(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. WIN - Spartanburg - 25-16,25-15,25-13,

Date: Sep. 24, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

LADY MAVS BEAT SPARTANBURG IN THREE-  Come see them take on Boiling Springs at Boiling Springs  - Tuesday night @ 6:30 PM.


On a warm Thursday evening on the Mauldin Campus, fans of the Lady Maverick Volleyball team settled into their bleacher seats and enjoyed the recently discovered air conditioning.  After watching the Mauldin JV team dismantle the visiting Spartanburg JV vollyballers in two quick games, the faithful fans of the Varsity could only hope their team would fare as wetland be able to salve the sting of this Tuesday's tough home loss to Dorman. A question to be answered was which team would take the court on this night- the one that lost big in the first two games in the Dorman match, or throne that fought tooth and nail into extra points before falling in the final game against the Cavaliers.  The latter would certainly be able to meet the challenge of the less experienced Spartanburg Viking team that would be their opponents this Thursday evening.... but the former...?

The Lady Mavs opened with a flourish and an aggressive attack. Captains Heather Granger and Jordan Stovall each benefited from sets by Kimberly Minor and scored kill points for the Mauldin netters.  Maybe some overzealousness on the attack was responsible for some long hit attempts that allowed the lady Vikes to take the lead thereafter 2-3.  Senior Melissa Unger went to the service line after a sideout and went on a 7point service run which included an Ace and a spike in her own cause off of a Minor set for another point. When Unger yielded the backcourt to Junior Libero Dana Landers the score was 8-3 in favor of the Lady Mavs.  Next it was Senior Jordan Stovall's turn with the hot hand as she smashed two Minor sets and dinked another to undefended Spartanburg floor for three straight Mauldin Attack points.  At 11-4, Sophomore Laura Woodlee hammered a spike with an assist from Sophomore Kayla Whitten which made in 12-4 and put Whitten on the service line.  Whitten responded with an Ace of the Vikings and it looked like a rout!  The play got a little sloppy at this point as both sides played furiously but neither able to put the other away or avoid the mistakes that award points to the opponent.  Spartanburg Coach Lauren Mueller's team corralled a little confidence and responded to the loud support they got from their JV team and fans that made the trip to Mauldin and played fairly even over the next 11 points.  Junior heather Granger tipped the scales in favor of the Lady Mavs when she drove the white leather spheroid to the hardwood off of a Whitten set to make it 17-6.  Six points later while at the service line, Granger forced an Ace on the Ladies in Navy and Gold to give the Lady Mavs a 20-9 advantage.  Down the stretch the Lady Mavs mixed effective attacks with unintentional charity as Seniors Kristina Brown, Melissa Unger, and Kim Minor teamed up for a pair of kills sandwiched between a shank, a hit to the backwall of the Gym, and an Ace against - scored by Spartanburg's #11 Rachel Kunkel to bring the score to 22-14.  A sideout later, Whitten served another Ace to make it 24-14.After 2 Maverick errors, a Lady Viking service error on the third game point gave Mauldin the first game 25-16.

The second game followed a similar format.  A block by Unger tied the score at 1, then Brown killed an overpass to give the Lady Mavs the lead. The lead increased when Stovall killed a Minor set and both Unger and Whitten recorded Aces in the early stages.  At 7-3 the teams traded sideouts before Sophomore Katie Faith drove back to back sets from Whitten to the Viking floor to make it 10-6.  Another miscue by Spartanburg put Kim Minor to the line where she recorded a quick Ace and then a serve out trying to duplicate the feat.  Minor got busy from the setter position though and fed Unger for a kill that made it 13-7.  The Senior middle hitter wearing number 3 then reeled off a block point and another kill of a Viking Overpass - showing how she (Unger) had one of her best matches of the season with 8 kills, 2 Aces, 2 blocks, and 3 digs.  The defense was doing its job too.  Although not having to work as hard or sacrifice as much skin as they had against the Cavaliers, Dana Landers, Heather Granger, Chloe Ewing, and Jordan Stovall tallied 34 digs in this match and kept the setters in position to assist the Lady Mav attack.   With the score 15-7,the Lady Mavs put it into a lower gear and showed some compassion or faults that allowed the Lady Vikings to play even again into the home stretch. Fortunately Laura Woodlee (Whitten assists) and Stovall (Minor and Granger assists) brought Game 2 home with two kills apiece.  The Mavericks were in control of the match after the game 2 win, 25-15.

