(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. Loss to Dorman: 16-25, 14-25, 26-24,

Date: Sep. 22, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Mauldin High School

One year ago, the 2008 Lady Mavs Varsity volleyball team accomplished something that hadn’t been done since Y2K or as far as anyone associated with Mauldin Volleyball could remember - Beat Dorman in a best of 3 volleyball match.  Rematch time was Tuesday night at the Mauldin netter's home gym. The former and multiple-time state champs and perennial 4A powerhouse Cavaliers of Dorman entered this match undefeated and ranked #1 in the 2009 state 4A volleyball rankings. The Lady Mavericks entered with an 8-4 record and having spent a week or earlier this month ranked #10.  Early in the first game it became clear that Dorman was more intent upon revenge than Mauldin was in re-asserting their predecessors claim for inclusion in the conversation of the state's elite volleyball programs. After an early exchange of sideouts, Dorman went on a 7 point run and the Lady Mavs were in an early hole 1-8.  After Sophomore Middle Laura Woodlee killed a Dorman overpass to bring the score to 3-8, the Lady Mavs played respectably and inched closer to their precise attacking nemesis.  Woodlee killed another overpass and Junior co-captain Heather Granger hammered a set from sophomore setter Kayla Whitten and the score was 8-12.  Senior Hitter Melissa Unger pounded a set from fellow senior Kim Minor to edge the score to 10-13. The lady Cavaliers continued to attack and forced errors on the Mauldin netters in the form of incomplete blocks, shanks, and overpasses. In spite of hard work done on the defensive end by Whitten (5 game 1 digs) and junior libero Dana Landers (8 game 1 digs), Dorman Coach Paula Kirkland's squad increased their lead to 12-18.  Heading into the home stretch, Mauldin's offense showed some life as Woodlee killed another set from Minor and sophomore hitter Katie faith placed a Whitten assist into some vacant floor on the Dorman side.  Senior co-Captain Jordan Stovall served an Ace for the lady Mavs and the score read 15-21. After another exchange of sideouts and with the score 16-22, the lady Mavs could muster no better defense nor potent offense and Dorman cruised to the first game victory 16-25.


The second game began on equal footing after the exchange of sides. Both teams showed that they were human and both showed that they can play this game. Faith smashed a Whitten set to re-tie the game at 4...but then Dorman went on a 7 point run fueled by Mauldin errors and ineffectiveness at the net against the constant pressure of the Cavalier attack. When next Mauldin got a kill from Stovall on a feed from Whitten, the scoreboard proclaimed Mav Coach Christy Plecha's misery 5-12.  It was not that the lady Mavs gave up or quit playing hard - Granger, Landers, and Junior defensive specialist Chloe Ewing combined and scrambled for a dozen game 2 digs valiantly in the face of pounding pressure by the Dorman attack...but the offense looked out-of-sorts and rhythm.  There was a Kill contributed by Faith on a scrambling set from Landers and an Unger smash on a set from Minor to bring the Mauldin tally to half that of Dorman 8-16 and 10-20. Dorman then brought in some younger substitutes and Mauldin found some relief and holes in the Cavalier block.  Woodlee blocked a Dorman attack for a sideout that put Whitten at the service line.  Whitten responded with an Ace and the score read 14-22. Yet again the lady Cavaliers tightened their defense and Mauldin's burst proved too little, too late and the Lady Mav netters took a second ugly loss 14-25.


Game three would prove to be the best of this heretofore uninspiring match. The Lady Mavs went down by 4 early and quick on effective jump serving by their #4. But after Stovall killed a fine set from Whitten, Landers went to the service line at 1-4 and proceeded to go on a 6 point run which included an Ace and another captain kill, this time by Granger with assistance from Whitten.  At 7-4, 7-5, and 7-6 the lady Mavs had their first leads of the match and it looked like belief might have resurfaced in the Mauldin Varsity netters.  The home crowd got louder in support. Granger smashed another kill from Whitten and it was 8-7.  Several very long rallies later that saw Landers, Granger, Stovall, Ewing, and Sophomore Emily Cooper lift 24 digs to the setters by scrambling all over the court and sacrificing their elbow and knee dermis, Dorman was back on top but only by one at 10-11.  At this stage of the game and match, a concerned Dorman fan was overheard describing the game as a "pillow fight" in which neither team hit the other hard enough to hurt the other.  More accurately both team's hitters were limiting their hitting errors and keeping the opposing defense at work retrieving their attacks and effectively disrupting the textbook pass, set, hit rhythm of the opponents attack. Playing with more confidence and with boisterous crowd support, Stovall pounded Minor sets for back-to back kill points to re-tie the game at 12. Stovall then took a set from Whitten and drove it top the floor to regain the lead 13-12.  Fellow captain Granger got hot and into the attack act with a spike from a Whitten assist and a block point to put Mauldin back in front 14-13.  A couple of sideouts later the Landers to Whitten to Granger combination struck again and Mauldin was up 16-14.  A few errors were then forced upon the lady Mavs and the see-saw battle reached fever pitch. Granger drove a minor set down the line to bring her team back to within one at 18-19.  After the longest rally of the evening in which Mauldin breathlessly prevailed and forced a Dorman error at was 19-19...then 20-20. After Stovall re-heated and pounded two more Minor sets to the Dorman side of the floor, it was 22-22.  The senior captain went to the service line after the second of those and recorded an Ace to give the Lady Mavs a stretch lead at 23-22.  Dorman forced a sideout and Mauldin responded in kind.  At 24-23 Mauldin tightened and gave the Lady Cavs a service error point. At 24 all, Dorman showed what champions do - they stayed composed, stayed on the attack, and forced errors upon the hustling lady Mavs to finish a great game at 24-26.  Oh, what might have been if our Lady Mavs had played the first two like they did the third?  To their credit, Coach Plecha's young Maverick team didn’t give up and played their best when the prior evidence indicated that it might not be enough.  Game three showed that these lady Mavs CAN play with the best volleyball teams (including the excellent Lady Cavaliers of Dorman) around when they minimize errors, believe in themselves and their teammates, and play their best confidently. A tough game loss but for the coaches, parents, and fans, it was an encouraging end to a disappointing match.


      Game 1  -  Mauldin 16  -  Dorman 25

      Game 2  -  Mauldin 14  -  Dorman 25

      Game 3  -  Mauldin 24  -  Dorman 26


Come see the 2009 Varsity Mauldin Volleyball team try and rebound at home Thursday 9/24 starting at 6:30 pm when they take on the improved Vikings of Spartanburg High in another important region contest.  Go Mavs







Landers, Dana 7 2 1 0 227
Granger, Heather 9 64 0 5 127
Whitten, Kayla 17 3 116 0 41
Minor, Kimberly 13 0 118 0 28
Stovall, Jordan 17 70 0 3 48
Ungar, Melissa 13 50 0 6 23
Woodlee, Laura 0 45 1 3 11
Ewing, Chloe 1 1 0 0 56
Faith, Katie 6 26 1 1 19
Cooper, Emily 0 2 0 0 27
Brown, Kristina 0 19 2 0 8
Cessarich, Brandy 0 3 0 0 25
Scott, Chelsey 0 9 0 0 7