(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. Loss: Dorman - 25-27,17-25,25-15,25-23, 9-15,

Date: Oct. 08, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Dorman High School

LADY MAVS ALMOST UPSET DORMAN IN FIVE-  Come see them take on St. Joes and Broome at home- Monday at 5:30 PM 


Coach Christy Plecha and her  Mauldin Lady Maverick Varsity Volleyball team had few reasons to feel confident about their upcoming Region match with 4A State ranked #1Powerhouse Cavaliers on Thursday evening on the Dorman University campus.  The Lady Cavs had defeated Mauldin at home in 3 games, and the young Lady Mavs subsequently won one then lost three straight Region matches while not playing consistently well nor not up to their potential.  Nonetheless, the Ladies from Mauldin donned their Spandex, studied through the 1/2 hour busride, and then warmed up spiritedly for their seeming David vs. Goliath matchup.

With a minimum of expectations burdening the Mauldin netters, they opened the scoring of Game 1 and the match when Junior Co-Captain Heather Granger dunked a Dorman overpass. Several points later, Seniors Kim Minor and Christina Brown teamed up for a pair of textbook sets and spikes and the scoreboard suspended from the roof read 3-4.  Then it was the Sophomore's turn as Setter Kayla Whitten fed Lefty Katie Faith for another Mauldin kill point.  The Lady Cavaliers of Dorman might have taken notice that their unranked and unheralded opponents were not cowering, but they maintained their composure and good disciplined defense.  As is typical of this well coached and experienced team, they were making few mistakes and didnt appear a bit shaken by the upstart Mauldin team's early success. Granger kept up her fine net play with another kill of an overpass, followed by a crosscourt smash off a set by Whitten.  When Minor went to the service line and punched her unorthodox but effective serve through for an Ace, the Lady Mavs had tied the game at 8.  A handful of long rallies and inspiring defensive plays later, senior Co-Captain Jordan Stovall went on the attack and teamed with Minor for 4 kill points over the next few minutes to keep the Lady Mavs close and competitive with the still effective Cavalier netters. Excellent defense on both sides of the net were on display as well.  Six Maverick Netters - Granger, Stovall, Whitten, Senior Hitter Melissa Unger, Junior Libero Dana Landers and Junior Defensive specialist Chloe Ewing combined to lift 28 digs back to their  offense - keeping rallies alive and helping the transition of the Mauldin attack. When fellow Captain Granger sandwiched two more spanks of Whitten sets around yet another kill of an overpass, the game was headed into the stretch with the combatants tied again at 18.  Kim Minor served another Ace and Mauldin led for the first time in the game.  Dorman then went on a 3 point run slamming two kill points over the Maverick block and forcing a shank by the Mav backrow. Down now 20-23, Minor put sets in front of Brown and Stovall successively and number 13 and number 2 responded with unreturnable spikes into the teeth of the Dorman defense.  A dorman hit that was let go by Landers sailed long and the game was tied again at 23. Stovall dunked another Cavalier overpass for a point, then Dorman replied with an impressive smash down the line off the near side of the net.  Tied at 24, the competitors were equally up to the pressure of the straining rallies and imminent attacks. Dorman finally cracked and hit long, but like a recurring bad dream, the same down referee who missed a dozen calls within 10 feet of his bespectacled eyes against Byrnes in Mauldin called a phantom tip against the Mauldin blockers and reversed the point that would have put the Lady Mavs ahead 25-24. The already frenzied and excited Mauldin fans could not believe their luck...nor the awful timing of such a terrible call - a tip suspected neither by the Head referee, either of the Line judges, nor even the Dorman coach or team !  The team exchanged mis-hits that went long, but Dorman pounded the next one hard into the Mauldin blockers and when the ball caromed wide on the Cavalier side of the net, the Top Ranked Dorman team had escaped a game 1 upset 25-27. The Lady Mavs had played toe to toe and head to head with one of the finest volleyball teams in South Carolina...a dissappointing loss in a game that the Mauldin netters could have and deserved to win, but the resurgent Lady Mavs outstanding play was exhiliarating and encouraging.  David had bruised Goliath with a bodyshot, but hadnt sufficiently slowed the Baest.

