(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

Date: Oct. 12, 2009
Time: 05:30 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

LADY MAVS WIN OVER ST. JOES AND BROOME IN TRI-MATCH-  Come see them take on Spartanburg at Spartanburg- Tuesday at 6:30 PM 


After a near triumph at Dorman last Thursday and a (Homecoming)

weekend to rest, the Mauldin Varsity Volleyball team played host to Broome

High in Northeast Spartanburg and St. Josephs Catholic School in

Greenville who would join the Lady Mavs for a Tri-Match pitting each squad

against the others in a pair of "best of 3" matches.

First up the Lady Mavs took on the Royal and Gold Centurions from

Broome. In the first game, Broome errors gave the Mauldin Netters their

first two points and a Mauldin error gave one back. When Mauldin's Senior

Co-Captain Jordan Stovall and frontline teammate Laura Woodlee warmed up

with 3 kill points and a block point over the next span, the lady Mavs were

in control 9-4. After a couple of sideouts on both sides, Stovall went to

the service line and drove a pair of Aces back to back against the

overmatched Broome team. Sophomore Woodlee followed with another block

point and the score was 13-6. After Stovall spanked yet another kill point

to the Broome court, this time with a set from Junior Libero Dana Landers

to make it 15-6, Senior Melissa Unger and Junior Co-Captain Heather Granger

decided to get into the action. Granger and Unger with outstanding sets

from Sophomore Kayla Whitten, led Mauldin on a 5-2 run with two kills

apiece. After an Ace from Senior Kim Minor, Mauldin was cruising down the

stretch 21-10. Two Broome error-points later Granger killed a Centurion

overpass to put the lady Mavs at game point and a passing error on the

Broome side finished Game 1, 25-10.

Mauldin opened Game 2 with a service error, but quickly rebounded

with a sideout and an Ace from Granger to take a 2-1 lead. Mauldin's next

4 points came when Stovall recorded a Kill off a set from Minor and an Ace,

followed by Kills from Sophomore Katie Faith with assists from Kayla

Whitten. However these highlights were interspersed with hitting and

passing errors on the Mauldin side and the score was tied at 9-9. Mauldin

Coach Christy Plecha called a timeout to refocus her charges. The ladies

from Broome were gaining confidence, playing great defense, and winning

some points at the net. The two teams continued to play even over the next

span with Broome attacks supplemented by Mauldin shanks and hitting errors.

Stovall scored 3 more kill points with help from each setter, Senior

Christina Brown spiked one down the line off a set from Minor, and Katie

Faith pounded a kill off the Broome block and out-of bounds with assistance

from Whitten. When Whitten surprised Broome with a

fake-set dunk off a pass from Landers, Mauldin held a slim advantage 17-16.

The defense was working hard in game 2 for the Mavs. Landers, Granger, and

Senior Defensive Specialist Brandi Cessarich combined to lift 14 Digs to

the Mauldin setters off attacks from the free-swinging Centurions in game

2. Down the stretch, Mauldin limited its errors and got kill points from

Faith, Granger, and Unger with help from Whitten... and then a dunking

kill from Minor to bring the score to 23-19. Several sideouts later, Unger

sealed the game with a kill of a Broome overpass to deliver the game and

match to the Lady Mavs 25-22.

GAME 1: Mauldin 25 - Broome 10

GAME 2: Mauldin 25 - Broome 22

In the Middle match, Broome surprised the favored St. Joseph's Lady

Knights by winning the first game, but the Knights rebounded and played

better in taking the second and third games from the Lady Centurions...and

thus, the match.

The third match would pit unbeatens Mauldin and St Joes in a rematch

of the Pool final at the Southside Christian Invitational tournament, won

by the Lady knights. The Lady Knights came into this game with

confidence and momentum, while the Lady Mavs needed to re-warm their legs

and arms after a dinner break. In spite of early Kill points scored by

Unger (2) and Brown off feeds from Minor, Lady Mav errors were making it

difficult to keep pace with the Catholics in Navy Blue. Down 3-10, Mauldin

Coach Christy Plecha called a hot timeout. Landers and Faith responded

with kills off Whitten assists to make it 5-11, but overpasses, shanks,

blocking and hitting errors continued to undermine the Mauldin attack and

when the Co-Captains each slammed Minor sets emphatically to the floor for

scores, the Lady Mavs were still behind 9-16. Minor kept working and set

Stovall again and Christina Brown twice more in the next handful of

rallies. the senior hitters responded with kill points but Mauldin still

trailed 13-18. Two sideouts later, Stovall drilled an Ace at the Lady

Knights. Sophomore Laura Woodlee added a kill off a Whitten set to make it

16-21, but mauldin would not score again as the Lady Mavs gifted the

balance of game 1 to St. Josephs with shanks and hits that sailed long or

into the net, 16-25.

