(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

Date: Oct. 03, 2009
Time: 08:00 AM

LADY MAVS COME IN 3RD AT SOUTHSIDE CHRISTIAN TOURNAMENT -  Come see them take on Hillcrest at Hillcrest- Tuesday at 6:30 PM 


 On Saturday October 3rd, The Mauldin Lady Maverick varsity Volleyball team rose early and reported to the campus at 7:45 on a brisk Saturday morning. After a short bus ride, they arrived at the site of the Southside Christian Invitational Volleyball Tournament featuring 7 Upstate teams from 3 different counties and 1 team from Tennessee.  Three of the participant teams were from 4A Region 2 - Byrnes, Boiling Springs, and Mauldin.  Three of the entered teams were state ranked in their classification - Southside Christian, St Joseph's Catholic, and Byrnes. Mauldin's pool did not include the 2 region foes that had made the previous week so miserable and only one of the state ranked teams.

 At 9:30 am The Lady Mavs lined up to take on the purple Clad Trojans of Northwestern in the first match of pool play. This was a closely contested match between the two 4A schools.  Game 1 saw lots of long rallies, a dozen lead changes and neither team able to mount more than a 3 point run.  Mauldin's Heather Granger and Kayla Whitten each has 3 point service runs, but errors and pressure from the tall and imposing attack of Northwestern prevented the Lady Mavs from extending any brief leads.  After the first game went to extra points, Mauldin fell to the Lady Trojans 25-27.

 In the second and third games, Mauldin dug in, reduced their errors, but stayed aggressive at the net.  Although both games were close, back and forth affairs, the Lady Mav netters proved the better team and won both games by 3 point margins.  The hot hands for the Lady Mavs were Junior Co-Captain Heather Granger (4 Aces, 4 kills, 6 Digs, 1 assist), Senior Co-Captain Jordan Stovall (12 Kills, 4 digs), Sophomore Laura Woodlee (6 Kills, 5 Blocks), Junior Libber Dana Landers (15 digs, 1 Assist), and Setters Kayla Whitten (17 assists, 1 Dig) and Kimberly Minor (10 assists, 1 ace, 1 Kill, 2 Digs).

            POOL PLAY MATCH 1:

                  GAME 1: Mauldin 25  -  Northwestern 27

                  GAME 2: Mauldin 25  -  Northwestern 22

                  GAME 3: Mauldin 15  -  Northwestern 12

Immediately following the Northwestern match, the Lady Mavs were scheduled to play the Lady Knights from Providence Christian Academy in Johnson City, Tenn.   These knights may hail from a small school but featured one of the best all-around players in the tournament - a tall, lanky, experienced hitter wearing #22.  In game 1, Mauldin took a lead and maintained it throughout most of the game but never pulled more than 6 in front of the gritty Lady Knights.  Mauldin's ladies in White and Orange played strong team defense and kept up the offensive pressure until Providence relented in Game One, 25-19.

Game 2 was similar to the first in that MHS built a small early lead, built it to 5 or 6 points, and then allowed their errors to give sideout points to the Lady Knights.  The Lady Mavs, playing tough defense and team offense against a Providence team accustomed to setting their #22 from anywhere in the court, rebuilt their lead to 8 points at 21-13 and 22-14 after Kills by Seniors Christina Brown and Melissa Unger off sets from fellow 2010 grad Kim Minor.  But when #22 took to the service line, the experienced player found some chinks in the armor of Mauldin's defense and went on an 8 point service run fueled by shanks of her hard jump-serve and overpasses that her teammates could put down.  The game was tied at 22 before Granger pounded a Whitten set to finally tally a Mauldin score and put the Providence rally to a stop.  A couple of sideouts later, Laura Woodlee Aced the Knights to tie the game at 24, but a kill by #22 to the Mauldin side , and a miss-hit by the Mauldin attack  propelled the excited Lady Knights to an extra points victory in Game Two 25-27.

