(2009 - 2010) - Volleyball - Varsity

vs. WIN vs. Greenville: 25-16,25-20,25-20,

Date: Sep. 03, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Greenville High

MAVS BEAT GREENVILLE IN THREE: 25-16,-25-20, 25-20 Come see them take on Woodmont at Woodmont - Tuesday night @ 6:30 PM.

The 2009 Lady Maverick Volleyball team traveled downtown to Greenville High to "right the ship" and rebound from two tough losses on Tuesday night.  The Lady Raiders are a tall, enthusiastic, and upcoming 3A team.  The Lady Mavs would have to bring the attack to the young Red Raiders, play good defense, and eliminate mistakes to prevail in this match.

Co-Captain Heather Granger got the first game going in the right direction early with an Ace at 1-2.  The slender Junior (2 Aces, 3 Kills, 6 Digs, 1 Block) also played excellent defense in Game 1, recording 6 digs in the first frame.  Dana Landers (20 Digs, 1 Ace, 1 Kill) went on a 4 point service run in the opening game as the Lady Mavs took a commanding early lead 2-6.  The defense and service returns of Landers, Granger, and Junior Chloe Ewing (5 digs) allowed Setters Kayla Whitten (13 assists, 1 Ace, 5 digs) and Kim Minor (13 Assists, 2 aces, 3 digs) to set up the Mauldin attack.  Greenville rallied a bit and errors were exchanged, but Mauldin's lead was still 4 after Co-Captain and Senior Jordan Stovall (10 kills, 1 ace, 2 Digs) drove a spike to the floor to make it 6-10.  Granger's second Ace of the game made it 9-16, and Landers had another 4 point service run to take the score to 11-20.  Stovall added a kill to make it 14-23, and Sophomore Katie Faith (2 Kills, 1 dig) smashed a game ending Kill at 16-25.

Game 2 started similarly but this time it was senior setter Kim Minor who recorded the opening Ace.  The teams played evenly through the second frame as the rallies lengthened and the play sharpened.  Senior Hitter Melissa Unger ( 8 Kills, 1 Block) put down 2 kills and a block in a span that included another service Ace from Minor and saw the Mauldin Netters make an 8 to 3 run from 10-11 to 13-18.  The Mauldin attack got stronger as this match wore on and the Ladies in Red and Black fought valiantly but couldn’t dent the Maverick lead as the ladies in White, Black and Orange got Kills from Stovall, Granger, and another game-ender from Faith to take the second game 20-25.

Game 3 would show that the Lady raiders of Greenville were not going to roll over in their home court.  this was easily the game of the match. Melissa Unger nailed 3 scoring slams early - two off sets from Minor and a third off a Greenville overpass, to put the Lady Mavs in front 3-5.  Dana Landers then went on another 4 point service run to bring the score to 4-9, but the hero of this stint was  Sophomore Laura Woodlee (4 kills, 4 Digs, 1 Block) who sandwiched a block between 2 kills in a 3 minute and point span. After a side-out and a shanked service return, Christina Brown made a great save into the Mauldin bench area and Jordan Stovall rewarded the effort with a Kill.  Kayla Whitten followed with an Ace and the scoreboard read 5-12.  Fresh Legs took the court and kept the rally going. Chelsea Scott (1 Kill, 1 Dig) and Christina Brown (1 Kill, 1 Assist, 2 Digs) each recorded Kills for the Mav attack and Brandi Cessarich (4 Digs) and Emily Cooper sparked the defense as the Mauldin lead became 6-16....Then things got interesting...and Loud !  After a timeout, the Lady Raiders rallied and went on a 10 to 1 point run.  Their home crowd got noisily behind them and the young team responded. The Greenville High Netters strung together points off of pairs of Aces and Kills to the floor on the Mauldin side of the court and were aided by some untimely errors and ineffective blocking by the Mauldin team.  Suddenly the score was tied at 17 !  The Greenville squad started to believe in itself and their confidence grew and showed. It was Mauldin Coach Christie Plecha's turn to take a timeout to regroup and bolster her team.  Again whatever was said made sense and paid dividends because Stovall responded with a kill off a Minor set, followed by a service ace from Landers.  The longest rallies of the match then ensued as Mauldin clawed back into the lead as bodies and the ball flew to the court on both sides.  A couple of errors by Greenville ended wonderfully played points. The Greenville High Faithful fan's cheers turned to sighs as they wondered what might have been and watched Jordan Stovall pounded a Whitten set across court to make it 19-24. After a very well played and entertaining game, a trade of unforced errors finalized the game and match 20-25.

      Game 1: Mauldin 25 - Greenville 16

      Game 2: Mauldin 25 - Greenville 20

      Game 3: Mauldin 25 - Greenville 20

Not without a fight and against a spirited Greenville Lady Raider team, the Lady Mavs improved their regular season match record to 6-3. Next up for the improving Mauldin Netters is last year's surprise team - Woodmont.   The Mauldin team will travel to Southwest Simpsonville on Tuesday September 8th and take the court at 5:30 pm.  Come and support the exciting 2009 edition of Mauldin Maverick Varsity Volleyball, after a safe, long, and wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Go Mavs ! 

Player Stats:







Landers, Dana 6 2 0 0 150
Granger, Heather 7 37 0 3 84
Whitten, Kayla 13 2 82 0 20
Stovall, Jordan 12 52 0 2 31
Minor, Kimberly 5 0 71 0 18
Ungar, Melissa 7 36 0 5 13
Faith, Katie 6 18 0 1 10
Woodlee, Laura 0 29 1 1 3
Brown, Kristina 0 12 1 0 5
Cooper, Emily 0 1 0 0 14
Ewing, Chloe 0 0 0 0 15
Cessarich, Brandy 0 0 0 0 14
Scott, Chelsey 0 0 0 0 1