(2008 - 2009) - Softball

vs. Riverside High,

Date: Mar. 18, 2009
Time: 06:00 PM
Location: Riverside High School

Link to Tribune-Times article on the MHS-Riverside game/Bagwell Perfect Game, March 18th.
        R  H  E
MHS    10 11 0
RHS     0  0 1
WP: A.Bagwell(3-0)12k's,Perfect Game
Top Hitters:D.Landers 4-5,2b,3b;A.Gillentine 1-3;H.Register 2-3,3b; A.Bagwell 1-4,J.Westmoreland 1-3;B.Davis 1-4

      The Mauldin Varsity Softball team travelled across town to Riverside
to give a re-match to the Lady Warriors in their last non-region game for a
couple of weeks.  Sporting a 3-0 regular season record, the Lady Mavs and
Pitching Ace Ashley Bagwell wouldn't want a let down against a local 3A foe.
It was a breezy but nice Wednesday evening as Coach Terry's charges warmed
up in the dry brown grass of the Riverside field.  Coaches Terry and Hall
made some lineup changes for this game in an effort to leave less runners
stranded in scoring position and generate additional offense.
      The Lady Mavs manned their spots in the batting order to face
Riverside's Emma Michaels...and for the first 4 innings the young Warrior
pitched very respectably  - striking out 4 and limiting the Mavs to 2
singles (Landers and Gillentine) and 3 walks.  Unfortunately and
familiarly, all 5 of those Mauldin baserunners were stranded on the
basepaths.  It is always dangerous to allow a less accomplished opponent to
"hang around", be competitive, and gain confidence...but that is exactly
what the offense was allowing the home Warriors team to do.
      Fortunately for the Mauldin Softballers, Pitcher Ashley Bagwell wasnt
allowing Riverside to gain any confidence whatsoever in their offensive
bottom halves of the innings.  through the same 4 innings, Bagwell faced 12
batters, struck out 8, recorded 2 putouts to first from the mound, and
cheered her defense, which turned in its best (errorless) performance of
the season to date.  The lone well hit ball through 4 innings was a looping
drive to short centerfield by Warrior catcher Jenna Ferratto, corralled by
Junior Kenzi Corn to close the 2nd inning.  after 4 complete - Mauldin 0,
Riverside 0.
      With the coaches' temperatures rising and patience wearing thin,
Mauldin came up in the top of the 5th on a mission.  Junior rightfielder
Brooke Barnhill started the rally with a bouncer that was mishandled by the
Riverside 3rd baseman - she only had one chance to get the speedy
outfielder and she missed it.  Lead-off hitter Corn bounced the 3rd pitch
to 3rd base.  Fielded clean this time, she tried to force out Barnhill at
2nd but was too late.  Brianna Davis then put down a gorgeous sacrifice
bunt, but it was so well placed, the charging 1st baseman had no play
anywhere and the bases were loaded with no outs for shortstop and
co-captian Dana Landers.  The Sophomore would not disappoint - she smashed
a third pitch fastball past the opposing shortstop before she had a chance
to move and into the leftcenterfield gap it went for a double that scored
Barnhill and Corn.  Next up, Junior catcher Jordan Stovall lifted a high
fly to medium depth leftfield to score Davis on the sacrifice fly.  Amelia
Gillentine then walked after an 8 pitch battle and stole second with
Landers on third.  Next up was the Senior Captain Haley Register who drove
the third pitch over the centerfielder's head for a 2 RBI triple, scoring
Landers and Gillentine. Pitcher Ashley Bagwell then lined a single sharply
over second base to bring Register across the plate and the lady Mavs had a
6-0 lead.  Senior leftfielder Jenna Westmoreland rapped a line drive single
into rightcenterfield to put two on with only one out as the lady Mavs
batted around.  Next, a heads up double play turned in by Riverside second
baseman Taylor Klein, put an end to the 5th inning Maverick assault.
      In the Warriors halves of the 5th and 6th innings it was more of the
same excellent pitching by Bagwell as she struck out 4 more Riverside
hitters.  Bagwell was hitting her spots and spinning effectively while
Catcher Jordan Stovall called an excellent game - keeping the Warrior
hitters off balance with breaking balls, rise balls, and changeups in
locations of her choosing.  Freshman 2nd baseman Bria Barnhill helped the
Bagwell cause when she chased down a scary bloop hit into short right-field
to keep the "No-No" alive.  The Mauldin 6th inning started in promising
fashion when Kenzi Corn walked and Brianna Davis lined a 1st pitch rope
into centerfield.  Davis deserved better but her drive was well played and
caught by the Warrior centerfielder.  Landers came to the plate and
promptly delivered a hard line drive into leftfield.  After a strikeout put
Gillentine at the plate with two outs, the Junior first baseman walked to
load the bases for "the Captain" - #1 in your programs (and best at
breaking boys hearts).  Senior third baseman Register battled Riverside
relief pitcher Kelly Krainas to full count before driving a sharp single
into center that would score Corn and Landers before the third out was made
with Gillentine and Register in scoring position.  Mauldin 8  Riverside 0.
      The Mavs top of the 7th  would feature some fresh faces at the plate.
Junior Weslyn Jones started the inning with a walk followed by another
earned by Junior Caroline Ford.   Senior Ebony Edwards lined an out
directly to Riversides shortstop and Brianna Davis stroked another rope
into the Warrior centerfielders glove. With two outs, co-captain Dana
landers drilled a triple into the rightcenterfield gap to score Jones and
Ford and end the Mavs scoring for the evening.  Mauldin 10 - Riverside 0.
      There was still some important business to attend to - shutting down
the Riverside offense in the bottom of the seventh !  Bagwell was going to
be facing the top of the warrior order for the third time in the game.  The
ladies in royal and red were going to be swinging aggressively, but 8
pitches later three putouts were recorded in the infield by Gillentine,
Barnhill, Bagwell, and Landers and Miss bagwell had clinched her first no
hitter and perfect game of the 2009 campaign.  Bagwell was terrific and at
the top of her game, but credit must be shared with her catcher and defense
who were also flawless.  Of concern is that the Maverick offense slept
through 4 innings (with a couple of exceptions) while Bagwell kept the
opponent handily in check... but failing to score through half a game
raises questions that will need to be answered by the ladies before they
meet the likes of Boiling Springs, Hillcrest, and Wren over the next two
weeks.  Admittedly, the glass is also half full and the game changed
complexion when the Mauldin bats came alive in the 5th 6th and 7th innings.
After only 2 hits in the first four innings, Mauldin rapped 9 more in the
last three - the biggest blasts by the Lady Mav Captains Register and
Landers, who each tallied multiple hits, a triple, and 4 RBIs.
Encouragement can be found in that the Mauldin runs were scored by 8
different Lady Mav players and at least one hit was contributed by 7
different Mav batters.  Its much too early to think this will be a special
season for the lady Mav Softballers, but Pitching performances like this
one turned in by Ashley Bagwell, and rally generating hitting performances
like the Mavs produced in the last three innings certainly make "special"
seem like a possibility if the ladies can stay focused, consistent, and
centered on continual improvement of the team.

      Next up for the undefeated Lady Mav softball team is the 4A region 2
Vikings of Spartanburg high, in downtown Spartanburg at 7:00 pm, Friday
evening the 20th.  Lets keep it up, get even better, and build even more
momentum for next week.  Go Mavs !!!