In Game 3 the Mauldin netters came out firing, but so did the resurgent Lady Knight.  The shortened game was tied and re-tied up to 7-7, when Melissa Unger hit two consecutive Aces to give the Lady Mavs a lead at 9-7 that they would not relinquish.  Stovall, Woodlee, Granger, and "the 2009 "lefty closer", Katie Faith, brought this game and match home with kills off Kayla Whitten sets to remain undefeated in pool play by lunchtime with a Game 3 win, 15-11.  Leaders in this match win for the Lady Mavs were Melissa Unger (6 Kills, 2 aces, 3 Blocks, 2 Digs), Heather Granger (8 kills, 11 digs, 1 Ace), Dana Landers (24 Digs), Laura Woodlee (5 Kills, 1 ace, 1 Block, 3 digs), and Setters Whitten and Minor each with 12 Assists...to which Whitten added 3 digs, and Minor garnished with an Ace.

             POOL PLAY MATCH 2:

                  GAME 1: Mauldin 25  -  Providence, Tn 19

                  GAME 2: Mauldin 25  -  Providence, Tn  27

                  GAME 3: Mauldin 15  -  Providence, Tn  11

While the Lady Mavs lunched and celebrated Teammate Dana Landers' 17th birthday, St Joseph's defeated Northwestern to assure their own and Mauldin's berth in the Gold Bracket.  The last pool match between St Joseph and Mauldin would decide the Pool B seedings as both teams would enter the match 2-0.  It also became clear that the Gold Bracket would feature Southside Christian and Byrnes, while Boiling Springs and Crescent would compete against Providence and Northwestern in the Silver Bracket.

When the Pool deciding match arrived, both teams appeared rested and confident.  Mauldin drew first blood on a kill by Melissa Unger off a set by fellow Senior Kim Minor. after another Mauldin point, Senior Christina Brown killed a St.Joe's overpass and Mauldin was up 7-4. The Catholic Lady Knights regrouped and went on the attack - forcing and appreciating a string of Lady Mav errors.  With the score 9-10, Laura Woodlee and Jordan Stovall both pounded sets from Kayla Whitten and re-took the lead 11-9, but errors hurt the Lady Mavs again as the Lady Knights went on a 6 point run. Unger stopped the bleeding with a kill from Minor. Then Heather Granger Aced the St. Joseph's side and Christina Brown blocked a lady Knight attack and the Lady Mavs were back in it, 15-17.  A pair of sideouts later,  Unger stepped up with a block point and a Kill from Minor and the flipchart read 18-19 heading into the stretch.  When Laura Woodlee killed a Knight overpass and Katie Faith spanked a Whitten set to the floor, Mauldin's lead had stretched to a tenuous 22-20.  a Mauldin hitting error ignited a 1-5 St. Joseph's run, interrupted by a Stovall kill, but punctuated by an Ace against the Lady Mavs - ending in a hard-fought loss to the Lady Knights 23-25.

Game 3 followed a similar course. Christina Brown kept Mauldin close early with a block point and a kill point with an assist from Minor.  After a Stovall kill and a Faith block point, Mauldin was down 10-11.  A pair of sideouts later, Heather Granger heated up and had 3 kills in an 7 point span that saw the Lady Mavs tie the score at 13 and again at 14.  Mauldin hitting errors and failure to cover glanced or partial blocks at the net allowed St. Joseph's to go on a 3 point run and lead 14-17.  Unfortunately the Lady Knights never looked back or let up on the pressure as their disciplined defense, passing, and setting fueled an attack that made few errors.  The Lady Mavs scrambled and worked hard to keep pace. Unger had two more kills and Woodlee pounded a set from Landers, but these highlights were interlaced with Mauldin errors and some confusion on the defense. After the score read 16-19, the Lady Mavs would get no closer. Good defense and a consistent attack by the Lady Knights forced more partial blocks that fell to undefended Mauldin floor and propelled the Ladies in Royal and White on a 2-6 run to seal the game and match 18-25.

             POOL PLAY MATCH 3:

