(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. WIN - Boiling Springs: 23-25, 25-23, 28-18, 25-20,

Date: Oct. 15, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

LADY MAVS WIN REGION MATCH AGAINST BOILING SPRINGS-  Come see them take on Byrnes at Byrnes- Tuesday at 6:30 PM 



On a brisk and overcast evening, The Mauldin Varsity Volleyball team hosted Boiling Springs for a match that would be meaningful for both teams. This match would be the season's "rubber match” between the Maverick and Bulldog Volleyballers - Mauldin having been victorious at the end of August in Myrtle Beach and the Bulldogs having won in Boiling Springs at the end of September.  Importantly, Mauldin needed this win to stay alive in the hunt for a playoff spot in the state tournament. A loss to Boiling Springs on this night would virtually eliminate the Lady Mavs from contention.

As Game 1 got underway, Mauldin and senior Setter Kim Minor came out firing... Minor started the game with a 4-point service run that included her setting fellow seniors Jordan Stovall and Melissa Unger for kill points.  Junior Heather Granger added a loud and strong block point to the rally. After Boiling Springs earned a sideout, Co-Captain Granger killed an overpass by the Lady Bulldog defense and the other Co-Captain, Jordan Stovall, spiked a Minor set to the floor to get the Lady Mavs off to a sparkling start 7-1. Minor put a couple more nice sets in front of Unger and Stovall to bookend a pair of Lady Mav Errors.  Unger and Stovall responded with unreturnable hits for scores and Mauldin was still in control 9-4.  At this point in the first frame boiling Springs seemed to shale off the stun of what was happening to them and got into their rhythm. Leaper Kayla McAvoy showed she could play defense AND strike from anywhere on the court as she smashed a couple of kills between Mauldin defenders. The ladies in Orange and white threw in a hit error and a shank and suddenly the scoreboard read 10-8 in favor of the home Mavs.  Sophomores Laura Woodlee and Kayla Whitten got busy   at this point and combined for a kill point and Woodlee knocked down a block point for good measure. Between these two highlights for Mauldin and Woodlee were two for Boiling Springs...a kill and an Ace into the teeth of the Mauldin netters. The score was 12-10.  The Captains and hot-setting Kim Minor jumped back into the fray with three more textbook sets and spikes and Mauldin's lead was up to 3 again 15-12.  The Lady Mavs pushed the late-game lead to 4 after Unger served an Ace (17-13) and again when Boiling Springs had a positioning problem on the court at serve receive (18-14).  The lady Bulldogs dug in their heels and continued to allow their big swinging hitters to fire away at the Mauldin defense.  Stovall, Granger, and Junior Libero Dana Landers stood in the line of fire and repelled 13 attacks putting passes back into the supple hands of Minor and Whitten.  Nonetheless a couple of the booming Bulldog attacks found open court or sprawling defenders and they fought their way into contention down the stretch.  Stovall and Granger killed sets from Whitten to make it 20-16, but Boiling Springs roared back with 2 kill points, an attack that forced a shank on Mauldin's back row, and a block point at the net.  Suddenly the Mav lead had evaporated at 21 apiece. Mauldin Coach Christy Plecha called timeout to calm and focus her charges. When the teams returned after their minute of inspiration, The Lady Bulldogs gave a point on a serve out and took one away with a booming kill down the near sideline. Mauldin performed a similarly over the next two points by taking an attack into their own net and following with a successful attack by Minor and Unger to bring the score to a frenzied 23-23.  The crowds were loud and encouraging on both sides.  This was an important match to both teams.  The lady Mavs, to their credit stayed aggressive and on the attack but a hit long and a successful Bulldog block of another gave the first game, a very good one, to the Lady bulldogs. 23-25.

