(2009 - 2010) - Softball - JV

vs. Hillcrest High - JV,

Date: Apr. 23, 2010
Time: 05:00 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

Mauldin JV defeats Hillcrest JV 6-1
Seeking to even the season series after a March loss to Hillcrest, the JV Lady Mavs prepared to battle the Lady Rams in their last game of their season, and also serving as the opening act before the Senior Night Ceremony and varsity game.
Hillcrest's Ashlyn Durham opened the game with a bunt down the 1B line, surprising the Mavs defense and reaching before they could come up with the ball, and taking second on a passed ball on the next pitch. However, Mauldin's Amanda Storch struck out the next two and caught the #4 batter's popup to end the scoring threat.  It was quiet on the other side, as Mauldin's batters went down in order to finish the first.
In the top of the second, the Rams' Taylor Madden hit a slow roller to shortstop, which was fielded and quickly thrown to first, but the umpire ruled her safe.  She was advanced when the Rams' catcher, Katie Nix, laid a bunt down the third base line and reached on a bit of uncertainty on the Mav's defense.  The next two went down in order,  but the third hit a grounder to the Mav's third baseman, Brittany Fowler, who adroitly tagged the runner going to third as there was no play at first by the time she had the ball.  This did allow Madden to cross the plate before the tag, giving the Rams a 1 run lead.  In the bottom of the frame, however, Mauldin started with two consecutive hits: Storch bounced one over the infields' heads, followed by a shot back up the middle by designated player, Destiny Garrett.  Laiken Carricoffe was walked on four pitches, loading the bases for the next batter, Cheryl Corbett, who received a free base of her own for a RBI as Storch crossed the plate.  A strikeout, and another RBI walk for Briana Fowler scored another Mauldin run.  Nikki Smith, singled to left to bring in Laiken for a third run.  The inning ended with an Infield Fly Rule and a grounder to second by the ninth Mauldin batter of the inning.  The Lady Mavs' were now the owners of a 3 to 1 advantage.
In the third frame, the top of the Hillcrest girls' order went down in turn, beginning with Durham's soft liner to Chelsey Scott at short.  In the Mavs' half, a ground out to short was followed by two walks, which was in turn followed by a new Hillcrest pitcher, who struck out one before surrendering a shot back up the middle by Allison Jackson.  The threat ended there as the last Mav struck out.
The top of the fourth saw two Hillcrest batters stuck out and a hit to right field.  The fourth batter was finally struck out on her tenth pitch, but a passed ball necessitated a quick throw from Boston to Corbett at first for the third out.  The bottom began with five singles to right field (the two of which went humming down the first base line), scoring 3 more Mauldin runs, with only a long fly out to left field by Nenchie Songalia between them.  But a fielder's choice to the plate followed by a fly to the Rams' thirdbaseman finished the inning.  Mauldin was now comfortably ahead 6-1.
The top of the fifth found two more quick strikeouts as Boston gloved two foul-tip third strikes, and a grounder to second ended the game.  The JV Lady Mavs finish the year with a 11-4 record.
              1 2 3 4 5  R H E
Hillcrest JV  0 1 0 0 0  1 3 2
Mauldin JV    0 3 0 3 x  6 9 2
WP: A. Storch (8-2) 3H, 9K, 0BB, 0ER
Top Hitters: Dest. Garrett 2-2, RBI; A. Storch 2-3, RBI; N. Smith 2-3, RBI