(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. WIN at Woodmont: 25-18, 25-18, 25-17,

Date: Sep. 08, 2009
Time: 05:30 PM
Location: Woodmont High School

MAVS BEAT WOODMONT IN THREE: 25-18, 25-18, 25-17 Come see them take on Daniel at Daniel - Monday night @ 6:30 PM.


A year ago, the accomplished and state ranked 2008 Mauldin Varsity Volleyball team hosted the Upstart Woodmont Wildcats at home on a rainy evening in early September.  The senior laden 2008 Lady Mavs suffered a stinging and surprising loss at home in a close match, 2 games to 3.  Five of the 2009 Lady Mav Netters were on the 2008 varsity team, and this year's team all saw what happened from the stands or court on that rainy evening a year ago.  This year's team was determined to avenge that painful loss - on Woodmont's home court !


Coach Christie Plecha and the Lady Mavs would face a challenge before the bus departed Mauldin High Tuesday afternoon.  Two starters - Senior Co-Captain Jordan Stovall and Junior Libero Dana Landers were sick.  Having missed school, they would be unable to travel or participate with the team for this match.  Early anxiousness soon gave way to the realization that talented reserves, Chloe Ewing (19 Digs,2 kills, 1 ace, 1 assist) and Chelsea Scott (4 Kills, 2 Digs) demonstrated early that they would replace their sick sisters more than adequately when Scott got the Lady Mavs on the scoreboard with a Kill early in the first game.  After the Scott kill from Senior setter Kim Minor, the score was 3-1.  An Ace by Melissa Unger made it 3-2 and after an exchange of sideouts, Sophomore Kayla Whitten went on a 3 point service run to tie the score at 5-5. After an exchange of errors, Whitten lifted a set to Junior co-captain Heather Granger for a pounding point to re-knot the score at 7.  Later, after a smash from Senior Melissa Unger off of a Minor set, and an Ace by Unger from the service line made it 12-14, the Lady Mavs were in control and would not look back or relinquish the lead in the first frame.  Whitten recorded another ace, lifted fine sets to Sophomore Katie Faith who drove scoring kills to the Woodmont floor, and went on another 3 point service run to extend the lead to 15-20. After Woodmont scored on an attack and couple of Mauldin errors, Kimberly Minor then went on a 4 point service run that included a well placed shot from Junior Libero Chloe Ewing into a vacated corner of the Wildcat side for a kill, and both Granger and Unger connected on sets from Minor to close the first frame 18-25.


The second game started more confidently for the Lady Mavs as Granger opened with a 3 point service run.  Unger and Scott followed with Kills with assistance from sets by Minor to make the score 1-5. After an exchange of rally results, Sophomore Laura Woodlee killed a Woodmont overpass to bring the score to 2-6.  Woodmont then dug in and went on a short run and brought the score to 6-7.  Senior Defensive Specialist Brandi Cessarich lifted a set that Ewing deposited in an open spot on the Wildcat side, but Woodmont rallied for a Kill , followed by an Ace to tie the score at 8-8. After Unger spiked a kill from a Minor set, and the senior setter (Minor) went on a 5 point service run, the Lady Mavs had the lead and again would not look back or let the Wildcats threaten again in game 2.  Chelsea Scott killed an overpass to start a 5 point service run by Co-Captain Granger and the score was 11-17. In spite of kills by Senior Christina Brown and Woodlee, Woodmont went on a 7-3 run by pressuring the Lady Mavs defense and taking advantage of a lethargic blocking game by the Mav netters front line. At 17-21, Granger asserted herself with a spike of a Whitten set and another set up by a Woodmont overpass and it was in the home stretch for the Mauldin netters, 18-23.  Ewing served out the game with a 3 point run, aided by a game ending kill from Faith off another fine Whitten set.


At the changeover, Woodmont's coach Sexton took all of the available time to exhort and inspire her team. The Wildcats scored first, but Brown tied the score with a kill off of a well-placed set from Kim Minor.  After several more Woodmont scoring rallies, Unger recorded an Ace to bring the score to 4-3, but Woodmont continued to apply pressure to the young ladies in White and Orange and completed a 6-2 run and led 9-3 when Mav's Coach Plecha called a timeout.  Not about to let her team rest on their laurels and coast, Plecha challenged her charges to put up a better blocking effort and concentrate harder on setting up their attack while neutralizing that of the Wildcats.    Tall Sophomore Laura Woodlee responded first with a Kill from Minor and back to back blocks.  At 14-9, Faith pounded a set from Granger, Granger dunked another from Minor, and Minor was on a 4 point service run in which she also recorded an Ace.  The scoreboard read "Wildcats 14 - Visitors 12" when Melissa Unger went on a 7 point service run which included a pair of Aces and a Kill from Chelsea Scott.  The defense stiffened during this stint thanks to outstanding defensive play and hustle from Ewing, Sophomore Emily Cooper, and Whitten.  In control finally for the stretch run, the Lady Mavs got another block from Woodlee, a kill from Brown off a Whitten set, and an Ace by Mauldin's young setter (Whitten) to bring the score to 17-22.  Whitten served out the game with a 4 point service run as Sophomore Katie Faith took over the mantle of "closer" from 2008 star hitter, Alex Evans, by directing scoring kills off sets from Whitten and Ewing for the final points of the game - 17-25.


      GAME 1:   Mauldin 25  -  Woodmont 18

      GAME 2:   Mauldin 25  -  Woodmont 18

      GAME 3:   Mauldin 25  -  Woodmont 17


After a break for the rest of the week in which Mauldin will try to get healthy and work on a couple of area in practice, the Lady Mavs will be back in action on Monday September 14th at Daniel High against the Lions at 6:30 pm.  Great Job Ladies - Keep up the good work, we are proud of you ! Go Mavs !  


Player Stats:







Landers, Dana 6 2 0 0 150
Granger, Heather 7 43 0 3 91
Whitten, Kayla 15 2 92 0 28
Minor, Kimberly 7 0 82 0 20
Stovall, Jordan 12 52 0 2 31
Ungar, Melissa 12 40 0 5 16
Faith, Katie 6 24 1 1 14
Ewing, Chloe 1 1 0 0 40
Woodlee, Laura 0 31 1 2 5
Brown, Kristina 0 14 2 0 6
Cessarich, Brandy 0 0 0 0 21
Cooper, Emily 0 1 0 0 19
Scott, Chelsey 0 5 0 0 2