfield fence that plated Davis and Landers.  An
out later, Bagwell clanged the chain link in left-center for a double that
brought Junior Jessica Lyles, (running for Stovall) and Gillentine across
the plate with Mauldin's 9th run of the contest.  Krystina Simms, running
for Bagwell was situated on second base representing the Lady Mavs 10th
run... to none for the visitors.  Should Simms score in the bottom of the
6th, the mercy rule would be invoked and Mauldin would claim the victory
without playing the 7th inning.  A second out was made on the right side of
the infield, moving Simms to third.  then Brooke Barnhill smacked a hit
toward the middle of the diamond, the second baseman reached the bounder,
but couldnt right herself and throw in time to get the fleet outfielder at
first.  More importantly, Simms crossed the plate on the play and the Lady
Mavs thus clinched the Opening game of the State Championship series 10-0
over the Green Wave of Summerville high in 5 and 2/3s innings.
      The Lady Mavs are on a roll !  Ashley Bagwell completed this shutout
allowing only a single hit !  As in 2 of the 3 previous games, hits were
generated and runs were scored from at least eight of nine positions in the
batting order.  For the third consecutive game, the Mauldin hitters amassed
double digit hits, even though two of those games didnt go the distance !
And for the fourth consecutive game the Lady Mavs have committed less
errors defensively than they have compiled extra base hits !  This is great
team play, and this is the time of the season that it is ALL ABOUT TEAM !
8 down, 1 to Go !  Keep up the great team play, effort, and focus in
Summerville tomorrow at 6:00 pm.  Their goal is within their sight and
reach.  GO MAVS - Git 'Er Done !