(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. WIN - Spartanburg - 25-13,27-25,25-12,

Date: Oct. 13, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Spartanburg High School

LADY MAVS WIN REGION MATCH AGAINST SPARTANBURG-  Come see them take on Boiling Springs at home- Thursday at 6:30 PM 


On Tuesday evening, the Mauldin Varsity Volleyball team travelled to

Downtown Spartanburg to face the Vikings in an important 4A Region 2

Contest. On the surface it appeared to be a matchup of the 5th and 6th

place teams for position near the bottom of the region standings...but the

Lady Mavs know that their rightful place and their aim is higher. They have

shown that they can compete with and nearly defeat the team at the top of

the standings, and have lost matches to the other three while not playing

nearly up to their ability...including one they have beaten in tournament

play this season. If the Lady Mavs are indeed going to be the playoff team

they can and should be in 2009 they could not afford to stumble against

Spartanburg and should make short work of the Lady Vikings.

Game 1 began as many have this season... Mauldin scored first on

Kills by Junior Co-Captain Heather Granger and Senior hitter Melissa Unger

with setting assists from Senior Kim Minor, but then fell into a spell of

errors that kept the opponent in the game. Shanks and mis-hits allowed the

Lady Vikings to go on a 1-5 run and take a 3-5 lead. Sophomore Katie Faith

teamed with Minor to put a stop to it with a scoring spike. A sideout

later, Senior Co-Captain Jordan Stovall pounded a set from Sophomore Kayla

Whitten and Sophomore Laura Woodlee did the same and Mauldin tied the score

at 6. Unger killed a Viking overpass and Senior defensive specialist

Brandi Cessarich found open court with an overhand smash from Mauldin's

backrow and Mauldin took the lead 8-7. Several points later Junior Libero

Dana Landers started a 7 point service run for the Lady Mavs that was

fueled by 2 kills from Faith on sets from Whitten, an Unger dunk of another

Spartanburg overpass, and a surprise attack from Whitten setting a pass

from landers to empty court on the other side. When Landers left the

service line after her 8th serve went long, the lady Mavs had a lead they

would not relinquish 15-7. Granger helped Mauldin to a sideout with a

driving kill off a Whitten set to make it 17-8. The two teams then

exchanged volleys, inconclusive attacks, and errors over the next 6 points

to click the scoreboard forward, but Unger got hot again and scored on two

successive kills - one from a Minor set and the other from a set provided

by an errant pass from the Viking backrow. The scoreboard read 22-11.

Minor set Sophomore Laura Woodlee and Friend and sister senior Stovall for

the final two kill points that wrapped up the first game 25-13. Not

picture perfect, but efficient and effective enough !

Game 2 began with a Spartanburg serveout and yet another Unger kill

of a Viking overpass. after some more charity from the young Lady Vikings,

Unger killed again, this time in the more traditional way - smacking a nice

set placed in front of her by Minor. The scoreboard read 6-2 and it looked

like the Mavs would cruise again...but instead they hit speed bumps of

their own making ! Although Coach Christy Plecha had made a couple of

substitutions in this game, the Lady Mavs began to look like they hadnt

played together before and proceeded to make mistakes that allowed

Spartanburg to go on a 5 point service run and then score 3 more points to

Mauldin's 4 during an exchange of error points. the Spartanburg JV

Football team and faithful parents got loud and the Lady Vikings began to

feed off the crowd and show more confidence. With the score tied at 10,

Unger and Granger landed scoring smashes in the court and Mauldin was up

again 12-10. Spartanburg was still excited however, and kept any tentative

Mauldin attacks alive. Landers and Cessarich got a workout at this point

retrieving and lifting 11 digs back into play for the Maverick offense.