                  GAME 1:  Mauldin 23  -  St. Joseph's 25

                  GAME 2:  Mauldin 18  -  St. Joseph's 25


As the Pool B second seed with a 2-1 record, the Mauldin netters changed to dry uniforms and prepared to play the Pool A top seed, the 3-0 Southside Christian Lady Sabres. Although some of the host team's fans were overheard predicting a quick match win, followed by a re-match with Byrnes, the lady Mavs came out determined and playing well as a team...something missing in the St. Joseph's match.  Christina Brown, playing some of her best volleyball of the season, started the scoring with a block point and a set of captain Stovall who pounded the Mikasa to the floor for a second. A couple of sideouts later, Stovall and Brown had back to back kills off Minor sets and Mauldin's lead was 9-7.  Sophomores Katie Faith and Kayla Whitten got into the action next with a pair of attack points to lengthen the 6-3 run and make the score 14-9...much to the dismay of Southside Coach Priscilla LeGrande !  Melissa Unger sandwiched a pair of points - one on a block and another off a Minor set - around a couple of Lady Sabre errors and the Lady Mavs were up 19-12.  Captain Heather Granger had 3 kills and a block down the stretch, Brown added two kills, and Laura Woodlee another as the Lady Mavs finished off the resurging Southside Christian team 25-20.

After the change of sides and a rebuke of her team by the Sabres coach, game 2 got underway. Extended rallies and great defense was the order of the first part of this game. Dana Landers, Heather Granger, and Junior Chloe Ewing lifted 9, 5, and 3 digs respectively in this game as neither team's attack could finish points.  Stovall finally nailed a Minor set to the floor to bring the score to 8-9.  By the time Christina Brown recorded 2 more kills for the Lady Mavs, the Sabre's big blonde middle #14 had heated up as well and was finding floor beyond Mauldin's attempted blocks and it was 15-22.  Down the stretch, Jordan Stovall got a block point on the bigger Miss Sealy and added an Ace to make it 19-23 as the Lady Mavs gamely tried to come back, but it was too little too late and the Lady Sabres finished off the Mavs in Game Two, 20-25.

In game 3 the momentum from Game 2 stayed on the side of the Lady Sabres. In spite of hard defensive work by Brown, Landers, and Stovall, who combined for 11 digs in the third frame...and in spite of successful blocks by Granger, Unger, and Woodlee... big #14 in Navy Blue hammered the excellent sets she was getting and continued her scoring binge. Stovall and Woodlee recorded back-to-back kills to make it 8-12, but after an exchange of error points, the Sabres stood at game point to Mauldin's 9.  The Lady Mavs wouldnt quit and kept battling.  Woodlee spiked a point from a Whitten set and then Whitten dunked a kill to some open court on the Sabre's side. Woodlee struck again with a kill of a Southside overpass off a hard Stovall serve.  The Mavs were within 2 points of extending this game at 12-14 after fighting off 3 game and match points, when the Sabre attack forced a shank into the near wall at Mauldin's bench.  Southside had prevailed 12-15, but it hadn’t been as easy as some of the haughty home fans expected.


                  GAME 1:  Mauldin 25 - Southside Christian 20

                  GAME 2:  Mauldin 20 - Southside Christian 25

                  GAME 3:  Mauldin 12 - Southside Christian 15

The Lady Mavs acquitted themselves quite well on a beautiful and cool Saturday. They would finish in a tie for third place with St Joseph's. Southside Christian did indeed meet Byrnes in the gold bracket final but got their comeuppance in losing to the Lady Rebels, 1 game to 2.  Thus,  Mauldin's region foe (Byrnes) would be the Champions on this day and 3 teams from the toughest volleyball Region in the state finished in the top 5 as Boiling Springs won the Silver Bracket.  Credit Private Schools Southside and St. Joseph's for their outstanding play and Byrnes for their Championship, but the 2010 Varsity Lady Mavs can hold their heads high and know that they competed on equal footing with some outstanding competition and earned their way into the top flight of this tournament with hustle, teamwork, and very good play.  We are proud of you Lady Mav Netters !

Come support The Mauldin Volleyball teams this Tuesday, October 6th at the home of Arch-rival and region foe Hillcrest in Simpsonville.  JV match begins at 5:00 pm and the Varsity match at 6:30 or immediately thereafter - GO MAVS !!!







Landers, Dana 7 2 3 0 371
Granger, Heather 14 104 4 6 210
Whitten, Kayla 22 7 182 0 61
Minor, Kimberly 20 2 188 0 48
Stovall, Jordan 22 120 1 6 81
Ungar, Melissa 19 84 0 12 40
Woodlee, Laura 2 70 4 5 21
Ewing, Chloe 1 1 0 0 85
Faith, Katie 6 42 2 2 26
Brown, Kristina 0 38 2 0 15
Cessarich, Brandy 0 4 0 0 38
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 33
Scott, Chelsey 0 9 0 0 7