(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. LOSS: Daniel ; 20-25, 21-25, 14-25,

Date: Sep. 14, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Daniel High School

MAVERICKS   DROP THREE TO THE LIONS IN TIGER COUNTRY -  Come see them take on Greenville at Home - Tuesday night @ 6:30 PM.

On Monday Evening, the Lady Mavs Varsity Volleyball team traveled to Central in the Southwestern shadow of Clemson University to face a tough Daniel High team.  The Lady Mav Netters would have their hands full with the Lions, runners Up in the recent Hillcrest tournament in Simpsonville. To further complicate matters, Mauldin had one of its weapons sheathed in a boot.  Sophomore outside hitter Katie "the closer" Faith injured her ankle in a practice accident and was unavailable for this match.

After team introductions and some difficulty cueing up the National Anthem, the match got underway.  Things started well for Mauldin and sloppily for the home Lions as Junior Co-Captain Heather Granger led off the first game with a 5 point service run. After seniors Kimberly Minor and Kristina Brown hooked up with a set and Kill, the score read 1-6 in favor of the visiting Lady Mavs.  A Mauldin service error, a hitting error, and a couple of kills by the large Daniel front line brought the score closer before Sophomore Laura Woodlee killed another set from Minor to make it 5-7. Sophomore Emily Cooper and senior Brandi Cessarich paced the backcourt in the first frame with half of their combined match digs in game 1.  A couple of Aces by Daniel's Frosh giant, Carley Hoover, and Daniel took the lead 11-8.  Granger smashed kills off Lion blockers on both ends of 7-2 Daniel run that was fueled by a powerful attack game on display from the home team.

At 14-20, The Lady Mavs dug in their heels to try and overcome some errors and thwart the attack. Woodlee and Senior captain, Jordan Stovall, spiked points for Mauldin off a set by Sophomore Kayla Whitten and a Daniel Overpass respectively to make it 16-20.  Woodlee added a kill from Whitten in the home stretch of the first game as the two teams traded points off errors and successful attacks, but Mauldin got no closer and lost the first game 20-25.

In the second game, Daniel scored first but Mauldin answered when Kristina Brown and Heather Granger directed kills past the Daniel block to tie the score at 2.  After a spate of Mauldin errors and a couple from the Lions, Mauldin got down 5-9...but Captain Stovall set the "never give up" example and drove home a Kill and followed it with an Ace to bring the Mavs within 2 at 8-10.  The Daniel attack began to warm up, however, as their effective senior setter distributed to the hot hands on the left and right outsides who hammered down some emphatic spikes and the lions went on a 4-8 run.  Junior Libero, Dana Landers, back from the Flu worked hard on defense in the second frame to keep the Mavs alive, lifting 6 digs with help from fellow Junior Chloe Ewing, who saved another pair in the second.

With the score 13-18, the Mauldin Netters stiffened and went on a run of their own...A hitting error by Daniel made it 14, a Granger ace made it 15, a Lion shank gave Mauldin 16, and a Stovall kill from Minor brought the Lady Mavs within reach again at 17-18.  This is the point that the Daniel attack really sharpened. The Ladies in White and Orange fought back with their own attacks. Stovall, Brown, and Woodlee all spiked points for the Lady Mavs, but were countered by booming Daniel attacks that saw Landers and Whitten lung to the floor in vain attempts to lift the powerful slams back to their teammates. It was a valiant effort, but after several furious rallies and exchanges of sideouts and points, the result of the second game was similar in the end to the first as the lady Mavs fell 21-25.

The third game started with both teams playing at the level that the second game ended upon.  Mauldin went down 2 points at the outset but answered with a Granger Kill and some very good defense by Senior Brandi Cessarich and Dana Landers to tie the score at 3 and again at 7.  The Blocking that had been missing or losing out at the net during the first two games showed up late but effectively as Brown, Stovall, Woodlee, and Senior Melissa Unger all recorded scoring blocks in the first half of game 3, and the game was tied once again at 10.  Captains Stovall and Granger worked hard in both the front and back courts with digs and kills from senior setter Kim Minor.  Unger added two more kills with assists from Minor to try and keep the game from getting away while the score read 13-16. At 14-18 it appeared that either the Mauldin team lost their steam or the powerful Daniel team decided to buckle down and put the match away. Whatever the reason, the game accelerated to the inevitable outcome.  The large and varied Daniel attack dunked, blocked, and slammed from left and right-handers.  They dinked, Aced, and pounded the lady Mavs into submission during a closing 7-1 run.

       Game 1:  Daniel 25  -  Mauldin 20

      Game 2:  Daniel 25  -  Mauldin 21

      Game 3:  Daniel 25  -  Mauldin 15

The Mauldin Maverick Varsity Volleyball team lost to a big, skilled, experienced, and powerful Daniel High team on this night.  They played and fought hard in spots and took the momentum from the larger home team on several occasions during the match.  They refused to quit and didn’t give up until the bitter end but couldn’t avoid enough errors to capitalize on those of their opponents in the first half of this match, nor defend consistently at the net or backcourt against the onslaught of the strong Lion attack once it started rolling in the second half.  Our Lady Mavs are capable of upsetting a team of Daniel's caliber, but it will have to play better and more consistently to do so.  Mauldin's varsity Netters have one more Non-region match to sharpen their skills before the important regional schedule begins next week.... Come support our lady Mav Volleyballers TOMORROW back at home for a re-match against the Red Raiders of Greenville High starting at 6:30 pm.  Go Mavs !

Season Player Stats:






Landers, Dana 6 2 0 0 161
Granger, Heather 8 47 0 3 105
Whitten, Kayla 15 2 96 0 28
Minor, Kimberly 7 0 96 0 21
Stovall, Jordan 13 58 0 2 37
Ungar, Melissa 12 43 0 6 18
Ewing, Chloe 1 1 0 0 44
Faith, Katie 6 24 1 1 14
Woodlee, Laura 0 36 1 2 7
Brown, Kristina 0 17 2 0 6
Cessarich, Brandy 0 1 0 0 25
Cooper, Emily 0 1 0 0 24
Scott, Chelsey 0 5 0 0 2