Game 2 opened with an Ace served up by Kim Minor for the Mavs, but the Lady Cavaliers were responding positively to the very near upset they averted by the upstart Mavericks in Game 1.  Although Stovall scored a block point to keep close at 3-4, the Dorman team launched a 6 point service run fueled by their efficient but thunderous attack. After a Mauldin timeout, the Dorman run was stopped by a hit that sailed long. Laura Woodlee killed an overpass and combined with Sophomore Katie Faith to score a block point. Stovall pounded an unreturnable hit at a diving Dorman defender off a set by Whitten and the Lady Mavs were hanging tough, 9-12. Somehow, in spite of lots of hustle and good passing by defenders Emily Cooper, Dana Landers, and Katie Faith, who turned attacks into passes with 15 second game digs for the Lady Mavs, Game 2 was slipping away under the barrage of unblocked Dorman attacks and the Lady Cavs ability to keep the Mauldin attacks in play. An exception to the trend occurred when Senior Melissa Unger angled a block point to bring the score to 12-17, but the Dorman attack was undeterred and persistent.  Laura Woodlee drilled sets by Faith and Minor for "respectability" points 14 and 15 for Mauldin, but with Dorman in control and approaching game point, even a beautiful spike by Granger from a Whitten set that landed just beyond the 10-foot line proved cosmetic as Dorman cruised to a game 2 win, 17-25. Goliath had momentum and was closing in on David  for the kill.

Obviously feeling confident with a 2-0 game lead, the Dorman coach substituted some starters in Game 3 and quickly saw the folly, as the Lady Mavs impressively dug in their heels and made a firm statement that this match wasnt close to concluding !  After an errant serve by Dorman, Junior co-Captain Heather granger went on a 7 point service run which started and finished with two fine aces by the statuesque redhead.  In between senior setter Kim Minor figured prominently, assisting 3 successive kills by Senior Co-Captain Jordan Stovall and then dunking kills of her own off passes from Granger and Landers.  When Granger ended the strong run with a serveout, Mauldin was in control 8-1. Dorman starters were re-inserted into the game and they parlayed a Mauldin overpass and a couple of well orchestrated attacks into points. Thus, after dispatching the "B" team and weathering a Dorman offensive spurt, Mauldin went to work against the best the state could throw at them. Unger killed a set by Minor and Laura Woodlee spanked a set by Landers for points and Mauldin was clearly in control 10-4.  Sophomore Kayla Whitten then went on a 3 point service run that saw outstanding defense by Landers, Stovall, and Granger outlast the Dorman attack as the Cav hitters grew impatient and after long rallies hit long, wide, and into the net.   Granger added a Kill off a set from Whitten and Seniors Melissa Unger and Christina Brown  blocked the hard swinging Dorman attackers for consecutive points and mauldin extended its lead to 17-8.  Down the stretch, the teams played even as Mauldin showed maturity by playing smart with a big lead unlike they had several matches earlier. The Dorman attack was sharp and on target 5 of 6 rallies, but was matched by Mauldin's attack that featured kills by Granger and Brown from sets by Minor.  Unger added an Ace to make it 23-14, The teams exchanged sideouts on errent attacks and the Granger sealed the sweet and dominant victory with a crosscourt kill of a Whitten set to end Game Three, 25-15.  David had landed a shot to the chin of Goliath.

Game 4 would prove the best of the match.  If the Lady Mavs had been deflated in the second game after the first game loss, they were brimming with confidence after their stunning and decisive win in game 3.   The early going proved tough as both teams' offenses showed rhythm and had success on the attack.  Minor put excellent sets in front of Stovall and Brown who pounded kill-points and after a service rotation and sideout, Stovall smashed a Whitten set for a fourth point to Dorman's 8.  Several long rallies that included lunging 1 handed digs by Landers and diving digs by Granger, followed with alternating outcomes. Lefty hitter Katie Faith killed a Whitten set . Unger dunked another Whitten set. Stovall redirected a Dorman attack for a block point, and Brown  killed a set by Minor as the Lady Mavs played just better than even against the strong defense, transition, and attack of the states top ranked team and the big scoreboard read 10-14.  Some shanks and unsuccessful partial blocks by the ladies in Orange and White saw these Maverick netters lose a little ground but they never stopped believing or playing hard. Landers, Minor, Stovall, and Granger amassed 16 third game digs to keep rallies alive and give the Mauldin attack additional opportunities.  When Woodlee scored a block point, the Mavs deficit was 6 at 11-17.  Katie Faith killed a set from Whitten and Granger did the same with one from Minor...who followed up the assist with an Ace and the Mavs closed the gap to 14-18.  When Granger and Brown killed back to back sets from Minor after an error by Dorman, Mauldin was within 1 at 17-18.  These amazing Lady Mavs were playing tremendous team volleyball and mounting a thrilling comeback !  Several sideouts later, Stovall pounded a set from Minor to the Dorman floor and the usually reserved Dorman coach was becoming animated...as were the Mauldin faithful in the stands.  Most of the MHS fans and parents were on their feet. The Dorman coach walked in Christy Plecha's shoes for a minute when convinced the down ref had missed a carry call against Mauldin and the Lady Mavs had taken the lead 20-19.  Kim Minor, playing her best match of the season put fine sets in front of fellow class of 2010 members Unger and Stovall who responded with spiking points and Mauldin led 22-20. A Mauldin shank was atoned when Stovall drove another Minor set for a point that kept Mauldin in front, 23-22.  Laura Woodlee contributed a block point and Mauldin was on the verge, 24-22. A successful Dorman atttack was answered a point later when Stovall drove a Whitten set crosscourt for a game winner, 25-23.  The