Game 2 began in much the same vein as did the first between these two

teams. Mauldin errors alternated with highlight reel scores to put the

Lady Mavs at a slight deficit. Melissa Unger killed a St. Joe overpass and

Woodlee pounded a set from Minor to keep MHS within 2 at 3-5. Sophomore

setter Kayla Whitten then went on a 4 point run that included two kills

from Stovall and a successful backrow attack by Dana Landers. The Lady

knights came back behind their disciplined defense and pinpoint hitting.

Landers returned the favor to Whitten shortly thereafter with a set that

the Sophomore placed into an undefended corner of Knight court for a kill

and the tally remained indecisive at 9-10. Heather Granger sandwiched a

block-point and a kill from a Minor set around two forced errors from the

Mauldin side of the net and it was 11-12. Landers, fellow junior defensive

specialist Chloe Ewing, and Senior Brandi Cessarich were doing Yeoman work

on the Backrow, chasing, digging, saving, and setting some of the caroms

off Knight attacks and mis-directed passes originating on the Mauldin side.

The trio had 19 Digs in Game 2 of this match. Long Rallies, sideouts,

hitting errors and service mistakes alternated sides of the net for the

next spurt until Woodlee directed a Whitten set to the floor and Granger

pounded another crosscourt to give Mauldin a precarious lead 18-17. After

the lady Knights hit into the net and Mauldin hit long, Woodlee and Faith

spiked sets from Whitten for points to stretch the Lady Mav lead to 21-18.

Heather Granger ended the next two rallies with Kills with assistance from

each of the setters and Mauldin was closing 23-20. Minor took a pass from

Brandi Cessarich and set it to a hole in the unsuspecting Knight defense,

then Unger hammerred a set from Christina Brown to finish Game 2 and tie

the match at a game apiece.

St Joseph started Game 3 with a 3 point service run on the Lady Mavs

via an error, a successful Knight attack and kill, and an Ace. It was

stopped when the lead-off server sailed the next service long. St. Joes

made some mistakes too in the next few points as both Melissa Unger and

Jordan Stovall spanked overpasses that dared enter their airspace at low

altitude. Stovall also smashed a set from Kim Minor and Unger served an

Ace and the Lady Mavs were in front 6-5. Christina Brown asserted herself

in the 5 point run with a Kill off a set from Minor and then by setting the

Mikasa for a Stovall kill. Completing the three-some, Minor put the rock

in front of Stovall who drilled hardwood on the St. Joes side and the

scoreboard showed the Lady Mavs lead at 9-5. The Lady Knights stiffened

and several long rallied resulted with Mauldin's attack besting the Lady

knights 5 of the next 8 points, not with kills, but by forcing errors from

the St. Josephs team with pressure and good defense. When Granger and

Faith next tallied scoring spikes with assists from Whitten, the score was

14-8. Melissa Unger stepped to center-stage with a block point and a kill

of a Knight overpass. Granger crushed a set from Minor for a point and

served an Ace as an encore ... things were looking good for the Lady Mavs

heading into the stretch, 18-10. However, St. Joseph's would not quit or

give up. They battled, hustled, accepted two and forced one error on

Mauldin in a 2-5 run that closed their deficit in the match-deciding game

to 20-15. Great defense and hustle from Landers, Ewing, and Cessarich

helped transition the Knight's surges to put Mauldin back in position to

attack. Whitten set Woodlee for a kill point, then Faith retrieved and set

an errant pass in front of Granger, who pounded it for another point. A

Pair of sideouts later, the stage was set for the Lefty Closer once again

and Faith did not dissappoint, taking a set from Whitten and pounding it

into would-be blockers arms and angling harmlessly out of bounds for the

final point - game, set, and match for the Lady Mavs !

With this pair of non-region wins, The Mauldin Netters advanced their

match record to 13-11. The home stretch of the season is upon them now.

Mauldin controls its playoff destiny and can clinch a berth with 4 straight

wins against Region opponents. First would be Spartanburg {MAULDIN WON IN

THREE GAMES} away on Tuesday and Boiling Springs at Home on Thursday

starting at 6:30 pm. GO MAVS !!!


GAME 1: Mauldin 16 - St. Joseph C.H.S. 25

GAME 2: Mauldin 25 - St. Joseph C.H.S. 20

GAME 3: Mauldin 25 - St. Joseph C.H.S. 16


Season Stats:







Landers, Dana 7 3 5 0 465
Granger, Heather 19 140 4 7 267
Minor, Kimberly 24 8 245 0 70
Whitten, Kayla 22 11 220 0 62
Stovall, Jordan 27 158 1 9 97
Ungar, Melissa 21 98 0 12 54
Woodlee, Laura 4 85 4 6 26
Ewing, Chloe 1 2 0 0 102
Faith, Katie 6 53 6 4 35
Brown, Kristina 0 50 2 0 22
Cessarich, Brandy 1 4 0 0 47
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 34
Scott, Chelsey 0 9 0 0 7