In Game 2, Mauldin received service from Boiling Springs.  Landers, Minor, and Granger ran a textbook pass-set-spike play to the left side and Granger scored the first point with a crosscourt kill.  A pair of sideouts later, Senior Kim Minor continued to show she had the hot hands on this night by setting Unger and Stovall for successive and successful kills against the ladies in Black and Red.  Mauldin led 4-2.  The two combatants played even over the next 6 rallies - Senior Christina Brown drove a Minor set down the line for a point and Sophomore Katie Faith nearly punched a hole in the Boiling Springs block and Mauldin scored again as the Mikasa caromed off the court.  Alternating with these highlights were kills by Lady Bulldogs Casey Talley and Kylie Moyer whose swings were quicker than the Mauldin block at this stage in the match.  When Mauldin next committed a few errors, of both the forced and unforced variety, the game tilted in favor of Boiling Springs.  Jordan Stovall and Christina Brown kept the faith and inspired the faithful with kills crosscourt and down the line respectively to keep the Lady Mavs in striking range, 9-10 and 11-12.  It was obvious at this point in the match that both teams were playing better than either had in their previous 2009 contests.  Landers, Unger, and Granger kept the Mauldin defense aloft in Game 2 with 18 combined digs. Long rallies highlighted the middle of this game with neither team giving ground.... until Stovall re-heated and figured prominently in a 3 point surge by the Lady Mavs with two kills of sets by Minor and a loud block of a McEvoy smash that fell to the Bulldog side of the net for a Mauldin point.  Mauldin had re-taken the lead 14-13 when Boiling Springs attack recorded a Kill and then Aced the Lady Mavs from their service line.  Brown put another spike down the line and the score was once again tied at 15.  Both team's blocks and defenses came to the forefront over the next 9 points as neither team's attack put the other away and instead the rallies were extended as the backlines took the spotlight.  Boiling Springs scored on a kill of a Mauldin overpass and a net-climbing overhead that fell unexpectedly on the Mauldin side.  The Mavs however, were forced into fewer errors than their opponents in this stretch and held a precarious 20-18 lead into the stretch.  Kim Minor Aced the Lady Bulldogs when she returned to the court on the service line. Brown went successfully down the line for her 4th kill of the second game with assistance from Minor, and the Lady Mavs led 22-18. McEvoy answered with a Kill point for Boiling Springs, but Unger was ready for her next attempt and made a dentalwork popping block that fell at the feet of the high flying lady Bulldog for a Mauldin point that made it 23-19. After a sideout, Stovall blocked a Bulldog attack and the Lady Mavs were at game point.  The pro-Mauldin crown in Orange and Brown roared its approval, sensing the immanent victory.  Boiling Springs stayed aggressive and on the attack. Down 4, they staved off 3 final points with Kill, a gifted hitting error, and a spike that caromed off the Mauldin block.... but when Minor placed yet another set in front of the hard-swinging Stovall, the result was a kill point that landed just out of reach of a diving Bulldog Libero, and put game 2 in Mauldin's win column 25-23.      The match was evened at a game apiece but the momentum had swung to Coach Christy Plecha's home team, who were clearly cognizant of their mission and playing near their potential.

Boiling Springs capitalized on a free ball to score first with a kill in Game 3, but Heather Granger answered with a thumping cross-court kill to even the score.  A pass into the net by the Lady Bulldogs gave Mauldin its second point and Dana Landers directed a backcourt overhead to undefended space on the Lady Bulldog side for a third. Granger then Aced the Boiling Springs side and a pair of sideouts later, Stovall connected on back-to-back sets from Minor to give the Lady Mavs a 6-3 advantage. Granger then hammered a Minor assist and Boiling Springs hit long on the subsequent point and Mauldin led 9-3.  The Boiling Springs Coaching staff called timeout and launched an angry tirade to inspire her team.  Jordan Stovall was the one who seemed most motivated after the brief respite as she pounded 3 killing spikes to the floor in the next 5-point span. Mauldin led 12-5 when the Bulldogs blocked the next Lady Mav attack, but Whitten and Granger answered back with a set and spike to make it 13-6.  A pair of long rallies ending in tips that sailed deep came next and before Minor Aced the Lady Bulldogs to make it 15-7.  It was then the Bulldogs turn to make a 2-8 run at the Lady Mavs with block points, kill points, and a Mauldin serve out.  Stovall and Minor righted the ship once again on this night for the Lady Mavs with a kill point that made it 18-15.  Next, Sophomore Laura Woodlee took over the hot hand mantle with a kill off a Whitten set and 2 block points that thwarted Bulldog attacks for points. Mauldin led 22-16 when Granger decided to ice the third game with kills ending 2 of the next 3 rallies off assists from each of the setters, and a block point to finish the third frame 25-18 for the Lady Mavs.  The Mauldinfaithful were on their feet loudly clapping for and cheering their flushed but beautiful daughters, girlfriends, and classmates.  the lady Mavs were one game win away from sealing a critical Region match win.