Mauldin Lady Netters had not only evened the match at 2 games apiece against an excellent and undefeated Dorman team, they had played brilliantly and tenaciously, coming back from a 6 point deficit just after the games mid-point.  The Mauldin Faithful were giddy with excitement and roared their approval and support for their heretofore inconsistent team. David had drawn blood with another facial shot against Goliath !

A shortened Game 5 would be a nerve-wracker for both teams.  A Mauldin error gave the first point to Dorman, but Melissa Unger killed an overpass by the Lady Cavs to tie the score at 1. Stovall killed another set by Minor (Kim had a match high 29 on this night), and the Lady Mavs took the lead 2-1.  The tall ladies in Navy and Columbia blue than went on a 3 point run with a block point sandwiched by a Lady Mav shank and an overpass that was dunked to the Mauldin side of the court  and Mauldin trailed 2-5. Stovall (who tallied a team-high 18 kills in this match) spiked a set each from Whitten and Minor to stay close the gap, 5-7. A Dorman crosscourt hit went wide and a Mauldin attack went long, but instead of 6-8, the scoreboard mysteriously read 6-9.  Coach Plecha and the Mauldin fans protested, but the score was upheld by the referees after conferring with the Dorman scorekeeper.  Granger drove a kill down the line from a Whitten set to re-instate the deficit to 2 at 7-9 heading into the stretch. The Dorman defense and attack stiffened at this point as their memories of the Mauldin comeback a game ago haunted the Dorman team and fans.  The skilled and experienced transitions from defense to attack served the Lady Cavs well down the stretch.  The valaint Maverick defense continued to work hard, sacrificing skin and bruises to keep the long rallies alive. Landers, Granger, Cooper, and Stovall aggregately tallied 15 digs in this match-deciding game. The Mauldin attack smartly avoided mistakes, but at the same time couldnt put away the disciplined and hustling Dorman defense. Minor took a pass from Granger and pushed it to an open piece of Dorman court real-estate to bring the score to 10-13, but the lady Mavs would score no more as Dorman closed the game and match with strong and hard hitting attacks that forced a block error and a shank on the Lady Mav defense and the game ended 10-15.  Nonetheless, a well deserved standing ovation greeted the surprisinglystout Lady Mavs as they left the court. They had played their very best match of the season, nearly won, and shown that they could compete with the best !  if there is such a thing as a loss that felt like a win, this was it !  Congratulations on an outstanding, exciting, inspiring volleyball match ladies !!!

Next up for the resurgent Lady Maverick Volleyball team is a tri-match against Broome and st. Joseph's at Mauldin on Monday evening.  GO MAVS !!!


             GAME 1:  Mauldin 25  -  Dorman 27

            GAME 2:  Mauldin 17  -  Dorman 25

            GAME 3:  Mauldin 25  -  Dorman 15

            GAME 4:  Mauldin 25  -  Dorman 23

            GAME 5:  Mauldin 10  -  Dorman 15









Landers, Dana 7 2 4 0 426
Granger, Heather 16 125 4 7 257
Minor, Kimberly 23 6 224 0 62
Whitten, Kayla 22 7 200 0 61
Stovall, Jordan 22 143 1 9 93
Ungar, Melissa 20 90 0 12 50
Woodlee, Laura 4 79 4 6 26
Faith, Katie 6 47 5 3 33
Ewing, Chloe 1 1 0 0 91
Brown, Kristina 0 45 2 0 18
Cessarich, Brandy 0 4 0 0 39
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 34
Scott, Chelsey 0 9 0 0 7