(2006 - 2007) - Basketball Girls

vs. Gaffney,

Date: Jan. 09, 2007
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

Jan. 9 - Lady Mavs Lose to Gaffney 39 - 42  

The Lady Mavs struggled in the first quarter but battled back in a close match with Gaffney.  With 39 seconds to go the Mavs were down by one point and had a chance for a basket, but it didn't happen.  The Lady Mavs lost possession, committed a foul in a last effort, but Gaffney converted the foul for the final 3 point lead.  High scorers were: Sarah Bergland- 11, Yashika Blakney (Keema) - 8, Rachel Woodlee - 7