Game three began with some fresh faces contributing but the same strong attacking offense continued to carry the match for the Lady Mavs. After and early exchange of sideouts, Granger, Stovall, and Unger consecutively connected on kills off sets by Kim Minor  (also having one of her best matches of the month) while Sophomore defensive specialist Emily Cooper led with a 4 point service run to see the scoreboard tick to 5-1 in favor of the home Mavericks.  After Unger killed a Spartanburg overpass to make it 6-2, things got a little sloppy on the Mauldin half of the court and the Vikings made up some ground as #10 Emily Taylor hustled on defense and #11 Wendy Davis paced the Spartanburg attack.   Junior co-captain Heather Granger took things into her capable hands with help from setter Kayla Whitten and recorded 3 successive authoritative kills to re-establish a comfortable margin at 12-8.  Melissa Unger kept up her brilliant match play by killing a Lady Viking overpass to make it 13-8. Two points later she served a hard Ace against the Spartanburg netters to make it 15-9.  The Mauldin varsity volleyballers then went on a 6-3 run with fine defensive play from Emily Cooper, Dana Landers, and Chloe Ewing who kept the rallies going and passed well to the Mauldin offense, but the stubborn Vikings wouldn’t roll over, showing improvement from previous seasons. Alas, most of the points in this stretch were from long rallies ending in Viking forced and unforced errors.  The Lady Mav attack took the baton from their defense in the home stretch as Granger pounded a crosscourt smash to the floor with an assist from Whitten to make the score read 21-12.  After a Mauldin sideout, Unger killed another Spartanburg overpass and Kristina Brown spiked a Minor set to the Viking floor. Fittingly at game point, Doe-eyed Senior Melissa Unger put the Lady Vikings out of their misery with a kill off a set from Senior Kim Minor to seal the game and match at 25-13.


      GAME 1:   Mauldin 25  -  Spartanburg 16

      GAME 2:   Mauldin 25  -  Spartanburg 15

      GAME 3:   Mauldin 25  -  Spartanburg 13


This impressive offensive performance didn’t come without resistance from an improved Spartanburg team, but the Lady Mav team play and attack were too much for the young Vikings on this night.  With this win the Mauldin volleyballers evened their Region record at 1-1 and improved their overall regular season record to 9-5.  Region play continues as the Lady Mavs take to the road on Tuesday September 29th to play the Athletic Boiling Springs Lady Bulldogs at Boiling Springs High School, a half mile North of State Road 9.  The Bulldogs will likely have revenge on their minds if they remember their late August semi-final loss to the Lady Mavs in the Carolina Forest Invitational Tournament in Myrtle Beach.  Come see and support the Lady Mav Netters Tuesday at 6:30 pm.  Go Mavs !









Landers, Dana 7 2 1 0 249
Granger, Heather 10 74 1 5 142
Whitten, Kayla 21 3 122 0 47
Minor, Kimberly 15 0 133 0 32
Stovall, Jordan 17 78 0 3 55
Ungar, Melissa 16 58 0 6 29
Woodlee, Laura 0 48 2 3 14
Ewing, Chloe 1 1 0 0 60
Faith, Katie 6 27 1 1 19
Brown, Kristina 0 22 2 0 11
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 32
Cessarich, Brandy 0 3 0 0 25
Scott, Chelsey 0 9 0 0 7