Unger and Woodlee each killed sets from Minor to tie the score at 14 and at

16. The Lady Vikings would not go away without a fight, but neither would

Mauldin's defense or Mav Captain Jordan Stovall... Number 2 got hot and

recalibrated her sights and arm swing just in time to score kills on 3 of 4

rallies - 2 from sets by Whitten and one on an overpass, to give the lady

Mavs a lead, 20-17 into the stretch. A couple of long rallies, errors, and

sideouts later, Unger killed a Minor set and it was 23-22. After a Mauldin

shank, a successful Spartanburg attack, and a ball let go landed on

Mauldin's back line... Stovall struck again with 2 more kills of sets from

Minor and it was 25-25. Whitten responded in the clutch with an Ace from

the service line and set Stovall during the rally following her final

serve. Stovall brought it home with a crosscourt blast that ended a game

that was much closer than it should have been, in Mauldin's favor 27-25.

Game 3 began with Spartanburg slamming a Mauldin overpass and Unger

returning the favor on the next point. Stovall then killed a set from minor

and Unger dunked another overpass to the floor and mauldin was off 3-1.

The Lady Vikings struggled over the next series of rallies as Mauldin went

on a 5-1 run and led 8-2 after a Woodlee kill of a set from Minor. A

couple of sideouts later, Woodlee struck again with a block point to make

it 10-3. Katie Faith connected with a Southpaw swing that scored with an

assist from Whitten and it was 11-3. But this was Sophomore Laura

Woodlee's game to shine with her sister Rachel (a hitter for the Wofford

Terriers and distinguished MHS alumni) in the stands ! Woodlee killed a

Viking overpass and pounded a Whitten set two points later to put the Lady

Mavs out front 14-5. Landers and Ewing kept up the good yet unheralded work

on the defense lifting 7 game 3 digs back to the offense. Heather Granger

contributed a thunderous slam off a Whitten set for a point and Unger

killed another overpass and it was 17-7. When Faith dunked still another

Spartanburg overpass and Unger killed another Whitten set, Mauldin was

heading into the stretch with a 12 point lead 20-8 - that is more like it !

This Mauldin team was playing the third game as it could and should, rather

than as it occasionally has, letting their level of play slip or rise to

match that of their competition. A little sloppiness and exuberance showed

over the next stretch as Mauldin's Lady Netters were swinging hard and a

little wild... but even so, played even when Unger spanked a Minor set to

make it 23-12. After a Spartanburg shank elevated Mauldin to game-point,

Stovall thrashed a Minor set to finish the game 25-12, and the match 3-0.

This was an expected, but important, win over the athletic yet

inexperienced Spartanburg squad. Furthering the point, Mauldin improved

its overall match record to 14-11, and its region record to 2-5. The Lady

Mavs are still on the outside looking in, but have an opportunity to make

the state playoffs if they can win their final 3 matches. Next up is the

Bulldogs of Boiling Springs on Thursday evening at home. {UPDATE: Mauldin

won the Boiling Springs match in 4 games - details tomorrow} Next Tuesday

at 6:30 pm, Mauldin takes on Byrnes in Duncan in another exciting and

all-important Region match. Come join the countdown to the playoffs and

cheer our volleyballers as they battle 3rd place Byrnes with their backs

against the wall yet again. GO MAVS !



GAME 1: Mauldin 25 - Spartanburg 13

GAME 2: Mauldin 27 - Spartanburg 25

GAME 3: Mauldin 25 - Spartanburg 12

Season Stats:







Landers, Dana 8 4 6 0 482
Granger, Heather 20 145 4 7 275
Minor, Kimberly 24 8 258 0 72
Whitten, Kayla 23 12 232 0 65
Stovall, Jordan 27 167 1 9 102
Ungar, Melissa 21 114 0 12 58
Woodlee, Laura 4 93 4 7 28
Faith, Katie 6 58 6 4 36
Ewing, Chloe 1 2 0 0 106
Brown, Kristina 0 50 2 0 24
Cessarich, Brandy 1 5 0 0 54
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 34
Scott, Chelsey 0 10 0 0 7