(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. Loss - Byrnes 18-25,23-25,15-25,

Date: Oct. 20, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Byrnes High School

LADY MAVS LOOSE TO BYRNES-  Come see them take on Hillcrest - Thursday at 6:30 PM 



The Mauldin Varsity Volleyball team traveled to Duncan to take on the #10 ranked Lady Rebels of Byrnes in a match that had significant implications for the 4A state playoffs - A #3 Region seeding would be important to the Byrnes team, especially with a rematch looming with Boiling Springs on Thursday... while for the Lady Mavs this was a must-win match to qualify for the playoffs.

Game 1 started encouragingly as Junior Co-Captain Heather Granger pounded a set placed for her by Senior Kim Minor for a kill point.  The Lady Rebels responded by scoring the next 3 points, thanks to errors by the Mauldin defense and a block point off a Mauldin attack.  Byrnes gave the Lady Mavs an easy sideout when they served long to bring the score to 2-3. Mauldin returned the favor and had another spike blocked and were down 2-5 until Byrnes served into the net again.  At 3-5, the Lady Rebels successfully executed a pair of attacks over the Mauldin block on the near side, until Katie Faith knocked a third one down for a point to make it 5-6. A Mauldin set error gave the next point to Byrnes and yet another Byrnes serving error gave the next to the Lady Mavs.  Granger then stuffed a Byrnes attack for a block point, but the next two were given to the home team as Mauldin's defense posted a pair of shanks to end some of the longer of this games rallies.  Sophomore Kayla Whitten put a set in front of Faith who drove crosscourt off blockers arms and to the court for a mauldin Kill point and the score read 8-9.  A couple of sideouts later the score was 10-11 when a Mauldin overpass resulted in an easy Byrnes kill.  Still struggling at the service line, Byrnes served long again and Mauldin was still within 1 at 11-12. Kim Minor assisted Senior Co-captain Jordan Stovall with a kill that landed suddenly and emphatically on the Byrnes court floor to tie the score at 12. an exchange of errors tied it again at 13.  A pair of successful Byrnes attacks were answered by Stovall with a block point and a kill point off a set from Minor that were sandwiched around a Mauldin backrow error on receipt of a Byrnes serve.  The deficit was only 2 at 15-17.  Just when it seemed the play on both sides of the net was going to improve and this be the match anticipated, the Lady Mavs throw up a shank and a blocking error, to which Byrnes added a successful and impressive attack point and the deficit was 5 at 20-15.  Mauldin made a stand with Byrnes at 22 and 23 when Faith and Woodlee each pounded sets from Whitten for points and Junior Libero Dana Landers added an Ace of the Byrnes team to make it 18-23. But Mauldin would score no more in Game 1 as a partial block caromed off the court and a Mauldin spike attempt sailed long to give this first game to Byrnes 18-25.

Game 2 started with a Granger kill also with assistance from Minor. When both teams exchanged serveouts (long), the lady Mavs held a brief and small lead 2-1.  The brevity of the lead was due to the preponderance of errors the Lady Mav team laid upon themselves...another serveout, an overpass that crumpled in the net, a shank, and a free ball that led to a Rebel spike to Mauldin's floor occurred in succession and the Lady Mavs had fueled a 4 point Byrnes run and built a 2-5 deficit.  Stovall wasted no more time and smashed sets from each of the setters over the next three points and cut the margin to 2 at 4-6. Sophomores faith, Woodlee and Whitten combined on 2 of the next 3 for kill points and Mauldin was back in it at 6-7.  Landers was off on a 4 point service run that saw Unger, Granger, and Faith each score block points against the Byrnes attack.  The lock that had been missing much of the first game was suddenly alive, well, and leading the Lady Mavs to the lead 9-7.  An overpass by Mauldin and a serve into the net tied the score again, but Granger pounded a Whitten set, Melissa Unger dunked a set from sister senior Christina Brown, and Kim Minor served a net climbing Ace to put the Lady Mavs back in front out-of-bounds and the one after that found empty court down the far sideline, but Granger smashed a Minor set and Mauldin was still in front 13-11.  Showing that they were not comfortable with prosperity on this night and resisting the urge to seize momentum, the Lady Mavs next served long, shanked and made a hitting error to let the lady Rebels re-tie the game.  Stovall then pushed a deep set from Minor to the back and opposite corner where no ladies in Royal Blue could reach it.  Her Maverick team led 14-13, but hit another patch of inconsistency wherein Mauldin gave 3 points to the home team while on the receiving end of only 1.  Stovall would kill again, this time off a set from Whitten to make it 16-17.  Landers went on another short service run with three straight points fueled by errors from the Byrnes team and 2 kills from the fiery redhead, Granger off Whitten sets to take the Lady Mavs to a 2 point, 21-19 lead.  Again the Lady Mavs unravelled and couldn’t stay hot or error free - they gave Byrnes 3 of the next 4 points on shanks and a hitting error.  The highlight in this ugly stretch was a Kill from Unger off a set put in place by Kim Minor to make it 23-22. It was however the last Game 2 highlight Mauldin would muster. The lady Rebels completed a thunderous attack play, then were blessed with a shank from Mauldin, and an overpass which allowed their hitter to put an exclamation point on this Game 2 defeat of the Lady Mavs, 23-25.