After Boiling Springs served out to start Game 4, Melissa Unger blocked a thunderous Bulldog attack to give the Lady Mavs a 2-0 lead.  The lady bulldogs were playing tight and missed the court on 2 of the next 3 attacks. Senior Co-Captain, Jordan Stovall didn’t miss the next kill opportunity that Minor setup for her and the Lady Mavs led 5-2.  Doe-eyed senior, Melissa Unger, stepped to the service line and promptly delivered two unreturnable serves for Ace points for the home team.  Several points later, Stovall killed a Bulldog overpass and the Lady Mavs led 9-3. Perhaps overconfident in their lead, The Mauldin frontline hit a pair of spikes outside the boundaries and the backline contributed a shank to the opposition. When Stovall struck again - this time off a set from Sophomore Kayla Whitten, the Mauldin lead had shrunk to 10-6. Errors and sideouts over the next 4 points were even until a double hit by a Mauldin setter, a rotational/alignment error call against Mauldin, and a Boiling Springs block-point narrowed the gap to one  (12-11) at the halfway point. Another Bulldog block-point preceded Unger and Stovall kills of Minor sets that saw the scoreboard click to 14-12 in favor of the home team.  The pro-Mauldin gallery shouted their approval and encouragement.  Unger then delivered her 3rd Ace in Game 4.  Talley of the Lady Bulldogs killed a Mauldin overpass, but a serve out stifled a needed run by the visitors from Spartanburg county.  Captains Stovall and Granger each recorded kills off Whitten sets and Granger scored a block-point for the Lady Mavs.  Kylie Moyer of Boiling Springs matched the blocking feat, but Mauldin's lead was 4 at 19-15 heading into the final straightaway.  A few long rallies, minutes, and sideouts later - highlighted by excellent defense on both sides of the net from McEvoy and Libero Alainie Page in Black and Red...and from Landers, Granger, and Defensive Specialist Chloe Ewing in Orange and White, Woodlee thrashed a Whitten set for a kill that made the score 21-17. Unger added a kill to a shank from Boiling Springs and the Lady Mavs could smell the finish line with the score at 23-17.  Chloe Ewing pushed the soft leather spheroid to vacated real estate on the Boiling Springs and the Lady Mavs were a point away.  Still feisty and battling, the Lady Bulldogs held off 3 game points with successful kills - one that caromed off the Lady Mav blockers, and another that forced a diving shank from the Mauldin backrow. It was too little and too late however as  - THWACK!  Granger pummeled a Whitten set to put a final exclamation point on an excellent match, won by the Lady Mavs by a 25-20 score in Game 4.

Thus Mauldin had kept its playoff hopes alive and served notice to the rest of the region teams that it could play better than they showed their region sisters in their first matchups ... and as well as any team they may face this month!  Next on the ladder is defending State champion and Region 2 third place Rebels of Byrnes High School.  The Lady Mavs played one of their 2 best matches of the season on Thursday and will need to duplicate or improve upon the feat next Tuesday October 20th against Byrnes in Duncan at 6:30 pm.  Come support our Lady Maverick netters as they battle to keep their playoff hopes alive and look to even their 2009 match record against the Lady Rebels.  GO MAVS !!!

                  GAME 1:  Mauldin 23  -  Boiling Springs 25

                  GAME 2:  Mauldin 25  -  Boiling Springs 23

                  GAME 3:  Mauldin 25  -  Boiling Springs 18

                  GAME 4:  Mauldin 25  -  Boiling Springs 20


Season Stats:







Landers, Dana 8 5 6 0 505
Granger, Heather 21 159 6 8 292
Minor, Kimberly 25 8 293 0 75
Whitten, Kayla 24 12 239 0 69
Stovall, Jordan 27 187 1 11 110
Ungar, Melissa 25 122 0 13 65
Woodlee, Laura 4 96 4 8 28
Ewing, Chloe 1 2 0 0 110
Faith, Katie 6 59 6 4 37
Brown, Kristina 0 54 2 0 25
Cessarich, Brandy 1 5 0 0 54
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 34
Scott, Chelsey 0 10 0 0 7