(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. LOSS - Hillcrest 19-25,10-25,17-25,

Date: Oct. 06, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Hillcrest High School


On an overcast and dreary Tuesday evening in which the sky looked restless and foreboding, the Lady Mav Varsity Volleyball team traveled to Arch-Rival Hillcrest High to take on the #5 Hillcrest Lady Rams of Lynn Avant.   The Lady Rams were trying to rebound from two sloppy performances in previous matches, while the Ladies from Mauldin should have been feeling better about a solid performance in the Southside Christian Invitational Tournament last Saturday.

After a close, well played, and hotly contested JV match took a third game to reach conclusion in favor of the hosts, the Varsity's Game 1 began with a flourish for Mauldin as senior setter Kim Minor led off with a 4 point service run fueled by error points gifted to MHS by their rivals errors.  After a sideout, Junior hitter and captain Heather Granger scored a block point against the Ram attack and Mauldin led 5-1.   Senior Melissa Unger killed a Hillcrest overpass between a few Mauldin hitting errors and the score read 6-4.  Kim Minor then set Unger and Sophomore Laura Woodlee who drilled spikes for points. Several long rallies ensued as it appeared both teams might be over their early rivalry game jitters, even though Hillcrest took the majority of the points at the end of the long rallies by forcing Mauldin errors with their hard hitting attack.  The defense of Minor, Junior Libero Dana Landers, Captains Jordan Stovall and Heather Granger combined to hustle for and lift 25 digs to the offense in this first frame, but Stovall killed a set from Sophomore Kayla Whitten in the 18th point, it only tied the score at 9.  Mauldin had not been able to hold onto its lead against the Hillcrest attack finding and getting into its Rhythm.  An Ace of Mauldin by the hard jump serves of the Lady Rams was followed by the shank of another before Woodlee contributed a block point and Granger pounded a Whitten set for another to try and keep pace at 11-12.  Ram Sophomore Kylie Haun went to the service line and drilled tough serves at Mauldin, propelling a 5 point Lady Ram scoring run and exposing some weakness in Mauldin's serve-receive game.  Lady Mav captain Stovall halted the Ram scoring with a block point and a kill of a set by fellow-senior Christina Brown to stay close at 15-17.  The Lady Mavs gave it back to the Hillcrest servers with a long serve from the orange and white side and a pair of passing and setting errors by Mauldin put Hillcrest back in control 17-23.  The Mavs Heather Granger made a stand with a kill on a scrambling volley and set by Landers and followed with another off a more traditional set from Whitten to make it 19-23.  It would get no closer as Hillcrest closed the opening game on another gift from Mauldin's service line and a bruising kill from Haun that caromed off the attempted block into the bleachers.  Hillcrest took Game One 19-25.

Apparently at the beginning of Game 2, from out of the foreboding night sky, formless and invisible Aliens from another galaxy took a break from their research of the odd behavioral patterns of the blue-green planet's teenage female Homo Sapiens to seek recreation and fun inside the bodies of the Mauldin High Volleyball team. Their good taste was evident in their choice of the more attractive team, but their lack of exposure to the Earth game of Volleyball was quickly evident.  Hillcrest, seemingly unaware of the Inter-Galactic visitation that was taking place in their gym, went out to a quick 5-12 lead.  The space travelers who inhabited the bodies of Granger and Stovall were apparently quicker studies of the game than the others, since, either they were able to induce their hosts to score kill points in the early going or the Mauldin captains fought hard enough at moments to overcome the dizzying and disorienting affects of the possession.  Nonetheless, Hillcrest remained oblivious to the distraction and very effective in their play of the earth-game and extended their lead to 7-19 with little resistance as the pretty victims of invasion looked confused and new to the game and each other.  The tandem beings who looked like Katie Faith and Melissa Unger overcame their unwanted controllers momentarily when they scored the Mauldin/Andromeda team's 9th and 10th points with spikes that looked like learning or experience was coming to the forefront of the tortured Lady Mavs.  Alas it was much too little, much too late since the Hillcrest team was positioned at 21 on the scoreboard for the former and game point for the latter. Another missed serve by the clear gelatinous being inside a hapless Lady Mav gave Game 2 to the Lady Rams 10-25.

Thankfully, the intergalactic researchers break time and fun was over and they left as mysteriously and silently as they arrived, unbeknownst to any but the most astute and sensitive of the spectators in attendance. Several fans, a line judge, and two coaches on the Maverick side complained of acute Nausea but seemed otherwise not to have been aware of the visitation. Hillcrest Coach Lynn Avant was inexplicably angry at several members of her team following the spectacle.   Game 3 got underway with the two rivals pounding furiously at each other and chasing the others attacks. Better coordination on the Mauldin side was in evidence although communication was still difficult after the disorienting paranormal experiences they must have been through.  Stovall blocked a Hillcrest attack to the floor, Katie Faith found floor with a crosscourt hit with assistance from Minor, and Woodlee had back to back kills in the opening dozen points and the Lady Mavs trailed by two, 5-7.   A pair of sideouts later, Woodlee stayed hot and pounded a set from Whitten to earn a trip to the service line.  The tall brunette Sophomore promptly drove consecutive aces into the Hillcrest courtside and Mauldin took its first lead since early in the first game, 9-8.  It was to be short-lived however, as Kylie Haun and her Hillcrest teammates kept up their pounding attack and the Ram defense regrouped and put on a passing and setting clinic for their rivals. Senior Jordan Stovall put up some fight before the game got away by driving a set from Whitten to the Ram floor for a kill and spanking a ram overpass an error-point later to make it 13-15.  More serve receive difficulties and consequent setting and hitting errors plagued the Lady Mavs down the stretch... and although Christina Brown made a nice blocking point and Woodlee scored another kill with help from Minor, those 16th and 17th points were cosmetic with Hillcrest at 23 and then 24 points.  Fittingly on this freaky evening, yet another errant serve from Mauldin gave Hillcrest the game and match point, 17-25.

      GAME 1:  Mauldin 19  -  Hillcrest 25

      GAME 2:  Aliens   10   -  Hillcrest 25

      GAME 3:  Mauldin 17  -  Hillcrest 25

The Mauldin Lady Mavs volleyballers next contest is on Thursday October 8th at Dorman High School off of Hwy 221 in Eastern Spartanburg at 6:30 pm. Come help support our Netters in hostile territory against the state's top ranked 4A team - Go Mavs!!!








Landers, Dana 7 2 3 0 397
Granger, Heather 14 110 4 7 228
Whitten, Kayla 22 7 189 0 61
Minor, Kimberly 20 2 197 0 56
Stovall, Jordan 22 126 1 8 87
Ungar, Melissa 19 87 0 12 42
Woodlee, Laura 4 75 4 6 23
Ewing, Chloe 1 1 0 0 89
Faith, Katie 6 44 4 2 27
Brown, Kristina 0 38 2 0 16
Cessarich, Brandy 0 4 0 0 39
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 33
Scott, Chelsey 0 9 0 0 7