Game 3 opened with a Granger Kill to start Mauldin's scoring, although this time, a deflated Lady Mavs team had spotted Byrnes to an 0-4 lead by failing to return several Rebel serves and shanking another. Stovall seconded her fellow-Captains Kill with one that she too shared with Minor and the score was 2-4.  The teams exchanged errors and fine play sideouts until Stovall found her range again with a pair of spiking kills that she received assists for from each of the setters - Minor and Whitten. After the second, Stovall strode to the service line and drilled an Ace at Byrnes to make it 7-8.  Sophomore Katie Faith kept up her good play at the net on this evening with another block point to repel one of an onslaught of Byrnes attacks that were coming with increasing frequency to the near side and middle of the net.  The Byrnes attack was now forcing errors upon the Mauldin backrow with powerful hits.  Landers lifted a match high 18 digs to aid her Lady Mav team but couldn’t turn all of the hits she put her arms in front of into good passes.  The states 4A tenth ranked team was now firing on all cylinders as they had not in the previous games.  Mauldin had failed to close games it could have won over the Rebels when the defending state Champions were off.  Now it would be extremely difficult to challenge a good team that had found its rhythm and was playing excellent defense to boot.  Byrnes mixed a pair of Aces against Mauldin, with a couple of Maverick hitting errors, and a handful of its own brand of booming attacks to mount a 2-13 run over the next 10 minutes.  The Lady Mavs were not giving up and continued to play hard, defensively trying to stave off the barrage of attacks.  At the net Mauldin turned tentative but the lady Rebels showed no mercy or concern for the Mav block and pounded the Mauldin backrow into submission.  Senior Christina Brown had finally seen enough and found her range at this late stage with a Kill of a Byrnes overpass and another off a set from Minor to make it 12-21.  Minor put the next set in front of Granger who obliged with a crosscourt kill point but Byrnes matched the feat and it was 13-22.  Stovall killed an overpass for Mauldin's 14th point, but playing even at this late stage would not get Mauldin any closer and they fell a kill and a shank later, 15-25.       Thus ended the Lady Mavs hopes of a third consecutive playoff season.

This Maverick Volleyball team is one with talent to play with the best teams the state has to offer, but without the consistency or focus to win back-to-back matches against second-tier and mid-level competition in the second half of the season.  It is however a Mauldin team with pride in themselves and their teammates and one that has shown their willingness to work hard, play hard, and sacrifice limbs or skin to give themselves a chance to score and win.  Come see this determination and pride play out the final Volleyball match of the season for the Lady Mavericks at home against Arch-Rival Hillcrest on "Senior Night"  when our Lady Maverick senior players and their parents will be recognized and honored beginning at 6:00 pm Thursday October 22nd at the Mauldin High Gymnasium.  Go Mavs !

       GAME 1: Mauldin 18  -  Byrnes 25

      GAME 2: Mauldin 23  -  Byrnes 25

      GAME 3: Mauldin 15  -  Byrnes 25










Landers, Dana 10 5 6 0 524
Granger, Heather 21 167 6 9 299
Minor, Kimberly 25 8 306 0 78
Whitten, Kayla 24 12 248 0 69
Stovall, Jordan 28 197 1 11 115
Ungar, Melissa 25 125 0 14 65
Woodlee, Laura 4 98 4 8 28
Faith, Katie 6 62 6 6 37
Ewing, Chloe 1 2 0 0 110
Brown, Kristina 0 56 2 0 25
Cessarich, Brandy 1 5 0 0 58
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 34
Scott, Chelsey 0 10 0 0 7